Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Surgery: BIG SLO MO

 Well... is a SS even warranted right now?? The week was very short but sure, let's do it!! Since I didn't do one last week we will have a lot to dish about.  Two strong women up there are ready to take on the mob themselves. That's what I like to see. 

I made Lemon Pound cake for all! 

This week was about intrigue, moblular wrangling with a twist and family. 

BIG GUN OF THE WEEK:  Since St. Jaysus was the last man standing on the Pier, I'm giving it to him. Why does he have his big gun out? To prove to Cyrus that he's got a bigger one. 

BIG MOLL OF THE WEEK: Carly Corinthos takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Florence! What? All it took was a visit from Laura and... boom!! I thought Laura's plan was to kill him with kindness but Carly seems to have bigger ideas. She shocked the hell out of Jason. I don't know about you but let Sonny stay in the river. This is interesting stuff!! We could go a bit longer and have Michael try to step in too and Carly shove him right out!! 

BIG FUN OF THE WEEK: Oh Alexis! You drunken fool, sneaking up on Finn like that. It was so delightful. I hope you read my New Year's WubaLution for her because I want the same kind of humor with her but sober.  Big Line of the week was from this scene too: "I slept with him and he didn't even die"!! 

BIG FAMILY OF THE WEEK: Well, things sure centered around the Finn-Devane household! Gregory, Chase and Jackie is back!! Of course Finn told Anna all about their night together and she wonders if Chase is his son. He says Jackie says NOPE! (well then!) Jackie now knows Anna knows and asks advice about telling Chase. Um, why? It happened eons ago and ... well.. it's only going to hurt everyone and make you feel better so I vote keep it hidden. (that's not soapy though is it?)!

BIG SCENE OF THE WEEK: If you didn't catch the Jarly scene you missed something perfect. Jason and Carly arguing about her being on the docks was so...raw. So "Jarly" and boy you could cut the chem with a knife. Jason tears up, Carly tears up. And for some reason when Jason yells at Carly to stay out of it, it doesn't come out as nasty as Sonny's.  Carly was so scared Jason was going to die. Having Carly and Jason go behind Sonny's back at this stage of the game would be SO SOAPY!! WAH!! Photo Credit: @BillingsOctavia 

BIG-LITTLE CLUE OF THE WEEK: There was a moment when Britt's hand started shaking. Remember, she's Peter's sister and Faison's daughter. Hungtinton's Disease  is 50% likely in children that a parent has. If so, it will be a harrowing thing to portray.  Another Britt thing; she's helping Jason..yeah! 

BIG CHILL OF THE WEEK: Oh HERE THEY are! "Chilling Out" ..get it?? LOL. Yep. Chillow took the big plunge into the lake for a Polar Bear Charity. Poor Michael was at home with sick Wiley (interesting that every other day someone watches him but I digress). They had their flirts on and managed a hot cocoa in the park. Wills even agreed to meet Chase sometime for a coffee. 

BIG BITCH OF THE WEEK: Ok, so hear me out: Both Curtis and TJ are mad at her for lying to them about various things. She showed very little emotion in my book over all this and is clinging to some police protocol of 'brotherhood' (odd choice of words, I get that).  TJ laid right into her and sort of forgave Molly for her transgression with Brando. Curtis walked away. Jordan had to eat her meal all alone. Sad Horn. 

BIG HOPE OF THE WEEK:  Terry mentions Liz' parents because she knew them as a kid. Wonders if Elizabeth is ever going to reach out to them. Liz didn't say much but the GH fans sure did!! WE need them on! At least JEFF!


Dr O is back in Port Charles to help Franco with his tumah

Scotty is nervous about the dead doctor

Chase goes to Carly's house about Sonny, says they can't find him.

