Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Grave Misgivings


Oh, it was a week of Peter Revelations in more ways than one! Always good for the Wubsy Heart!! Maxie on the other hand is being set up for a huge fall. HUGE. AND with a baby. So, here we go...

Grab some cereal because I hardly get to eat it anymore. Captain Crunch please.

This week was dense. By that I mean a hell of a lot going on and a lot to digest and type up! A ton of characters again, moving parts and generally good stuff. We got to see some people together that we haven't before and I was there for it! 

TANTRUM OF THE WEEK: Here's Brit and Nina listening to Maxie cry about everyone hating Peter. "Even Jason, who usually has good sense". Um Maxie, if the whole room sees it, it's probably there. Anyway, really good scenes with these three and I like the whole "family" bonding. 

UNEXPECTED MEETING OF THE WEEK:  Not only did Curtis help Alexis with her first meeting since falling off the wagon, Monica was there as well!!  Instead of having Finn show up again, throwing Curtis in the mix was just great. I had forgotten his old addiction to drugs just like I totally forgot Monica's alcoholism. Powerful scenes and NLG as usual, was spectacular. 

PHONE CALL OF THE WEEK: Jason finally comes up with a plan to let Martin hear his Mama's voice by giving him a phone connected to her.  I'm thinking Spinelli must have doctored it to scramble the signal because....couldn't you just trace it? Anyway... Mama's good and Marty will team up with Jackie to find her. Yeah Martin Sibs!! 

DISS OF THE WEEK: Oh, thank GOD for Scotty Baldwin! Reading Jason for the mobular hit man he is!! Not only did he berate the guy, he threatened him. Old School. Jason was like:WTH? Not everyone thinks I'm a savior?? 

AWAKENING OF THE WEEK??  Come on Anna, everyone is rooting for you!! Let that light bulb go off...let the hammer drop! SEE what we ALL SEE!! Even Maxie is off crying to Nathan. What more do you need? A map? Well, find Dr. O and hopefully, everything will come out because we are all done.  

Oh, Chase. You had such a nice talk with your Daddy about how you are like MOM and Finn is like DAD and..welp. Your "Brother" is off swabbing his mouth for a DNA comparison! We've been speculating for a year or so on this and maybe we will finally find out. Although Finn says he doesn't want Chase to find out, we know it's Soap 101 that he does. Poor Gregory: CONGRATS! Your son is really your grandson!! 

NEW DIGS OF THE WEEK: Oh where is Dr. Obrect living you ask?? Welp, right in Scotty's apartment!! He seems to like Arizona type decor...dead cow heads and such. Anyway, anyone else sense a little chem? I sure did. Lesil deserves a love interest and Scotty is the guy to do it! She DID wear a red wig this week too, maybe he'll get Bobbie vibes? 

PROPOSAL OF THE WEEK:  Ok, if even ol' cynical Wubsy can tear up a little bit during this scene, you know it was a goodie. Nikolas had the best lines for Ava. She had the most wonderful reaction. The ring is big (and A Cassadine and I'm hoping the wedding is bigger. Laura kinda stood there in shock but realized that Nikolas was happy. 

FRUSTRATION OF THE WEEK: Liz is not happy that Franco wants to get hynotized by Kevin (as suggested by Lesil) because she wants him to start radiation for his tumor as soon as possible. Liz also figured out that Franco knew Dr. O was in town. Side note: Kudos to wardrobe because she's wearing the nurses' old timey watch for talking pulses. Yes, I notice those things!! 

CHEM TEST OF THE WEEK TAKE 2: Oh, Sam and Dante...flirty and fun!! She's in his room most of the week and they banter a bit and he tries to make her feel better about her mom stabbing him with a syringe (only in soap land LOL). What do you think? Did you like Maxie's talk with him? It was more intimate and on a deeper level. I can see those two forming a bond when Peter's outted. Hmmm... we shall see. 

CONNECTION OF THE WEEK: NO, it wasn't the necklace this time. It was Nina hearing Sonny's voice on the other end of the phone!! That's right. She called Nurse Phyllis for more info on Nelle and...welp, kindly bartender "Mike" answered. You know she'll go there just to mess with the situation. Maybe it will make all this a bit more bearable. I mean, Phyllis suggested going to the trooper's station to 'look at missing people posters' instead of --I don't know ...GOOGLING!! 


Nikolas and Ava agree to marry--for real this time

Everyone warns Maxie about Peter 

Martin hears from his mother via phone

Jackie finds out Martin's mother is in Vermont

Nina is crushed to realize she can never have a relationship with Nelle and kicks Jax to the curb

Alexis goes to a AA meeting headed by Monica and attended by Curtis

Finn finally swabs for DNA to determine if he's Chases' bio-Daddy 

Michael, Carly and Jason plan Sonny's funeral 

Sonny agrees to work for Lenny and Phyllis at the "Tan-O" Bar in PA 

Maxie, Britt and Nina form a "sister-pact" for family sake

A distraught Nina reaches out to Phyllis but hears Sonny on the other end of the phone

Cyrus offers Taggert's freedom in exchange for his mother 

Elizabeth wants Franco to get treated for his tumor, not mess with his memories

:  Kristina finally shows up after how long? Anna starts to wrestle with the truth staring her in the face, Olivia doesn't want to live at the Qs and Lesley is back!  ALL the Spoilers are over on Diagnosis Daytime.

WUBSY IDEAS: Willow opens a daycare. With Maxie having another baby, they can all go to Willow's Wee Wonders Daycare. Perfect.  Alexis buys Carly's old house. TJ, Molly and Krissy all move in. Sam can also move there for 'protection' or just a bigger space. She can be the Dorian of #GH with all the family at La Boulaie !! 

