Monday, January 4, 2021


 Ok, so Laura meets with Martin to try to get dirt on Cyrus.  He's trying to excuse his behavior. He's acting like the middle child so much :) lol. Laura's wondering if he's working for Cyrus. 

Carly didn't get the chance to tell Jason she had Cyrus' mama taken before Cyrus comes in demanding to know where she is. LOL OMG Cyrus is pissed. Jason is saying he doesn't know. Cyrus says Sonny would never have done this. Jason "I'm not Sonny". Cyrus leaves. Jason looks at Carly: "YOU TOOK his.......MOTHER"?????? ahahahahaa. She called SPINELLI and they took her to a safe house and-- BOBBIE IS HER NURSE!! 

Jordan tries to apologize to Portia. Portia's not having it. Says Trina lost her father twice. Jordan's reactions are SO LACK LUSTER. UGH.. She just ruined these scenes. Sorry but that's the truth. Portia leaves. 

Ava is in Charlie's Bar...missing Julian. Alexis comes in looking harrowed. She said she saw the light on. Ava is like "oh you come back NOW"?? They go back and forth. Nikolas tells Ava not to hurt Alexis just because she's hurting. Alexis is like: Um..are you TWO IN LOVE??  They exchange barbs. Alexis tells Nikolas there is no true love; it always ends in disaster.  YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE ALEXIS/AVA SCENE WHEN Alexis and she are drinking at the BAR. It's amazing. They are masterful. Talking about dangerous men being hot. And Alexis' love/obsession for Julian and it being poison. WOW. Just Alexis finally leaves but she's shaken Ava with her words about passion and addiction. 

Jax and Nina. Joss is refusing to go to Australia with Jax.  Um, it's JANUARY HERE, GO GIRL!! lol They talk about Joss being older and not wanting to leave her mom and school.

CYRUS bursts into the Metro and tells Martin their mother is missing. Sees Laura. It's her fault! Our sister knew where mom was and now a few days and she's gone! Laura knows nothing about it. OMG CARLY ahahahahaa. Cyrus asks Laura if she told Carly about Flo. Laura is saying NO!! But realizes stupid Carly did do this. LOL She's going to try to go and fix it. Martin is so upset he has to sit down. ahahaaha. GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!



  1. Agree. Excellent all around today. Did Bobbie get fired from GH? I forget. Still not a huge fan of Cyrus actor but he was better today. Get rid if Jordan. She always has the same look on her face. Her face never changes or shows any emotion but constipation or something.

    1. And, the reason Ava was rattled is because she knows Alexis is right.

    2. Even if she didn't think Alexis was right that kind of hate spewed at you would upset anyone.

  2. It was a great Alexis/Ava scene but alright already with drunken Alexis. They've used her weakness enough. Unless they are keeping her character as "the town drunk". Hope not.
    Loving the Gray family. MEK has such fun facial expressions.
    I read today that they were supposed to start taping on 01/06 but have pushed it back to the 18th.

    1. Totally agree about MEK. I really hope he and Laura maintain a good relationship. He needs a big sister like her.

      Also agree about Alexis. Obviously none of the writer have spent any amount of time around a drunk. I hate when shows use it for humor. That kind of drunken vitriol just makes me sick to my stomach. I just FF through her scenes now.

    2. Pretty sure Laura is supposed to be baby sister. She is youngest IRL anyway.

    3. If we're lucky! Alot of shows in LA have stopped production. Can't say I blame them.

  3. I already think that tbe Ava/Alexis scene gets scene
    Of the week, and there's 4 days was ELECTRIC.

  4. I feel like Jason should have mentioned Mike to Carly when he called her out for kidnapping an old woman (who probably has some dementia).

    1. I agree. He should have asked her how Sonny would have felt if someone did that to him and his father.

  5. 100% agree about Alexis - I STILL think for some reason she has complained or done something that the writers have made her unbearable.....
    again - did I miss Christmas DAY?
    and let's face it - the place had cameras - all Cyrus had to do was look at security footage....I read that Sonny comes back in 2 weeks but I am guessing he is on the show - but not back in Port Charles....

