Friday, January 8, 2021

Finally Friday


I'm glad it's over!! Yesterday I had to get my hair done and I didn't realize it was a color too so it ran over. I watched GH on Hulu. 


YEAH Britt and Dr. O!! "The WSB even has a 1 800 number"!! 

What happened to JORDAN? where did this acting come in? WTF?

Laura tells Nikolas about Cyrus. 
OMG I see Kevin and Ryan and all I can think is they switched! LOL I'm conditioned! BUT Susan reminded me on Twitter about Ryan's missing hand LOL DERP. 

I like the WSB connection with Anna, Dante, Robert and now Dr. O. OH Valentin is in there too! 

And Jeff Kober is just so good as Cyrus..I love his facial expressions. 

Ava torturing Ryan. He's going to be in a minimal security prison! Um HOW DUMB ARE THEY? He's so faking it. 


Jordan has Diane and Jason come into the station. Jordan talks about Florence. Diane leaves and Jason talks to Jordan alone.

Portia visits Taggert. Yells at him for doing what he did to Trina.

Laura  lays into Cyrus. She says to shut up and if his mother is with Jason than she's fine. They banter. He grabs her and LESLIE STEPS OUT OF THE ELEVATOR AND TELLS HIM TO UNHAND HER!  She knows he's Cyrus Renault and tells him to watch his shit because she's on the hospital board. HE says she's the tramp that slept with his father! OMG! SHE doesn't know who he is! She looks shocked!! LOL!! She finds out Laura is his sister. About faints. Pfft. Cyrus blames Leslie for his family trouble. She says he was her professor and took advantage of her. She walks away and Laura tells Cyrus to leave her alone. HE says to get his mother back "you wouldn't want anything to happen to YOUR mother, would you"?? 

Dante and Chase run into each other at the Metro. They talk and say they have to catch up. Chase goes to get a table for he and Willow. 

Willow is all swanked out and is going to meet Chase for dinner. (Wooooo Lah Lah) They meet at the Metro. Willow says they can't just go back to the way they were. They talk and talk. Chase pours his heart out to her. They kiss. 

Sasha comes to see Carly and apologizes for not letting her help. She's in in-patient therapy now. They talk and Michael comes in to tell Carly that Sonny is now 'Search and Recovery" meaning they think he's dead. Sasha doesn't know about Sonny so they tell her. 

Sam talks to Peter about Maxie's wedding shower. Peter hates her LOL Sam's like: Um, I'm over it. He doesn't believe her. Storms out. Sam then goes to talk to Dante about hating Peter.  He says that he's sorry about Julian being dead.  Sam says she doesn't care.  He says they have to take care of their brother. 
ME: ??? bROTHER? Omg yes, LEO is their shared brother ahahahaaaa. 

Peter is trying to find Dr. Maddox because he's afraid that Franco will remember. 



  1. Here in NYC, we missed about 20 minutes of GH due to Biden's press conference; GH is on@3pm here.

  2. Who stood up and screamed like it was the Super Bowl when Lesley's voice bellowed off screen "Get your hands off my daughter!" with the camera panning around to show the determined Mama Bear. Finally, this is a piece of this story that was sorely needed. Denise is in her early 80s and proved she still has it. It's a pandemic, people. They probably don't have access to hair stylists and makeup like normal. She had some of the best lines today. My only minor beef is that Lesley was never a trampy character although since the character was re-introduced in the late 90s they've played that up. Still, it was in good fun and to see Laura's reaction to what was coming out of her mother's mouth lol. When you get to be 82, you don't care who hears it lol. Heartbreaking to see her sob in Laura's arms and wonder how things might have been different all those years ago and during the scene, you're like wow, she's emotional about a story that started in the early 1970s when the show was 10 years old. And then before that, Laura with her fists balled up coming at Cyrus after he "threatened" Lesley. Genie has that look that says you better not e-ff-ing mess with me.


    Oops sorry. Must have hit the caps.

    And I just wish Sam showed 1/10 th of the energy Leslie had.

  4. I really like Dr O. You can tell the actress is having so much fun.

  5. I tried and it stopped where it did live. Dying to know what happened. Will try Hulu tomw.

  6. there MUST be a scene between Lesley and Monica.

  7. I SAW THE END I SAW THE END!!!! I saw it online!!

    The hospital:

    Laura and Cyrus:

    Laura: Ohhh. When I threw you in solitary. I remember. Good times.

    Hahahaha. She would have won the line of the day, but nope.


    I was thinking, who is that?!?!! OH MY! LESLIE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Laura, Cyrus, and Leslie: Hmmm this is strange, why is Laura treating Leslie like she is frail? Very odd. Well, this was a fun scene anyway! :)

    Cyrus: I really can't wait to spend some time with the tramp that slept with my married father.

    ROFL! Mic drop!!! Hahahaha. He would have won the line of the day, but nope. Leslie won it!