That's a wrap! I little shorter this week to be sure but I do hope you watched. If you go by scenes, check out the NavA proposal and Alexis at the AA meeting. Both way worth the watch. The Carly and Laura scene was so-so.. could have been a lot more imo. Have a great Sunday! I get my 2nd dose vaccine on Monday, hopefully it won't give me any side effects and I'll see you for GH. I'm hearing mixed reviews on that next shot. Fingers crossed. 


  1. Anna has been clueless for way too long. Of course, if Valentin hadn't been covering up for Peter, she would have far more information about her nephew's nefarious behavior by now.

    I have been wondering why it was Phyliss, of all characters, who found Sonny and took him in. Now, I'm thinking this is setting up the situation where Nina discovers "Mike" is Sonny and doesn't reveal the information to spite Carly for keeping quiet about Necklace Nelle.

    1. agree - if THIS is where it is going, then I can forgive the it's 2021 - google the man for crying out loud!

  2. If you notice, they cut away after Anna asked Valentin what he was holding back. I think that means he told Anna, and she is now going to stop Peter.

    Also, although this sounds cruel, I hope the shock about what Peter really is causes Maxie to lose the baby. She does not need a third kid.

    I cannot wait to see Nina go after Carly and see Olivia go after Alexis. It should be fun.

  3. I am sick of how dumb anna has been written. I hope they keep Britt , love her. get rid of the 2 boring burnettes, sasha and willow. could care less for nava. and finn's family please disappear.

  4. Valentin claiming that he and Jax were the same Nina would come back to him was stupid==============he is STILL lying about PETER for crying out loud.....did you see Wes Ramsey's post that he isn't leaving GH? SCREAM!
    Someone explain WHY Jackie wants to help find Florence? I missed that ---
    love Ava and Nicolas and I can't believe I said that!!
    one more thought about Nina - whom I can't stand anymore - she is acting like Nelle was a great person - THAT is why Jax didn't tell her - I don't want MONTHS of 'what if I had been there for her' crap...……...

    1. they better not redeem Peter. oh let me guess he also has a brain tumor. he still has a job cause he is laura wright's boyfriend. bring back sarah brown, then the writers can write him off.

    2. Wes Ramsey isn't going anywhere folks. Not as long as his girlfriend is on the show.

    3. maybe laura wright will break up with him

    4. "witch says, maybe laura wright will break up with him"

      I hope not. They look like an adorable couple. :)

  5. Thanks for another great SS. .. It was left over foo yung for me. lol

    I love that people are making family connections and broadening the storylines. It's been Sonny and family for waaay too long. I hope we see more of these interactions.

    I don't want Sam with Dante. They can have her be there for Maxie when they take the son of satan down. Hopefully we'll get our old Anna back then too.

  6. I think Maxie will lose the baby and Dante helps her through it.

    1. "LukeFan says, I think Maxie will lose the baby and Dante helps her through it."

      Sounds good to me. :)

  7. "Grab some cereal because I hardly get to eat it anymore."

    Oh no Karen why not?

    "Anyway, really good scenes with these three and I like the whole "family" bonding."

    Yes!!! Love this family!!!

    "Marty will team up with Jackie to find her. Yeah Martin Sibs!!"

    YAY! :)

    "DISS OF THE WEEK: Oh, thank GOD for Scotty Baldwin! Reading Jason for the mobular hit man he is!! Not only did he berate the guy, he threatened him. Old School."

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SCOTTY! :)

    "Jason was like:WTH? Not everyone thinks I'm a savior??"

    ROFL! Hell no. :)

    "AWAKENING OF THE WEEK?? Come on Anna, everyone is rooting for you!! Let that light bulb go off...let the hammer drop! SEE what we ALL SEE!!"

    Yeah Anna Bot wake the hell up!!!!

    "Although Finn says he doesn't want Chase to find out, we know it's Soap 101 that he does."

    Oh yeah. He will tell Chase. :)

    "Poor Gregory: CONGRATS! Your son is really your grandson!!"

    Hahahaha. The best part of this, is that we will get to see Chase and Finchy talk about them being father and son and Finchy is not going to die. Unlike Johnny Zicchara when he found out Claudia was his mother, but she died before he could confront her. We were jipped out of that conversation. :(


    YES!! I love the scenario and I love the name of the day care. :)

    1. Willow's Wee Wonders. I can't stop laughing

  8. PLEASE let Maxie and Anna get a clue!!!!!

  9. Thanks for another great SS! Just the mention of Dorian and La Boulaie sent shivers down my spine. If only.
    Hiney has to go. If he does something dreadful to Britt I will be very angry. I did read, in a not so reliable site, months ago that Maxie would have a miscarriage. Not so sure though.
    Liked the cemetery threesome. Nice bonding. But Nina whining over Nelle is nauseating. Going back...if Nina's mother did such a horrible thing putting her in a coma and stealing her baby to give away, why would she have had a half heart necklace made for Nina and child? No sense there.
    I don't mind Sam with Dante. Jason needs someone totally opposite of his quiet self. Someone kind of crazy and bad. Britt would do.
    Snowing here in So. CT. Very pretty. Enjoy your Sunday...Super Bowl fan or not. Puppy Bowl is my choice!

    1. I never understood the rationale for Nina's mom going to all the trouble with the half-heart necklaces. For one thing, as far as she knew, Nina was in a permanent coma. For another, why would she leave a clue - however vague - for Nina's daughter to one day try to find her mother and possibly lay claim to part of the family fortune?

  10. How did Jackie put 2 and 2 together that Bobbie is taking care of Florence?

  11. Oh if only someone would overhear Peter



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