Cyrus tells Brando he's going to use Dev's illegal status to get them all up on felony charges if he doesn't help him

Alexis gets drunk, sees Finn in the park. She needs stitches

Ned leaves dinner with Olivia and Tracy to give Alexis a ride home; Olivia shows up too

Willow and Chase agree to meet for 'coffee' (wink)

Jackie and Anna talk about she and Finn and her wedding night

Paxie decide to name their baby Louise and call her Lu after Lulu (Leslie Lu)

Carly plays her hand and takes Cyrus' mama 

Laura decides to use some sisterly sympathy to get on Cy's blindside. 

Britt is going to help Jason and then has an episode where her hand starts shaking

Liz talks to Terry about her family and Cam's being depressed

Terry talks Cam out of his funk and he plays the guitar 

TJ Forgives Molly for Brando..but he doesn't forgive his mother

Curtis won't forgive Jordan either 

There was no big New Years anything so I'm wondering if we will have one or?? Christmas felt chopped up too. I'm sure a combo of being off and the COVID rules are having things be changed. I can't believe they are still taping given the numbers in CA. They were closed down when there were less! I guess the set is run pretty tightly. I'm sure happy it's still going. 
I'm loving Sonny being gone and Jason and Carly having to scramble to run the biz. Loved Laura weighing in as well. Cyrus is rounding out and the whole Finn family moved forward a bit.  Alexis continues to be the comedy I need right now.  The dangling thread appears to be Dante. He seems sort of listless and drifting in and out of scenes. Hmmm... we shall see. 

Dave's idea of  "First Scene Saturday" went over really well!! They will be coming about once monthly. You can also drop ideas about who you'd like to see. 

HOPE you had a good New Year's. Ours was quiet for sure. It was sure weird to see Times Square all but empty. Here's to a healthy 2021 filled with.. NOT A LOT OF DRAMA (only on GH thank you!) 

Only abou 8 posts away from 5,000!! 


  1. Thanks for great SS. Hope they don't go the Huntington's route with Britt. She is not on enough and they'd have to follow through with it.

  2. Hope they have some mention of New Year's at least.

  3. vegas was anything but empty if you saw the news. locals, like me, never go to the strip. so it was mainly tourists from california. the scenes from ny eve were not pretty at all out here.

    1. This is so scary david. No wonder COVID is running rampant all over the country. Be safe

  4. Thanks for another great surgery. I'm glad they're still taping and you're still giving us your great follow-ups.

  5. -did I miss Christmas Day?
    Questions - is Dr O still under arrest - I couldn't figure that out if she plans to do surgery on Franco-----WHERE would she do that?
    ----I guess I am in the minority but I don't like Alexis' drunk character at all - none/nada - I am ready for her to move on and ---- again - figure out NEIL WAS KILLED! They have ruined her character/she even insinuated that on Twitter....
    -----when is the big wedding???? I thought Franco was supposed to hear Peter's voice and disrupt the wedding....
    ------MORE MORE Marty and Laura - LOVE LOVE
    -----I just don't see how Cyrus is redeemable anymore
    -----I hate to say this, but Jordan needs to die or something - she shows no emotion - I don't think she is a good actress- she mumbles like KM -
    Curtis and Portia - YES
    -----finally - Kristina is not there but at least MENTION her.

    1. I'm not a fan of drunk Alexis either. Don't find anything funny about drunks at all.

    2. Yes, I have to admit that one line Alexis said was amusing, but in general, I can’t stand what they are doing to her character.

  6. Another great SS! Thanks.
    Things are moving along nicely on GH. Kudos to them for finding a way to make it work.
    Too many people have chosen to ignore the risks. Sad.
    Wish I had some lemon pound cake about now.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut down production. I watch Good Girls a d word comes that they just shut down production into their 4th season which was start airing in Feb. 😥
    Great SS...I still need to catch that last episode of GH before tomorrow, been busy with work.

  8. Mmmm....lemon pound good :)

  9. My daughter made a yummy lemon cake for my son's birthday

  10. Enjoyed the SS. Anyone know what happened to AntJoan-haven’t seen her here for awhile and hope she is ok?

  11. If I was Laura, I would probably be angry that Carly used the information I gave her to abduct the elderly mother.


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