Friday, January 29, 2021

Goes together like.......

 Necklace fits like a glove!! Nina wants to ask Avery questions. Michael says Avery told him about the whole thing.  They go on and on. Carly's trying to deflect and shut Michael up. They figure out Nelle was in there. Val says that the nurse said she took the baby to Florida. Michael says "Nelle was from Florida"....He leaves to to to GH. Then it goes on and Carly says "Well I figured out Nelle was your daughter LAST NIGHT and wanted to tell you but talked to Jax first" Pfffffft. ahahhaha. Jax says "nope, that's not true, you deserve the whole truth" ... (show ended there)

Sonny is seeing a doctor at the clinic with Phyllis.  The doctor is telling him they need to look at his bloodwork to see what's up. He says he's fine. They get the bloodwork and they saw he was on they talk him into taking it again. Took awhile :eyeroll: 

Jason is wondering why Dante would save Franco. Franco tells him that he confronted Peter about the news article and Dante is his security, that might be it. Liz lays into him and says he's probably mad Dante stopped Alexis from killing Franco. Sam overhears and figures out Jason was the one Franco asked to kill him off. 

Robert comes to GH wondering about Dante.. Olivia rushes in and cries...Dante starts coding. Robert hugs her and Liz runs into his room. Dante is stabilized.. Olivia demands to know what happened. She asks if a psycho did it.. Sam "That pscyho was my mother' ahahhaa.  Olivia goes to the chapel. Robert finds out Ned and Alexis slept together. Ned walks in. Robert says I'm sorry I thought you'd want him here. She asks him to leave. Olivia vows to get Alexis for being a murderous slut LOL!! She hopes God thinks that's ok! 

Tracey talks to Luke, says she can't come home yet because she needs to make things right with Ned.  Monica is back from her cardio conference. She looks great! Ned has to fill her in on everything that happened while she was gone.  Monica tells Tracey her plan with Alexis was dumb. Ned leaves. Monica kicks out Tracey for her "own good" says she'll get arrested if she doesn't.  At the end of the show, a policeman comes to arrest her and she's gone. Out of the country. 

Mac is yelling at Alexis. Says she's still drunk so he's talking to her in Jordan's office so she doesn't make a scene in the PCPD. She explains that Franco was 'attacking" Sam and she had to save her .He tells her that Dante might die. She says it was an accident. He doesn't care, no justification. It's Alexis' birthday! He says too bad your phone is impounded. She says no one cares or will call her anyway. She finds out that Dante is going to be ok. Mac says she needs to get help but she's being charged with attempted murder. 

NOTES: SHOW WAS CHOPPY because the scenes were so short. Jane and Leslie's make up was so soft and flawless. 

GOOD One to watch today! 


  1. :Sigh: I wish that Jax was there for Alexis, instead of him fawning over Carly and Nina. It seems like they have totally erased the bond between these two characters. I remember the Ned/Alexis/Jax/Chloe friendship so fondly. Such a great foursome (like the Liz/Lucky/Emily/Zander foursome).

    In comparison, the Michael/Willow/Chase/Sasha foursome started out with potential, but is now just lame. I really don't care who ends up with who.

    I really hope that they are ultimately trying to redeem Alexis with what she has been doing. While I agree that it has given NLG a meaty storyline with good material, I also fear that they are sabotaging her character.

    1. I agree with you completely zak.

    2. "Zak says, (like the Liz/Lucky/Emily/Zander foursome)"

      Zander! :( Yeah the good ol days!

  2. Mac's office:

    Mac and Alexis: OH! It's Alexis's birthday! Happy birthday Alexis!

    Alexis: Happy birthday to me.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Michael, Nina, V.C. Jax, and Carly: The 2 half heart necklace fits! YAY! :) Michael is spilling all the truths! THANK YOU MICHAEL! Chad Duell had a little blooper talking about Ava and Avery. Oh shut up Carly stop lying! I'm glad Jax is finally telling the truth.

    Pennsylvania side of the river hospital:

    Mrs. Cauffee, Lookalike Bobbie, and Sonny: I thought that was Bobbie at first. :) Hmmm did Sonny really take his Lithium or is he faking it? Cus the way he was smiling was strange.

    The hospital:

    Jason and BobTodd: Is it lunchtime yet? Can they eat together? :) Hi Liz hi Sam. Oh look at that. Now Sam knows what the plan is.. Oh goodie.


    BobTodd: I love you. Sometimes I wish you would love me back a little less. Just do what everybody says you should do. Turn your back on me and split.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :( Just stop it BobTodd. :( Do you need a baby Tribbles to cheer you up?


    Olivia and Robert: I am so glad Robert is there for Olivia!!! What a good friend he is awwwwww. :)

    Olivia and Ned: Oh no! Mama is kicking Papa out. :(

    Ned: I love you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    Outside the chapel:

    Robert and Ned: Love that Robert is sticking up for Olivia! :)

    Olivia: It's not going to be nice, and it's not going to be pretty. I have been holding onto it for so long. I just gotta get it off my shoulders. Lord I hope you understand.

    Awwww Olivia. :(

    *Olivia walks out of the chapel* She wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: That drunken slut! Murderous bitch!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. She makes sure she isn't in the chapel when she says that hahahahaha!

    Q mansion: Tracy talking to Luke over the phone UGH! Oh hi Monica! cardio conference? Did she have a fling with a young stud? :) Like she used to hehehe.

    Tracy and Monica: Monica kicks Tracy out hahahaha. YESSSSSSSSSS! :)

    Monica and Cop: OH TRACY IS GONE! YAY!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Lucy and Dominique talk privately about Dominique dying.* :(

    Sidenote: Steve Burton and Bradford. Reaction video of them watching Robin tell Spineli that she wants him as a sperm donor. Did anybody see this? The look on Jason's face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. It was quite choppy, or jumpy or something today. Everyone is snarky. Everyone is ganging up on Alexis. If a known serial killer was acting that way with my daughter, I'd stab him with a needle too!!!!!!! Lol

    I am sure because of COVID they can only have 3 or 4 people in a scene, but for this being a hospital with nobody around for staff except Liz and Dr Robinson it was very weird. And, it seems as if Dante is coding in that same room where Alexis found the needle on the table unattended.

    1. And these loud confrontations by the elevators are ridiculous!

    2. Because hospitals are where you yell and air your dirty laundry. lol

  4. They are destroying Alexis like they did Julian. Are they trying to fire NLG? They better not.

  5. I am *so* here to see Olivia get her revenge. A pissed off Liv will be fearsome.

    1. Same, but Alexis seems to be blowing up her own life without any help. Ha ha.

  6. I really want Robert with Anna again, but I see his chemistry with Liv. I also did like Olivia with Ned, but not so much anymore. IDK.

  7. GH landed on TvLine's Top 25 Most Soul Crushing Episodes of All Time for BJ's Heart Transplant storyline.

  8. Question. I thought Mac was only back to work as a cop/ commish to be temp for Jordan while she was out. I missed something; did they give him a position? If so, yay, and he needs to be on MUCH MORE

    1. I think they appointed him Chief of Detectives. He should have been made commissioner.


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