Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Holy Smokes: I'm HERE!

 That's right.. I have to leave a bit early but I'll be here for almost the whole show. 

I'm going to be here for almost all the show. I might miss the last 5 min...

Jason and Carly talk. He thinks they need to declare Sonny legally dead so the Five Families know he's taking over. ahhaha. She thinks it's "too soon to have a funeral without a body". Carly agrees if it will keep them safe. 

Maxie and Britt ...doing Maxie's prenatal yoga. Peter's not there, has a juicy story (franco's tumor) to get out. Maxie leaves once she realizes that Peter put the tumor story out. 

Sam is at Alexis' house, Alexis is drinking and celebrating her NOT getting a DWI LOL 

GMA 3 has Jackie and Sasha on to talk about her drug addiction.  She's a bit late but gets ready. 

Dr. O and Franco talk outside.  She realizes it's Peter that did the story. Franco goes to see Peter. Britt is already there asking if he stole Franco's medical records.  Franco gets angry, tries to strangle Peter and stupid DANTE rushes in to save him! ugh

Avery is at GH to get her check up. Nikolas talks to Liz. Liz is upset, he hugs her. Ava sees them. 

Ok, so Ava takes Avery to the Metero to see Carly (who's talking to Jason) and she's going to stay with Michael until Carly is available. Shes' going to give Sasha her half of the necklace for "good Luck" Ooooooooooooh Carly is going to freak out! LOL 

I have to go!! I'll catch the end tonight!! DISCUSS

EVERYONE gets a notice on their phone: Intruder: FRANCO HAS TUMOR ! 


  1. Ugh is right. Maybe it's my mood but they just keep making Hiney more hateful. Hate the tumor story.
    So tired of the half heart necklace.
    With more doom and gloom to come...unless Sonny shows up at the funeral. Did anyone hear Carly say to Jason that it's only been a few months?!? What?
    Really did not like today's show. Except for Dr. O and her daughter.

    1. "Zazu says, Did anyone hear Carly say to Jason that it's only been a few months?!? What?"

      Haha! Yeah she said it's been a couple of months! HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT?!?!! :) It has?!?!?!!

  2. Nina's expression when she sees Sasha wearing the necklace. ICE. When the reveal finally happens, Carly better watch out.

    1. I'm hoping Nina checks it out and it doesn't fit. I've had enough of nell and the stupid necklace, and Carly ranting and raving about it. Just end the sl already. There's enough other stuff on the go.

  3. please kill peter. I do not care who kills him. can't stand sam, did she forget she is in love with a hitman?

    1. Two thumbs up on this one. Perfect time for someone to kill him and franco will be blamed. (They can give him an alibi though. lol)

    2. Yes to this! Over him - over the storyline. Over him being with Maxie. She needs a better person in her life FOR THE LONG HAUL.

  4. I forgot to mention who won the line of the day yesterday. Willow won it.

    Willow: It's really brave of her to expose herself like that.


    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Sam: Well well well, Alexis is partying! Party of 1! OH OH INVADER ALERT!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jarly: Jason Jason Jason. You can't make Sonny's death official until he has been dead for 8 years. Oh it's for the 5 families.. Okay. Careful Jason. Carly is about to implode and have zex! Not sure with whom, but I know she will..

    The interview:

    Jackie and Sasha: Hmmmm a GMA3 interview. Where are the GMA3 crew? LUCY!!! :) Lucy looks great in that blue dress!!! :) Half heart necklace! Carly is slowly imploding.. Do you see it? :) They really should give the necklace a contract! Is it friends with the Tribbles? Oh look! Maxie the biker chick! :) Carly is

    The gym:

    Maxie and Britch: Time to do some exercises!!! OH OH INVADER ALERT!!!

    The hospital:

    Nava and Avery: Awwwwwwwwww! So sweet!! Swinging her like that. Awwwwwww! :)

    Liz and Nik: Nik will save the day! He will protect Liz and BobTodd! He will have to put on the cape!

    Alexis, Liz, Sam, and BobTodd: Alexis leave Liz alone!!! Of course Sam won't defend Liz!

    Private room: RA RO! Alexis sees a needle. What is she going to do with that?! Is she going to stick that needle in BobTodd?


    Dr. O and BobTodd: Awwwwwwwwwwww! Dr. O doesn't have that blonde hair anymore. I guess it was a wig. :( Too bad. That look was great on her. :( BobTodd won the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Why would Peter do this? Why would he publish this? I bought that guy a beer!



    Britch and Hiney: OH MAN! Hiney threatens the Britch! BIG MISTAKE HINEY!

    BobTodd and Hiney: CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE! :) Oh dammit Dante!!!

    Nina's office:

    Nax: THE HALF HEART NECKLACE!!! What will Nina do? :) Carly just might flip out and make a scene! :) I can see Carly running to Sasha and snatch that half heart necklace! ROFL!


    Dr. O and Dante: A PEN!!! Click click clicky clackity click! Say that 10 times fast! ROFL!

    Sidenote: On soap central someone asked this question.

    If you could wave a wand and 3 things happen even if you know they’re impossible?

    My answer,

    "*Grabs a wand* I don't know about being impossible, but more wishful thinking.

    1. Ethan finds out that his REAL bio father is Robert.

    2. Friz having a baby.

    3. Jarly having sex, then CarJax having sex."

    Number 3, well, it could happen! ROFL! It's Carly! ROFL!

    1. You've been in isolation too long, Sonya. You have zex on the brain. lol

    2. "Di says You've been in isolation too long, Sonya. You have zex on the brain. lol"

      ROFL! You are probably right! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    3. Di is so right, lol!

      I want to know why everyone and their mother had "that sleazy rag The Intruder" alerts on their phone? I was dying!

      I need PLP DEAD! When is that dreadful double wedding? Do we have to wait until then? I also wanted Britt to start choking PLP, too. I'm glad she defended Franco. He is so screwed right now!

      And I'm with everyone else who commented above....enough of that stupid necklace! I'm done, I tell ya! :)

      I loved Nik yesterday. He needs to tell Ava that Franco told Jason to kill him if necessary. Which was also stupid!

    4. Did they ever say when the double wedding is?

    5. "Julie H says, Di is so right, lol!"


      "I want to know why everyone and their mother had "that sleazy rag The Intruder" alerts on their phone? I was dying!"

      Hahaha. Yeah that was odd! :)

      "I need PLP DEAD!"

      Me too!!!!!

  5. I agree,time for the Peter, necklace, and Willow/Chase/Michael/Sasha story lines to go. Just dragged out to long. Would really like to see Jason with Britt.

  6. I would love for Peter to be gone and wouldn't mind his "girlfriend" Carly gone, too.

    1. Me too. Don't think Peter is going anywhere


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