Monday, January 25, 2021

Didn't See That Coming: Diana Taylor's Death


Heather Webber plotted against Diana Taylor and decided to kill her and frame Anne Logan with the murder by writing Anne's name in blood on the floor. Sounds simple enough, right? Heather does this and frames Anne. Case closed.

Well, not so fast.

Forensic shows that Diana died instantly, so she could not have written Anne's name in blood, so that (somewhat) cleared Anne. Heather then became a suspect and was arrested. After all, we saw her in a nurse’s uniform leaving the scene. There you have it. Case closed.

Well, not so fast.

Apparently, Heather’s mother Alice Grant was in the closet and saw the confrontation between Heather and Diana. Heather went “into a trance” and Diana went into the kitchen to get a gun and Alice picked up Heather’s gun from the floor. Alice killed Diana. And left the room. When Heather woke up, she saw a dead Diana and took it upon herself to grab Diana’s hand and write the name “Anne”. 

Alice confessed to Joe Kelly that she killed Diana.

I didn’t see that coming. Did you?

Note from WubQueen:  I DID NOT...and the fact we all WANTED Heather to have killed her and be sent to jail was just the emotional twist of the knife needed!! Everyone LOVED Anne! This was back in the day when good characters could be thrown under the bus for real!! 

Note Note: I missed today's show because of an appointment! Enjoy this from Dave today-- 


  1. That was the BEST "who done it" on daytime TV. Also "who killed JR Ewing" was great too

  2. Yes, the build up to this story was epic, rivaling Luke and Laura’s story, starting in the late 70s when Heather was hired as PJ’s nanny, knowing he was the son she gave up for adoption. Diana, who had been a leading character since she was introduced in the late 60s, was inexplicably recast with Brooke Bundy. Brooke is/was a great actress but Diana was written more manic than when Valerie Starrett had the role. Brooke played that up. Diana was always a nervous wreck. So desperate to keep PJ that she seduced his father Jeff Webber after Peter died. Could you imagine Valerie Starrett playing those scenes? While the story leading up to her getting shot was suspenseful, I think it was a mistake to get rid of a legacy character that way. I think it was Gloria Monty’s way of saying sayonara to the 70s. My recollection is that Brooke Bundy refused to play the scene where she writes Anne’s name in blood, so they used a double and had Heather write it instead. I also think initially they had written Heather as the murderer but when the popularity of Robin Mattson took off, they rewrote a different ending and has her mother Alice as the shooter.
    I’ve always wanted them to bring Heather back and truly examine what made her the sociopath she was. It was more than the LSD spiked ice tea. And Steven Lars should be back. Another piece of wasted history.

    1. "Diana Taylor says, also think initially they had written Heather as the murderer but when the popularity of Robin Mattson took off, they rewrote a different ending and has her mother Alice as the shooter."

      Yeah!!! That is what I said! :) But of course you would know all about the murder, since you are Diana Taylor. ROFL!

  3. GH interrupted 40 minutes in by President Biden here in NYC.

  4. thanks for your comment Diana. this is when i first started watching GH. I was young and a friend of mine on the bus said "you have to watch General today cause Diana is going to die and we can talk about it tomorrow". (back then it was called "general" and not "gh", at least in my circles)

    my intent is to do a handful of these "didnt see that coming" fillers for Karen throughout the year so when she cant jump on she can post it for the daily blog. I have at least 3 in my head right now.

    and we will do first scene saturday from time to time as well just for the fun of it.

    1. ps. LOVE Robin Matson as Heather. She would be welcomed back any time in my book. maybe for a small 6-wk arc or something.

    2. Heather in the early 80s was definitely a villain but she wasn’t psychotic. In later years when the character came back, she was written as a lunatic without any explanation how she lept from cunning to insane. In my opinion, Mary O’Brien was the definitive Heather. She played the stories that defined the character from the beginning. Her Heather was more sociopath than insane but was also vulnerable. Robin Mattson is great. What made her a smash success was casting against type. Her was this blue eyed ingenue who had played the sweet Hope Bauer on Guiding Light now playing a character that was a 180. If they bring her back, I’d prefer a more serious look at her psychosis vs as a cartoon subplot.

    3. That sent me back in time. I started watching GH in the fall of 1979. And I just loved Annie Logan. I would like to see Robin Matson back for brief arc, too. Thanks for the flashback!

    4. I have to admit these scenes with Robin Mattson and Lisa LoCicero 10 years ago were great. Robin has that icy, deadly look.
      To this day, when someone mentions iced tea or Lazy Susans, I think of how Heather ended up on that LSD trip instead of Diana. Great that the writers revisited that bit all these years later.
      "Care for a glass?" And then Heather chugs it lol.

