Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Welcome To Your Life...


Julian Jerome Plaid circa 2018 

After loving GH for weeks and weeks, it was bound to happen. This was an off week for me. It was another one that had interruptions and just the mood in general was off. Then again, I also think it's because Sonny came back. You can throw all you want at that statement but... it just seemed to dampen the whole momentum. 

Grab something strong. I'm hot holding back. It's a bit harsh but I haven't had a good crab in awhile!! 

Welcome To Your Life (by Tears for Fears) ... Everybody Wants to Rule the World 

Yes, I'm bitchy this week but I STILL LOVE MY SHOW.... 

FAKE OF THE WEEK: Everyone is told Sonny is dead because of some jewelry they found. FFS. HOW MANY TIMES are we supposed to believe that people will believe a death with no body on this show? The entire cast save about 10 haven't come back from the dead at least once. ESPECIALLY JASON, HELLO.  So, watching everyone stand around "mourning Sonny" was about the most hollow thing in the entire world. At least Olivia brought pasta, right? 

SPEAKING OF SONNY: Oh man. This is totally Vicki goes to Paris Texas all over again. It's also a Hallmark Movie wrapped into a memory-loss story. The kindly nurse takes pity on the guy with no memory; cooks for him, gives him shelter and a menial job. Even had a cranky husband in there. I am a person that LOVES weird, unbelievable stuff on soaps. You know that. BUT--the fact that Sonny was found in the woods and they didn't try to identify him? It's 2021. There HAS to be bulletins all over with his face on there. There HAS to be someone at the po-dunk police station that would at least run his prints, right? I really wish Sonny had woken up in a hospital bed, said "Who am I" and they didn't show him for another month. That's how well the show was working without him. And yes, I know, he's not going to be written off anytime soon considering he's seen as the "star" but look at all the drama we got when he was away:

Carly and Jason Chem OFF THE CHARTS. 

Stupid Carly "plans" as she thinks she head of the mobular chain 

Jason pretending he's Sonny (even drinking scotch like him)

Ava having the upper hand and getting Avery back 

So the question is; do we need this side story that's happening in Somewhere PA? Will Nelle show up? Will he fall for a down to earth country gal? Will he save the nice nurse and her hubby from the mean gunman? We know that Phyllis is tied to the Nelle/daughter story, right? So if Sonny DOES save the day, maybe they'll do a local "hero" story on him and it will run in the paper. Eventually, someone will see it from PC and he'll be "recognized"? Or will he just make his famous linguini with clam sauce for another few months? 

Also, was it glaring that Kristina wasn't mentioned or did I miss it? I mean, at least have her be traveling in Hong Kong or something....

Ok, I'm going to do this: Pretend it IS the 70's and try to enjoy the story. Yes, I will. YEP. 

GOOD STUFF OF THE WEEK:  Oh thank Goodness for the Alexis scenes!! Nancy just hits it out of the park daily. I also love how she lets people know that she likes to drink, she needs it right now and just leave her alone. The absolute gutting scenes of her with the album got to me.  Olivia and Sam working together? Also like a lot. I do think the move for Sam away from Jason will be good for the character. Olivia trying to stick up for Tracy a bit--hey, she's a Q now! lol. 

REHABILITATION OF THE WEEK: Sasha! Wow, fresh faced from 2 whole weeks of sobriety is acting like she's been to treatment for a few months. "Let's do an article"! Then again, Nina and she bonded a bit so there was that. Maxie got to go to a set that wasn't the Metro Court and was with someone other than Peter. 

REHAB OF THE WEEK Part 2: CYRUS!! Oh we see the edges getting softened!! Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love Jeff and hope he sticks around. It's interesting to see Laura try to tell Curtis that ol' Cy is really a softie down in there. Cyrus is still going around begging Jason for his mama back. We didn't lose all the mobness tho: He had a whole warehouse full of guys killed as a "favor" to Jason. I think the Novaks are the REAL evil ones, right?  Common enemy? 

