Friday, January 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Bar


Sam and Olivia try to figure out if Alexis was back at the house or not the night Tracy said she drove.

Michael and Chase have a beer at the Metro Court. OMG they are so in love LOL 

Sasha and Willow chat at the Q house.  Sasha tells Willow that she knows what happened between she and Michael. Willow says she still has feelings for Chase... Sasha says she has feelings for Michael. 

Tracy talks to Finn at the hospital. She wants to take him to dinner. He says he's busy. They talk about Alexis. Then the wedding. Then Jackie Templeton (she knew her back in the day). He tells Tracy they slept together. Tracy advises that he shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Cyrus wants a truce with Jason and talks to Brick about it too. They are making him more compassionate, did you notice? Jason thinks Cyrus killed all the Novack people at the pier. Cy says no. Oh he DID kill them as a "favor" to Jason. He wants his mother back in payment.

OMG Sonny's story is a TOTAL HALLMARK movie. LOL! The kindly nurse takes Sonny under her wing. Gets him a place to stay at her husband's bar. I mean, seriously. Not diggin' it. This is 2021. Wouldn't work.  Anyway, hubs is cranky, doesn't like Sonny. Phyllis makes him be nice to him.  omg omg OMG!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH Sonny is going to work in the bar's KITCHEN!! AHAHAAHAHA. OMG I called it. I said bakery or hospital cafeteria but..damn. same. If he falls for the nice waitress I will DIE LAUGHING. 

Some rando guy walks into the bar... he goes to rob them with a giant gun LOL Sonny sits there

OMG What if Nelle works at the bar? IT's the PENNSYLVANIA SIDE of the river after all .


Giant anvil about Finn maybe being Finn's son. 


  1. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chase and Michael: Are they besties now? Man they are so very close together.. Kiss already! Do a little tongue dance!

    Alexis's home:

    Sam, Olivia, and Alexis: Yesterday I forgot to mention that Sam whined that it was cold outside and she wanted to come in. Well of course your cold! You weren't wearing a winter coat! Idiot! Olivia wasn't wearing a hat so of course she would be cold too. More burning of pictures. Sad. :(

    Sam, Olivia, and Tracy: Tracy you are slipping up!! Sam and Olivia will find out the motive!!!! :) Keep digging ladies!

    The hospital:

    Tracy and Finchy: GAH! Love them in a scene together.. Besties!! :) Tracy you should go to the Carson home and go visit the Tribbles. :) Have you met them? Oh she is going to the weddings too? YAY! :)

    Finchy and Chase:

    "Karen says, Giant anvil about Finn maybe being Finn's son."

    Oh you mean when Chase said,

    Chase: I couldn't have gotten better advice from dad.


    Q home:

    Willow and Sasha: Oh goodie. Willow is in love with both Chase and Michael. And Sasha is in love with Michael.

    All around the mulberry bush
    The monkey chased the weasel
    The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
    Pop! goes the weasel

    Oh hi Michael.

    A penny for a spool of thread
    A penny for a needle
    That's the way the money goes
    Pop! goes the weasel

    Sonny's restaurant:

    Brick, Jason, and Cyrus: Cyrus wins the line of the day.

    Cyrus: I almost said water under the bridge, but that would have been in poor taste.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dead! JUST DEAD! Oh so the Novak family was one of the people in the 5 families. Oh okay. I didn't know that. Good to know.. Why is it good to know?

    All around the mulberry bush
    The monkey chased the weasel
    The monkey thought 'twas all in fun
    Pop! goes the weasel

    Pennsylvania side of the river bar:

    Mrs. Cawfee, Her husband and Sonny: Hmmm Mrs. Cawfee is married, so I guess that means she won't be having a fling with Sonny. Oh wait her hubby is a jerk. ROFL! Oh my! Her hubby don't like Sonny! Hahahaha. I love this guy! I really like Sonny, but everyone keeps acting like he is an angel, and this guy doesn't. :) Oh but her hubby is cranky. Why are you still married to a cranky guy? ROFL! HOLY CRAP! A man comes in looking just like a young Jerry Jax!!! He has a gun too, AND A FREAKIN ACCENT!!! Is this guy Jerry's son?!!?! WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL?!!?!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1997* A pregnant Carly goes to visit Jason.

  2. I love having Tracy back. She brings so much to the show. And, I really like her friendship with Finn.

    I like that Olivia has a storyline. I just hope that she doesn't take it out on Alexis, when the big reveal occurs. Ned should be the focus of her wrath.

    I totally agree that Michael and Chase are the ones really in love. Michael has more chemistry with Chase than with all of his other (dead) leading ladies combined!

    The Sonny story is ridiculously stupid and predictable.

    I still hate Cyrus and the actor really bothers me, the way he speaks his lines. Just and monotone.

    I will echo...Where is Kristina?

  3. I don't think I was watching then, why are Finn and Tracy good friends?

    1. I seem to recall that she was diagnosed with cancer and Finn discovered that she actually had worms in her brain from eating food in Mexico. He cured her. And I'm foggily remembering him sitting with her playing a board game or something and they became friends.



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