    1. I love NLG. Don't want to see them ruin her character too.

      Yes, think we missed Christmas and New Year's. I'll forgive due to pandemic.

      Security cameras would have been somewhere in that building most likely.

      And, Sonny will probably have amnesia somewhere; probably Pennsylvania side of the river with Nelle.

    2. I love NLG too. I hated what they did with Neil. It all started then. Probably will get worse before it gets better.

    3. I think the writers are writing excellent material for her right now!! I LOVE what she's doing. The character could def be going through this sort of thing after what happened to her. MORE PLEASEEEE

    4. I agree too, about NLG. I want more. She was phenomenal yesterday as was Ava.

  6. Jax home: Where is his tribbles? All I see is baby flowers.

    Nax: Jax spilling so many truths!!! :)

    Jax: When I piss somebody off in the businesses that I do, nobody has to go to hiding.

    ROFL! Well, he isn't wrong. :) He would have won the joke of the day, but Marty wins that award.

    "Karen says Um, it's JANUARY HERE, GO GIRL!! lol"

    ROFL! We have no snow, and even when we do, it melts!! :) But it's still cold!!! So yeah Joss, GO GIRL! :)

    Carson home:

    Jarly and Cyrus: GREAT SCENE!!! :) Come on Cyrus! YELL LOUD!! :) Jason wanting Carly to go upstairs! HA! :)


    Carly: We needed leverage. Now we have it.

    Okay! I'm team Carly! :) She NEEDS to be the mob boss! :) Carly saying Laura's name differently and it's so strange. It's a little cringy.

    Laura and Jason: OH MY! He was about to shut the door on her face!!!!!!!! 00.

    Merocourt restaurant:

    Laura and Marty:

    Marty: I'm just pleased to see you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Love it!! I bet he is tickled pink seeing her!!! Makes me so happy!!! :)

    Laura, Marty, Cyrus: Marty wins the line of the day.

    Marty: Oh God. Are you telling me that the Corinthos crime family has our motha?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! I'm dead! So dead! :) And the look on Laura's face! It was gold!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nava and Alexis: BRAVO to Nancy Lee Grahn!!!! That was perfect dialog!!!! She should win an emmy! :)

    Jordan's office:

    Portia and Jordan: They are the hair twins. Oh Portia! Just give Jordan an x-lax and walk away!

    "Karen says WATCH THE SHOW DAMN IT!"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Karen! :) You heard the queen people!!! WATCH THE SHOW DAMMIT! :)

    1. I just loved Martin and Laura yesterday, I want more of them together, too! And line of the day was perfect, hahahaha! I also loved Jason lashing out at Snarly about crossing a line for him that he never thought he'd cross, when she took Florence. And I really hope Laura lays into Jason about that today!!

    2. "Julie H says, I just loved Martin and Laura yesterday, I want more of them together, too!"

      Yes yes yes!! More!! I want Marty to visit Laura are her house and vice versa! :)

      "And line of the day was perfect, hahahaha!"

      It was!!!! Hahahaha. :)

      "I also loved Jason lashing out at Snarly about crossing a line for him that he never thought he'd cross, when she took Florence."

      Yeah! Great scene! :)

  7. I am loving the show right now. My only requests are 1) Have Mac and Felicia buy Charlie's and rename it; 2) have Leslie at least make a cameo with all that's going on.

    1. OOOOOOOH YES on the restaurant!! and... I'm not sure Denise is well enough? She has RA pretty badly but I hope she can come on!

    2. YES!! That would be a terrific idea. Although I'd rather see Mac take over for Jordan and be in the police scenes during the day.

    3. I just read that Denise Alexander is coming back.
      I'd like to see Alexis rehabbed and take over Charlie's pub. Mac/Felicia already have one and Alexis needs a job.


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