GIVE ME MORE OF THE WEEK:  Finally!!  Will TJ and Molly be on more now? Please?? Please?? He fought Brando! Molly actually talked to him afterwards! Hooray! They need to be a couple that is front and center. 

DANGER OF THE WEEK: Brick, Jason, storage unit---bodies.  (Photo thx to @pmekame) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ava confronts Carly about Avery. Oh, I've been waiting for this. Sorry Carly, but you don't get to tell Ava that Avery's "home" is at your place when you've basically stolen that kid from her since day one. The thing is, their characters are so similar when it comes to children. If the roles were reversed you know Carly would be doing the exact same thing. 


Sonny is presumed dead when his medal is found. 

Sonny is not dead however and ghost Michael gets him to want to live.

Sonny is taken to a local hospital and then is going to work at a bar. 

Guy at the bar tries to hold it up

Michael wants Sasha...or maybe Willow

Willow wants Chase...or maybe Michael

Sasha wants Michael and Chase wants Willow

TJ spars with Brando over Molly

Sasha and Maxie think writing a story about her coke habit will be good for Crimson

Finn and Tracy reconnect; she tells him don't tell the Jackie secret

Sam and Olivia figure out Tracy was lying about Alexis driving

Alexis burns old photos Julian had of their life together

Ava tells Carly that Avery is coming to live with her now

A bunch of guys are killed in a warehouse; Cyrus did it for leverage

Jason stares into the night; angst filling his icy cold veins. 

WUBS WANTS TO SEE:  Martin, Laura, Tolly, Ava at Wyndemere with Avery (Let Avery start seeing a creepy kid in the shadows), Jordan's movement out of PC, Jason putting on Sonny's suits, Britt working with Dr. O to get Brad outta jail, Diane moving in with Alexis. MORE LESLEY!! 

Question: Who should buy Charlie's? I'm thinking that it should be closed or bought by Flea and Mac and renamed The Rib and just move it all there. (Fire insurance) OR someone else buy it? Maybe Kristina? Maybe we'd see her?  Dave had a great idea: Olivia! She was already buying 1/2 of it remember? 

SPOILERS:  Cam gets accepted to a great school--will he go? Jason warns Britt and Ava might find the clue to Nelle. SEE MORE AT Diagnosis Daytime 

NOTE: WEDNESDAY will be a repeat episode because of the inauguration! 

That's it!! I know I have to sit back and watch how the Sonny Hallmark Story unfolds before I get too pissy. It's HARD THO!! I really wish FannA's double wedding would hurry up because I think that's when Franco's brain tumor will be on full force and expose Peter.  Either that or Dante just shoots him LOL !! 


  1. For me, I would CRINGE if Jason and Carly became an item. They're more like super close siblings so that paring would seem almost "incestuous" to me. No,no, no!

    1. I agree. Too late for them as a couple now and definitely not if Sonny's coming back.

    2. I don't want Jason and Carly together either. I see them more as best friends or very close siblings.

  2. I think things also slow down on GH when we have the Sasha/Willow/Michael/Chase story line. The more experienced actors are so much for interesting to watch. Yes, I agree, splitting Sam and Jason was a great idea. Not sure I like him with Carly, rather see him with Brit. Coming from my experience as a kid who lost a parent early and the pain it caused, I think Ava and Carly should have some transition for Avery to go live with Ava full time. It would have been a real growth move for both but then I guess it wouldn't have set up the necklace and Nelle story. The other strange thing about this week is that Phylis said something about Sonny surviving one night in the cold. Wasn't it a longer time???

  3. Thanks kd. I found it hard to watch the Sonny parts this weeks too.Maybe they're trying to soften old Clenchmouth too but I don't care. I hate when the show is all about the mobsters.