    Leslie: I'm sorry. You are going to have to narrow it down a little bit. What? I'm a tramp. I probably conquered hundreds of married fathers.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA! I'M DEAD!!! DEAD!!!! You have to bury me! HAHAHAHAHA! Great great scene. :)

    Private room:

    Laura and Leslie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. :( Leslie is breaking my heart. :(

    Q home:

    Michael and Willow: Wow Willow you look pretty. Love the dress. Aren't you cold? It's winter!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Sam: Hiney is so cranky! Careful Sam, he is a ticking time bomb and he might just explode all over you. Maybe implode too.

    Dante and Sam: I read on my tv info that Sam bonds with Dante. They sure did.

    Sam: So about Sonny. How is the family holding up?

    What a strange line. She is acting like she is not close to the family at all! I mean she loves Sonny for crying out loud!! Sam go see Carly and ask her how she is holding up!!

    "Karen says e says that he's sorry about Julian being dead. Sam says she doesn't care. He says they have to take care of their brother.
    ME: ??? bROTHER? Omg yes, LEO is their shared brother ahahahaaaa."

    OH THEY DO!! HAHAHAHAHA! I was so confused and kept wondering what they were talking about.

    Dante and Chase: What a strange scene. Dante was acting like he don't remember Chase. Also he didn't seem very excited seeing Chase! ROFL!

    Chillow: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Sparkly Chillow. :) Uh Willow, aren't you cold? CHILLOW CARONA KISS YAY!!! :) She won't be cold now. :)

    Jordan's office:

    Diane, Jason, and Jordan: WOW!! Jordan's face is relaxed again!!!!!! :0 Amazing!!!

    Taggart's jail cell:

    Taggart and Portia: Hey Taggart has the Tribbles come and visit with you yet?

    Taggart and Jordan: Wow Jordan is so relaxed in the scene!!! I love it! :)

    Carson home:

    Sasha and Carly: Hey Sasha where is Brando? Is he waiting outside? :) He should come in. :)

    Sasha and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jarly: OH OH! Jason comes in and the music is very very ominous!!!! Carly don't want to hear it!!!! Jason found Sonny's medal. They think he is dead!!!!

    Carly: He was arrogant and he was selfish. I couldn't stand him, and he couldn't stand me. I don't know what made me fall in love with him. I don't know what made me fall in love with him!!

    GAH! She made me cry!!! :( Jarly hug.. Are they gonna have carona zex? :)

    Pennslyvania side of the river?: SONNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that the Pennslyvania side of the river? Wherever he is, he is facing down and on his stomach!!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 16, 1996.* Steve Hardy's death. There are 4 parts to it, if you want to see the rest of it.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention that when Laura put her hands in fists when talking with Cyrus, that was GREAT!!! :) Nobody better mess with Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer Chamberlin!!!!

    2. Sonya, Laura's last name is Collins now. Not Chamberlain. Lol

    3. Lines of the day all over the place....I was dying! Just a great show today, and I watched the end too! Leslie....I was speechless, love her! Old Cy is just nasty!

    4. "lindie says, Sonya, Laura's last name is Collins now. Not Chamberlain. Lol"

      Oopsy!!!!! :) Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer Collins!!! :)

      "Julie H says, Lines of the day all over the place...."

      Hahahahaha yeah it was. :) Great scene!

      "I was dying!"

      Me too!

      "and I watched the end too!"

      OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Great cliffhanger wasn't it?! :)

      "Leslie....I was speechless, love her!"

      Yeah I was so happy seeing her!! :)

  8. "Diana Taylor says, Still, it was in good fun and to see Laura's reaction to what was coming out of her mother's mouth lol. When you get to be 82, you don't care who hears it lol."

    Hahahahaha. Leslie didn't sleep with a lot of married men! She was being sarcastic! Hahahahahahaha!

  9. I wish Kelly Monaco left her face alone. I know it is her decision in life, but she was SO pretty already. It is distracting to watch. Don't mean any disrespect.

    1. I liked her scenes with Dante-she was actually smiling! They might make a good couple. She is always so dour with Jason. Laura and Leslie were great!

  10. Just watching the show now. Denise Alexander is an amazing actress. She must be very short, or Genie had high heels on. lol

    1. PS, Leslie is breaking my heart too. Cyrus is such a mean, horrible person

  11. I don't think Willow and Chase actually kissed.


    Segment with Kim McCullough and Michael Sutton from Dec 9 2020.

    1. 25 years ago. Robin and Stone. They must be about 40 now

    2. Thanks so much for this link Lindie, this was great!

    3. You're welcome Julie H. I stumbled upon it and decided to watch (and share)

  13. Carly actually made me tear up. But then....the end.
    Maybe the someone who complained to the writers was 'Jordan'. She sure has changed, for the better, this week.
    Willow looked lovely but she made me cold.
    Both Sam and Anna have been into the hair extension supply. lol

    1. "Zazu says, Maybe the someone who complained to the writers was 'Jordan'."

      Maybe, but I always thought it was "Sam"

      "She sure has changed, for the better, this week."

      Yeah she has!!! :)

      "Both Sam and Anna have been into the hair extension supply. l"

      ROFL! So has Summer and Sally on Y&R! :)

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