Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Vaccine Update and Do-It-Yourself Tuesday


Morning! My arm is sore, that's about it. A little more so than when I get the flu shot but nothing terrible. I wasn't any more tired than usual either. Second dose in Feb! 

Today I am subbing at our company preschool for the afternoon! I get to see the cherubs in their natural habitat instead of the computer for once. I'm so happy. I'll be taking my bat house to show them all. MISS KAREN IS EXCITED! 

I'm still giggling at the show yesterday. Maybe Sonny's scenes were back in time?? Him laying there that long kills me. LOL. Having him with no memory is fine by me. Let him be a chef at his defunct restaurant. Jason and Carly run the mob.  Nelle could have been the one to find Sonny. She takes him to her remote cabin, they fall "in love" and return to Port Charles as a couple. Hahaha. I had the same idea for Morgan but this works too.

Have a good one! 


  1. Great idea having Mike there yesterday, but MB's acting was horrible. He thinks making that grimaced face is acting and does it all the time. Karen, glad you are vaccinated!

    1. That and the constant blowing and puffing. And since Chad has been under his tutelage for years he thinks that constitutes acting too. I can hardly stand to watch him too.

  2. Tired of the Mike shit, overdone overplayed. and sonny should be on his way to HELL.

  3. i gotta say that i like the idea of nelle and sonny coming back as a couple. this would open up the biggest can of worms and might really produce some good stories.

    1. I like this idea, too. Seeing Carly's face when they stroll in together would be priceless.

  4. I'd like Brenda to find him. But - I loved me some Brenda and Sonny!

  5. Pennsylvania side of the river: Or wherever they are. :)

    Hiker and Sonny: Man this Hiker guy is so HAWT!!! Man he has got blue eyes. Hiker guy wants to take him Sonny to the hospital. Hiker guy asks him what his name is... Sonny doesn't remember! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Hiker, Sonny and the cop: Hiker has a saint Christopher medal in the car hanging, that his grandmother gave him. Awwwwwwww. :) He is close to his grandma? :) Oh man I can't wait until we get to know all about this Hiker. :) Sonny doesn't have any ID!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Oh oh a cop!!!! The Hiker guy wins the line of the day.

    Hiker: CRAP!

    ROFL! The cop wants the license and registration from Hiker. Hiker is trying to tell the cop about Sonny, but the cop don't want to hear it. Cop wants both of them outside. So Sonny and Hiker get out. Cop has questions. Sonny says he is lost and wants to know where he is. ROFL! Cop isn't telling him! Cop are you afraid to say that he is at the Pennsylvania side of the river? ROFL! Cop wants to help to take Sonny to the hospital.

    Carson home:

    Carly, Ava, and Nik: Ava wants Avery to live with her, which is not unreasonable!!! Carly is very very upset! Well, Carly, Ava has a right!!! She is her daughter.

    Carly and Nik: Carly is STILL upset! She thinks that Ava is going to raise Avery alone. Nik says she isn't alone! She has him and pretty soon Spencer! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww really?!!? Is Spencer coming back!? :) Carly doesn't think his marriage will last. Nik brings up when Carly and Jax pretended that Spencer was theirs when Spencer was a baby.

    Carly: Don't get high and mighty with me.

    Uh Carly, you are the same way, so shut up.

    Carly and Jax: Carly is still upset!! Boy they were hugging today!!! I thought maybe they were gonna carona kiss and have carona zex!!

    Corinthos kitchen:

    Joss, Jax, Trina, and Tribbles: I liked the sweater on Trina. It's cute on her. Joss happy to see her dad.. The hug looked awkward. The Tribbles are going stronger!!

    Trina, Ava, and Tribbles: Ava asked a good question and made a good picture of what it would have looked like if Trina knew her father faked his death. How she had to lie to everyone and then if she told her mother, then Portia would have to lie too. Great scene.. And the Tribbles listened on.

    The hospital:

    TJ and Brando: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!! TJ turned into the hulk!

    Curtis and Portia: While Curtis talked to Portia, she had a look of love in her eyes. :) Oh they see the fight! Curtis drags TJ out! ROFL!

    Curtis and TJ: TJ is so angry he can't see straight! When TJ brings up that Molly slept with Brando, the look on Curtis's face! ROFL! Now everyone knows!!

    Portia and Brando: Portia is being sweet to Brando. Oh hello Molly. Oh wait now she is accusing Brando of starting the fight! GEEZ!!!

    Molly and Brando: Okay she apologizes and blames herself for keeping that secret from TJ. I did want Molly and Brando together, but not anymore. I want him with Sasha. :)

    TJ and Molly: They are having the same conversation again, but there was an add on. She told him she was the one who told Brando not to tell him. TJ says we have to do better!!! Smell some Tribbles. You guys will feel a lot better.

    Nina's office:

    Nina, Maxie, and Sasha: They are having a meeting about Sasha. Of course they are. They are talking about Sasha and the drugs.

    Sasha's nose: I miss the drugs.

    Maxie's belly bump: I want out!

    Maxie's messy hair: Can someone fix me please?

    Nina's cleavage: I can help you. Let me fix it!