    Michael needs to be in a coma for another year. He's so tepid. And the puffing and blowing makes him hard to watch too. When he's on with Willow I just want to Ff. I don't have the patience to drone through the same old rehash.I call them MikeOW...give me patience Lord.

    I think Sasha and Brando should at least become good friends. She brings his character alive.

    Don't want Cyrus redeemed. He killed and injured kids. Wanting to be redeemed by his mother doesn't give him empathy.

    I also like Sam working with Olivia. Liv's energy speeds her up so she's watchable. And I'd also love to see them bust Tracy and have something on her...hehe....leverage for the future.

    And after years of Sonny making Ava kiss his feet to see her own child, and hearing his "I decide when you can see her", it was GREAT to hear Ava throw those exact words back at Carly.( who had usually stood in the background and grinned maliciously at Ava when she was being brought to heel.)

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  5. At least Olivia brought pasta, right?"

    Yeah, but the Tribbles ate it!! :)

    "Carly and Jason Chem OFF THE CHARTS.'

    Hell yeah!!!! :)

    "Stupid Carly "plans" as she thinks she head of the mobular chain"

    Hahahaahha. She really should be! :)

    "Michael wants Sasha...or maybe Willow

    Willow wants Chase...or maybe Michael

    Sasha wants Michael and Chase wants Willow"

    *Sigh* *Fscepalm*

    All around the mulberry bush
    The monkey chased the weasel
    The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
    Pop! goes the weasel

    Sorry don't mind me. :)

    "SPEAKING OF SONNY: Oh man. This is totally Vicki goes to Paris Texas all over again. It's also a Hallmark Movie"

    You're right it is hahaha.

    "Ok, I'm going to do this: Pretend it IS the 70's and try to enjoy the story. Yes, I will. YEP."

    Yeah that's a good idea! :)

  6. Another great SS! Thank you.
    I love Sonny but this story is stupid. Unless Podunk is in a universe with no social media. IMO it is a vehicle for Nelle's return.
    I love that they are softening Cyrus and hope that this character is long term.
    Sasha/Willow/Michael/Chase could not be more boring. Maybe they should have a foursome of Covid zex.
    The Alexis/Olivia/Sam scenes have been really good. Sam has been so much better away from Jason.
    Have a great Sunday everyone!

  7. Sasha/Willow/Michael/Chase could not be more boring.

    Yeah no kidding!

    Maybe they should have a foursome of Covid zex.

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I'm dead. :) You win! :) You could add the Tribbles in there! :)

  8. Great SS, as usual. I think Sonny is supposed to be lost in New Jersey. He followed Julian to Secaucus NJ, and that's where the bridge collapse took place. Somewhere down the line though, they have to be connecting "the Pennsylvania side" of the river, with the Secaucus bridge, but I can't figure out how. The fact that no one can recognize Sonny is weird because he is supposed to be a big shot in Port Charles, so shouldn't there be newspaper headlines with his photo "alleged mobster missing"... ?

  9. If someone else was missing and had amnesia it would make a better story. YES, Sonny's picture would be plastered on EVERY newspaper in the country with Michael and Carly in charge wielding all their money to find Sonny. He's also be on ALL news and tv stations.

  10. Hardly anyone showed any concern or emotion for his presumed demise. And it is such nonsense that in this day and age no one tried to identify him. The show was going along so well until it regained it’s Sonny focus. Great SS as always but I don’t see the chemo with loudmouth Carly and quiet Jason.

  11. Forgive me, who's Tolly?
    I'd like to see Felecia buy Charlie's but no rename. As for Kristina forget her. Can't stand her. She's a brat. Can't stand that sneer on her face. There I said it. LOL! #sorrynotsorry
    As for Alexis, loving her, but hope she cleans herself up. I hope that Sam and Liv stick it to Tracy who I love too!! But she deserves it! Her heart was in the right place but she went about it wrong...
    Hate that Sonnys back.

    1. Oh thanks! I have never once heard them been called Tolly that's why I was like who?? LOL!



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