Monday, February 1, 2021

Box Of Nelle

 Kelly's is hopping!

Ava and Trina talking at a table. Taggert, Nikolas..general stuff. 

Scotty and Franco are at the counter. Cam is bussing tables. Aunt Ruby mention! Franco tells them about the article in the paper. Scott says "Sue them"! Franco says someone tried to kill him tonight. Cam and Scott say he needs a body guard. Franco says no. Scotty leaves. Ava comes over to tell Franco she saw the article and she's sorry. They talk about life and he tells her to seize the day with Nikolas.

Dr. O and Britt are in Dr. O's hidey-house. She's mad about Peter publishing Franco's medical stuff. Dr O doesn't want to include Britt in the plan against Peter because he's like 'his father' and she can't lose her like she lost Nathan. Then, OMG Scotty walks in, it's his place. Britt gets all flustered. Awwwww... "So you two"?? They are like Get out! hhahaa. Awww, Lesil wants to hug Scotty but doesn't. I think she likes him but they aren't involved yet. Damn it. 

Jax tells Nina they've known for months about Nelle. Carly tries to back track and says "well, I didn't know if it was Nelle's and maybe she found it and..." Valentin says "Maybe Aliens left it as a tracking device". Jax says he thought Nelle was her daughter and didn't tell her on purpose. They go round and round. Valentin asks how he's any different than Jax. LOL Carly says Nelle was a psycho. Nina tells her to shut up. They talk about Nelle. Valentin even says Nelle was a manipulator..she could have had the necklace just to mess with Nina. Nina runs down to storage, where she put Nelle's things after she buried her. 

Anna and Finn, she wants to visit Dante. They talk about WSB and Dr. Kirk. She's going to try to track down where Dr. O is. She finds out she was transferred to the other clinic. Not happy. 

Laura and Nik talk at GH , she says he looks happy. He says that he asked Ava to marry him. She just wants her kids happy. Asks if he trusts Ava. He says yes. He says he asked her to marry him in the gym and wasn't sure she took him seriously. Laura said Kevin did the same to her and she wanted something special. Nik says he has a Cassadine heirloom to give her for a ring and will do it up. Ava rushes in and says YES! YES I'll marry you. Nikolas says; No that's not how we are doing it. 


Aww, Nikolas proposes to Ava at's SO GOOD!! watch it. She says yes. Gets a GIANT RING! 

Nina finds an old photo of Nelle and she has on the necklace!  Yep, it's her's. 


  1. Scotty's place. When did he mooove there? lol

    In the previews Dante looks confused. I hope he forgets his conditioning.

    Poor Nina. She needs to say a final goodbye to Nell and get hto know her beautiful grandson. I'm sure Carly will love having her visit. lol

  2. I missed something. Aren't Nic and Ava already married

    1. Yes but that was a business contract. Nikolas agreed to marry Ava so she would hand over the codicil and Valentin could be kicked out of the mansion and his money and estate would be returned to him. And Ava wanted a percentage. Now they want a real marriage.

  3. I do NOT want Nelle back. And I want Peter dead already

  4. I thought the proposal was ridiculous.

  5. Thanks to the NY ABC affiliate for airing GH instead of snow.
    There is no chemistry between Anna and Finn. They look and act more like siblings. I always liked her but lately her high and mightiness is unappealing. Looking forward to when she meets the real Hiney, so to speak. And now Nina will beautify who Nelle was/is. Poppycock.

    1. Agree zazu - my Philly affiliate showed the entire show - I was surprised! - very unusual - and I agree about Anna and Hiney

    2. I agree about Anna and Finn. No chemistry. She has chemistry with Robert and Valentin.

    3. "Zazu says, There is no chemistry between Anna and Finn."

      No there isn't!! So boring!

    4. Poppycock, lol! Totally agree with everything you said!

  6. Hunch: Nina, in her quest to find out more about her daughter/Nelle, is going to go to Phyllis (aka Mrs. Cawfee to some on here lol) and in turn is going to be the one to discover Sonny's alive.

    1. And maybe she'll wait a few months to tell

    2. "Diana Taylor says, (aka Mrs. Cawfee to some on here lol)"

      ROFL! Thank you! ROFL!

    3. "And maybe she'll wait a few months to tell"

      Yes! That would be perfect! LOL

  7. I have that sinkin feeling - when the officer last week said to Phyllis, "this is another one of your strays" and Lenny talked about her guilt for giving up the baby girl - PLEASE PLEASE do NOT let Nelle be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--- I'll take Morgan over Nelle...
    it's 2021!!!!!!!!!! GOOGLE THE MAN to find his identity.

  8. Kelly's:

    Cam, Scotty, and BobTodd: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Family. :) Scotty and BobTodd didn't eat though. :( Love seeing Cam working! :)

    Ava and BobTodd: Awwwww! She is worried about him how sweet. :) Are they friends again?

    The hospital:

    Nik and Laura: Awwwwwww Nik trusts Ava. :) Sweet sweet sweet! :)

    Nava: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! YAY! Wonderful proposal!!!! :)

    Finchy and Anna: I do love when they work together. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina, Carly, Jax, and V.C. Nina is so upset and running around that her chesticals is heaving. Her chesticals are upset too.

    V.C.: Maybe Aliens left it as a tracking device.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He would have won the line of the day, but someone else won it.

    V.C. and Carly:

    V.C. Their relationship is over.

    He's right!!! :(

    V.C.: Now that Sonny is dead, your bed must be cold. Jax could warm it up for you.

    Hahahaha. He's not wrong! :) Carly the slap was worthless. You know he is right!!!

    Nina's office:

    Nax: Jax leave her alone! Nina is breaking my heart!!!! :( GAH! :(

    Scotty's home: At first I thought it was Dr. O's home.. WHOA! THAT'S JOHNNY ZICHARRA'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW! :0 And wow Scotty lives at Johnny's old place?!?!! WOW!

    Britch and Mama O:

    Mama O: No one threatens my Britta!!!

    Love that Dr. O is acting like a mama bear!!! Scotty throwing Britch out! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Scotty and Dr. O: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: No! No! No! No schnitzel!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love these two together!!!! They need to be in scenes more!!! She wanted to touch him, but got nervous! :)

    1. Line of the day was perfect! Scotty was a stitch! And Dr. O was wonderful, I think it made Britta all warm and fuzzy when her mamma got all huffy about PLP threatening her.

      I need Anna to wake up and smell the coffee about PLP, same with Maxie. Make this end now!

      Nina was good yesterday, but her neckline was distracting me...holy chesticles is right!

    2. "Julie H says, Line of the day was perfect! Scotty was a stitch!"

      Hahaha. He was!!! :)

      "And Dr. O was wonderful, I think it made Britta all warm and fuzzy when her mamma got all huffy about PLP threatening her."

      Yeah that was a great scene. :)

      "I need Anna to wake up and smell the coffee about PLP, same with Maxie. Make this end now!"

      Yeah they are both idiots!!!! WAKE UP!

      "Nina was good yesterday, but her neckline was distracting me...holy chesticles is right!"


  9. Nina is an idiot. Nelle was a psychopath

  10. I guess I am the only one who wants Nelle to return. (Don't kill me.)

    1. Kevin I want Nelle to return too! :) *Hides from Di*

    2. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

    3. "Di says, (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง"

      *Whistle* *Runs*

    4. She is such a good actress but there is no redemption for her unless she too is an amnesia victim. Maybe she's living with Morgan who also has amnesia.

    5. I'm hoping she's living with M in a much "hotter" location. (^̮^)


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