    1. You are too funny today Sonya. lol

    2. "lindie says, You are too funny today Sonya. lol"

      Hahaha thanks! :)

    3. lindie is right, you were a hoot! The Tribbles are strong because they ate the manicotti! Carly was insufferable regarding Avery, and yup, she needed to shut up! I don't care if she was grieving or not, she still would have been a biotch, lol! And when she called Ava "that hateful woman" I was cracking up at the ginormous hypocrisy. The Corinthi will never have any self awareness at all, and that's a shame. The Sonny/Carly hate would be less.

      I noticed Nina's girls on display, too. Goodness, lol!!

    4. "Julie H says, lindie is right, you were a hoot!"

      Thanks! :)

      "The Tribbles are strong because they ate the manicotti!"

      ROFL! They were 2 manicotti's!!! Hahahaha. Oh and I meant to say growing stronger not going stronger. :)

      "Carly was insufferable regarding Avery, and yup, she needed to shut up!
      I don't care if she was grieving or not, she still would have been a biotch, lol!"

      Yeah she needs some zex or she will implode.. :)

      "And when she called Ava "that hateful woman" I was cracking up at the ginormous hypocrisy."

      Hahahahahaha. I know!!!! :)

      The Corinthi will never have any self awareness at all,

      Well, not Sonny, but Carly has. :) Just not yesterday.

      "I noticed Nina's girls on display, too. Goodness, lol!!"

      ROFL! It came out to help Maxie's hair.

  6. Please no Nelle and how I wish Sonny were dead...lol! Yeah Karen I saw your vaccine, I got mine Fri I believe. I get my 2nd one the 21st. We have to be careful between now and then not to get covid or the 1st ones useless. Your arm will feel better tomorrow.
    I'm so happy you get to see your kiddos!!
    Speaking of kiddos, I have to side with Ava and Nik. Even Carly said it, Ava is the bio parent (and something else but I forgot 🙄) with Sonny "gone" Carly has no rights to Avery. She can't just keep her cause she loves her or whatever. She is Ava's daughter. So there. LOL!
    Getting tired of Sasha, send her packing. Today wasn't all that good or was it me? I was a bit distracted.

    1. I'm with you on Sonny, but I really like Sasha. Always have for some reason.

    2. Maybe cause I like Willow and even though her and Chase together I wanted her with Michael. Now Wiley has two parents and even though Willow lost her child she has Wiley. I know she's not everyone's favorite but that's ok. 😊

    3. I like Willow and Michael, too Michelle. We may be the only ones, lol! Sasha is growing on me and I do like her with Brando.

  7. I just read they are going to do a John Reilly tribute episode. Hope its true and hope its good. Sean and Tiff wedding would be my choice.

    1. They are. 😊 I saw the article on Google and sent it to Karen.

    2. "lindie says, I just read they are going to do a John Reilly tribute episode."

      I was going to say, yeah right. They wouldn't do that. I don't believe it. Then I googled it.. WHOA! Do they even have stuff from the 80's still? Maybe they will show something from the 90's.

      "hope its good. Sean and Tiff wedding would be my choice."

      That was in 1988. I doubt they would still have it. Hmmmm.

    3. I would love to see Tiff and Sean's wedding. Just watched it on YouTube and would be more than happy to watch it again. It was hysterical. And Duke's face...awesome! :)

    4. I feel like they could find stuff from the 80s but won't. How is it on YouTube and they don't use it? I still want to see a special GH wedding week if they do re runs.

  8. I am really not feeling this Sonny storyline very much. The only aspect I like so far is Carly being so Carly and wanting to go to war, and Jason having to rein her in. It would be interesting to see that Carly had an "inner mob boss" inside her all along.

    I have to repeat myself, though: WHERE THE HELL IS KRISTINA?

    1. Yeah, they could at least say that Kristina is traveling in Europe or something. Aside from the bad acting, Sonny is looking really old. I hate Carly and for her to think she deserves to keep someone else's daughter is unbelievable. Nina looked really good but Maxie looked really bad. Don't they have time in their busy schedules to spend an hour getting their roots done? Very happy that there will be a John Reilly tribute. When he was on those were my favorite days ever of GH.

    2. Try Google! LOL! Find out where the actress is. Maybe she doesn't want to come back? Maybe they don't want her back? Maybe she's recurring? Some actors are iffy on coming back because of covid. Melissa Reeves over at DAYS has been recast because she I guess didn't want to come back because of covid. Which is understandable.

  9. EXACTLY Kevin - I don't care if Kristina is gone but MENTION WHY! and her DAD is supposedly dead....
    I actually don't like Carly doing things that are crazy - my fav Carly is when she is a mom to Joss --------- I don't like that Jason always forgives her and accepts whatever she does......

  10. I think Ava could have thought a little more about Avery and realized a transition to living with her and Nicholas would have been best for Avery.

  11. Got to say I disagree with all you Sonny haters. Aside from the fact that my dad's name was Sonny I like MB so much that anything thrown his way is fine with me.
    Don't care where Kristina is.
    Most likely no show today. Accountability.

    1. Yeh I don't care either. He has so many kids it's hard to keep track of them all. For real...I liked Sonny back in the day...then he was shoved down our throats. It became Sonny Hospital or Mob Hospital. Just too much. That's awesome that your dad's name is Sonny also.

    2. Was...been gone a long time and was the opposite of a mob boss. But still.



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