  5. "Didn't See That Coming: Diana Taylor's Death"

    Someone on youtube said that it was supposed to be Heather who killed Diana, but then the writers changed their minds and made Heather's mother the killer. That Heather was popular on the soap by viewers.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chase, Jackie, and Marty: JACKIE AND MARTY FINALLY MEET! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) The way he is looking at her, he is attracted to her. :) Marty wins the line of the day.

    Jackie: Should I know you?

    Marty: Uh. Uh. Martin Gray.

    ROFL! Did you forget your name Marty? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He wants Jackie to write an article about his mother being missing!

    V.C. and Marty: V.C. thinks it's a bad bad bad bad idea!!!!! RA RO!

    Sasha and Chase: Sasha really wants to talk to Jackie about writing a story about her messed up life! She wants Chase to go talk to his mama about it. Off he goes!

    Chase and Jackie: Jackie is interested in talking to Sasha!!!

    Sasha and Jackie: Jackie is interested but not committed yet. Maxie looks nervous. Jackie wants Sasha to start from the beginning.

    Q home:

    Michael and Willow: Oh UGH! They have the annulment papers.. Will they sign it? Will they not? It's a merry go round. Oh hi Wiley! Made me nervous that they are touching him and he is picking him up! Willow talks to Wiley alone and flashes back at Michael and Willow storyline. Then Michael talks to Wiley alone and does the same thing! UGH! I can't, I.

    All around the mulberry bush
    The monkey chased the weasel
    The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
    Pop! goes the weasel
    A penny for a spool of thread
    A penny for a needle
    That's the way the money goes
    Pop! goes the weasel

    Oh they sign the annulment papers! Whew! That was a really difficult scenes to watch until they signed it. :)

    Nina's home:

    Nina, V.C. and Jax: V.C. tells Nina that Carly tells Jax everything. He wants to know where his client's mother is. Jax plays dumb. Nina is having a wardrobe malfunction a little.

    Nax: Nina trusts Jax. Oh look it's Tribbles. :)


    Carly, Bobbie, and Nava: Carly wants to switch the half heart necklace, so that when Nina finally sees it and then puts hers and Nelle's together, then it won't fit! Oh great idea!!!! :) Carly has got to become a mob boss!!! Bobbie can't find the necklace, so Carly went to look for it. Oh she finds it! She just stands there looking at both of them, until she hears a noise and panics! ROFL! Oh oh I bet she won't be able to do the switch after all! HAHHAHAAHHAAHA! Oh maybe she isn't the best mob boss after all hahahahahaha!

    Pennsylvania side of the river bar:

    Mr. and Mrs. Cauffee, and Sonny: Sonny worked at the bar fixing things, ALL FREAKIN NIGHT!!! Mr. Cauffee calls his wife to tell her, and she comes to the bar. She tries to talk to Sonny, but he says HE FEELS GOOD!!! :) Her and her husband talk about Sonny, and then before she knows it, HE IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    1. Chase, Jackie, and Marty: JACKIE AND MARTY FINALLY MEET! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) The way he is looking at her, he is attracted to her. :) Marty wins the line of the day.

      EEEWWW! Please tell me TIIC aren’t going to get incestuously icky and hook up MEK and KD. Former AMC fans might🤮!

    2. Got to say this episode was kind of boring. I'm slowly falling off the Mikey/Willow bandwagon and going to the dark side, and man they were killing me today. Just sign the damn thing already. I also ff'd most of manic Sonny. I just couldn't watch that mess again. Wide-eyed Sasha was getting on my nerves, too. Lol!

      I did like Bobby and Ava today, even though Bobby was lying thru her teeth. And Robyn you cracked me up. I didn't watch AMC, but too funny! And I agree!

  6. There is a very eerie scene on You Tube somewhere, where after Susan Moore was murdered (and Heather was a prime suspect), Heather finds her mother Alice in a bar, getting drunk. Heather and Alice have one of their familiar confrontations and Alice snipes "I can't protect you anymore Heather, not like I did last time!" And, Heather looks at her like "shut up, Mother!" I always took this as Alice took the blame for Diana's murder out of the guilt she felt about raising such a devious daughter.

    Also, Alice was the one who found Diana's body. And, Alice never would have left PJ (Steven Lars) alone in that apartment with his dead mother's body. Total re-write to save Heather.

    1. I don't know how to add a link, but on YouTube it is under: General Hospital - 1983 Susan Moore murder storyline Pt. 18.

    2. i remember her saying that. i dont remember the bar, but i remember Alice saying those words. I was kinda disappointed about the susan Moore death storyline because it was Crane Tolliver, an relative unknown character who committed the murder. I never liked when they bring in someone like... a janitor or something out of nowhere... and they are made the murderer

    3. I just watched the clip again. Heather finds Alice in the bar to tell her that Susan has been murdered. It's such a great scene (with groovy music). Alice thinks that Heather killed Susan. Alice actually says to Heather "You are no stranger to murder!" And tells her that she won't cover for her "like last time."

      Heather murdered Diana Taylor.



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