Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Holding Up The Wall

 Oh after yesterday's awesome show, I'm so ready for today!! LOVED every minute of it. Ok, except for Jordan. ugh. 

Dante and Liz. They talk about Lulu and the explosion. Dante is there seeing Kevin. He goes to Kevin's office but its' DR O IN THERE!! She wants to talk 'about the work they have to do".  She tells him Dr. Kirk is dead and she's taking over. He says he has to check with the WSB first and she clicks her pen. THEN Dante tells her Peter and Maxie are getting married and that Maxie is pregnant!! 

Laura lays into Jason about Florence. Jason blinks. Laura says she knows it's him because she told Carly. He acts dumb. She tells him to tell her where Florence is. Jason says nothing. Just stares. She lays into him and says Florence is frail and it's not good to keep her out of her surroundings. Jason can't really even look at her. She pleads with him to let her go. Then she leaves. 

Maxie and Peter at the Metro. Robert gets off the elevator reading the invitation to the double wedding. "TELL me this is a MISPRINT"!! lol 

Martin and Valentin are going over work. Marty tells him that Laura is his sister. Val almost falls off his chair LOL Then he's like OMG Cyrus is her other brother? HAHAA. Anna totally interrupts them to talk to Val. Anna says she can't get answers about Dante from the WSB and is going to ask Robert for help. She goes over to Paxie table to talk to him. She tells him about her concerns. Robert tells her about Dr Kirk. 

Anna goes to GH to talk to Kevin but sees Liz. They talk about Franco and his tumor. Liz tells her he went to Switzerland to see a WSB doctor Kevin recommended. Anna's like: WHO!!? Liz says the doctor was killed in a mugging. Then she tells her it was Dr. KIRK!! 

Carly is at Jax's house. He tells her he's worried about Josslyn. She's like DON'T EVEN WORRY. They argue and Nina tries to stop them. Carly snaps at her. Nina says it's fine. She leaves.  CarJax talks about Nelle being Nina's daughter and not telling her. 

Sam is trying to call a rehab facility. Franco is at the door wants to see Jason. She says he doesn't live there anymore.  He goes to leave and falls against the wall.  He hears Peter's voice in his head saying "I"m sorry I have no choice". Sam gets him inside. He says it was a migraine. She doesn't believe him. Then Jason comes home. Franco wanted to tell him he might not turn into the psycho killer afterall. 


Anna runs into Dr. O at the elevator, Dr. O has a mask on

HEY DENISE ALEXANDER IS BACK AS Leslie!! No details as to when yet. I'm so happy!! 


  1. so did Jason just go check on Sam or he is back at home or was he following Franco? OOOOOOO - maybe he's going to tell her about Sonny.

  2. The hospital:

    Dr. O and Dante: Ohhhhhh Dr. O still has that blonde wig on! Can we pretend that she colored her hair blonde? :) I want her to keep the wig! :) Oh Dr. O and the pen! Clickity clickity click! Clicky clicky clicky! :)

    Anna and Liz:

    Anna: A mugging. In Geneva?

    Okay. Well not much crime in Geneva eh? I went and looked it up.

    Geneva crime: There is moderate risk from crime in Geneva. Geneva is a relatively safe city, but criminal activity can occur. Most crimes are non-violent and involve petty theft, pickpocketing, or burglary. Drug-related offenses are also common, but generally do not involve violence.

    Switzerland crime: There's very little serious crime in Switzerland. But the petty crime that does happen is mainly targeting tourists, and focused on tourist attractions in major towns. Most crime occurs at festivals and during the peak summer holiday season (July to August).

    Dr. O and the mask: Oh look! She is wearing a mask that a lot of people are wearing nowadays. :)

    Jax's home:

    Carly, Nina, and Jax: Mob boss Carly is angry and is taking it out on Nina!!!! Oh look cute flowers on the table. :)

    CarJax: Are they gonna have angry zex? No? Rats.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Laura and Marty: Awwww Marty is worried about his mama!! I want to hug him!!!

    V.C. and Marty: The look on V.C.'s face when he found out Laura, Marty, and Cyrus are siblings! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    V.C. and Nina: V.C. do you want Nina back? Is that why you are disparaging Jax hmmmm?

    Maxie, Hiney, and Robert: Robert reading the invitation.

    Robert: Would somebody tell me that this is a misprint?

    Hahahahaha. Robert would have won the line of the day, but Anna gets that award. Oh oh people should not talk about Jackie!!!! :( Awwww Maxie. :( Damn hormones!

    Robert and Anna: Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: Talking to her is like getting hit by a syclone. She just talks so fast and goes off on so many tangents. Before you know it, your completely lost. You find yourself just nodding. Out of politeness.

    *Anna nods*


    Maxie, Hiney, Robert, and Liz: Oh the dress looks great on Liz and the hair, wow!!! :) Liz you look great! :)

    Carson home:

    Jason and Laura: Oh this time it didn't look like he was about to shut the door on her face. Good! Glad they redid that.

    Sam's home:

    Sam and BobTodd: The voices the voices!!! Sam call Liz!!!!!!! Oh hi Jason. Hmmm I am curious about that sweater Sam. What kind is it?

    Jason and BobTodd: Glad they bonded over if something happens with BobTodd, Jason can kill him! ROFL!

    1. Well face of the day was definitely Valentin. I was dying! And Anna described Maxie to a tee, lol!

      And no one, and I mean no one, should ever, ever shut the door on Laura Weber Spencer Collins's face! Blasphemy!

    2. "Julie H says, Well face of the day was definitely Valentin. I was dying!"

      Yes!!! He sure did you are right! :)

      "And Anna described Maxie to a tee, lol!"

      She did! ROFL!

      "And no one, and I mean no one, should ever, ever shut the door on Laura Weber Spencer Collins's face! Blasphemy!"

      YEAH! Maybe that's why they redid the scene. :) Oh wait. You forgot Baldwin in her name hahahaha.

    3. OMG how could I forget Scotty!! Thanks, lol!

  3. "Karen says, HEY DENISE ALEXANDER IS BACK AS Leslie!! No details as to when yet. I'm so happy!!"

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy too!! :)

    1. They listened. Yay. Leslie is back!!

    2. "lindie says, They listened. Yay. Leslie is back!!"

      WOOT WOOT! :)

  4. Thrilled that Leslie will be back. Old Cy will probably kidnap her and then all hell will break loose!

    1. Julie H. I bet you are EXACTLY right.

    2. Yikes. I actually hadn't thought of that but I will admit that would be an interesting storyline.


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