Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 Ok, today is the day that Laura confronts Carly! yeah!! She wants to know where Cyrus' mama is. Carly says she won't say because it's probably to keep someone safe. Laura says to at least let Marty know his mother is safe. Carly is afraid he'll tell Cyrus. Laura gets a call from Jordan and leaves. 

Jackie wants to interview Jason about the Rib explosion. Jason won't talk, (shocker) . Then Martin Gray comes in and Jason leaves.  Martin wants her to stop the story. Valentin comes in. 

Jason gets a call from Brando. He says that Cyrus wants him to find his mother. 

Trina and Portia talk about Taggert.  Trina wonders if it's ok if she's still mad at her Dad. She wants to visit but thought he was a hero and he's not. Trina is going to visit him. 

Cyrus tells Jordan he'll let Taggert off the hook if she gets his mother back. He won't cooperate with the feds. He also says nothing better happen to his mother or ELSE! 

Alexis doesn't want to go to her meeting but Curtis talks her into it. OH! Monica is heading up the meeting! Nice touch, I forgot she had a drinking problem.  Curtis talks about his addiction. Alexis finally stands and talks. OMG NLG is so good. I'm tearing up. gah. Curtis later tells her she's not alone in this. 

Maxie talking to Dante about "forgiving Peter" . Peter listens outside. They talk about Lulu and Nathan and the 4 of them. Dante wonders if she loves Peter because hes' Nathan's 1/2 brother. Maxie says no. Peter comes in and they leave. OH! Peter comes back, closes the door. Asks Dante if he's going to be at the wedding. 

Valentin visits Nathan's grave. He says he promises to watch out for his family. 

Jordan and Laura figure out that Cyrus has to be using the hospital as part of his crime stuff and they'll have to get him through that. They list the people he let go and think he's working with Britt! 

Jason goes to see Carly, he's not sure that telling Martin his mother is ok is the right thing to do. 

Maxie visits Nathan's grave..wonders if she does love Peter because she misses him so much. 


  1. I'm wondering why Brando hasn't told jason he's being blackmailed and Cyrus left the letter with Martin. Retrieving that letter shouldn't be a big deal. Or he could even tell Martin he'd take him to his mother if he passes it over.

    And why are the writers still having AA meetings in the hospital. These meetings and their membership is secret. They'd never have it in the middle of the hospital where any staff can walk in any time.

    1. They do have AA meetings in hospitals. I'm in recovery and have been to meetings at major hospitals before.

  2. NLG had me in tears too. What a great job she is doing.
    What I like is that Britt and Brando are working in secret against Cyrus. Just hope it doesn't screw everything up but it probably will.
    Hiney actually spoke normally in the room with Dante. His end must come eventually.

    1. Let's hope this is finally a turning point for her.

  3. I am ALL about history but never ONCE has Curtis ever mentioned going to a meeting - NOR Monica so that seems silly and out of the blue....NEVER have they mentioned going to a meeting...
    I am kinda smelling ----------- Peter's demise soon -------------seems different now - I think they are setting it up?

    1. It was also weird that Alexis was acting like it was her first meeting but she had done it before. Nancy was great - GH has the best actresses - Maura, Nancy, Genie and Finola.

  4. Maybe I didn't have enough caffeine today, but I forget how Valentin was connected to Nathan. ?

    1. I can't think of any connection except that Nina considered Nathan her brother & Valentin was married to Nina.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, what connection

    3. yep, going back to Nina - trying to impress her - he was with her with Nathan died.

    4. Thanks! Still seems odd to me that Valentin would visit his grave.

    5. It was very odd that Valentin visited the grave and very odd that anyone could compare Nathan and Peter. They might biologically be brothers but there are no similarities.

  5. Jackie and Stone Cold. Lol.
    It would've been nice if she referenced that once upon a time she investigated his mother's murder. I see tomorrow we're supposed to get a Jackie and Scotty scene, maybe it'll come up then.

  6. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jackie and Jason:

    Jackie: The bombing at the floating rib.

    Jason: 00

    Jackie: People thought you were inside.

    Jason: 00

    Jackie: I heard you were the strong silent type.

    Jason: 00

    ROFL! Strong silent type hahahaha. She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Jackie: I am an investigative reporter.

    Jason: 00

    Jackie: I'm a hell of a talker.

    Jason 00

    Jackie: I'm sitting here wondering who would want to blow you up.

    Jason: 00

    Marty, Jackie, and V.C.: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! AMC table!!! All we need now is Laura and Anna joining the table. :)

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Cyrus: The announcer announced NuJordan again. YAY! I wonder who that is. 20 year old Jordan is talking to Papa Cyrus. Papa Cyrus wants his 20 year old daughter to do what he says. She is too stubborn!!

    Papa Cyrus: You do as I say!

    20 year old Jordan: NO! I will not papa!!!

    The hospital:

    Portia and Trina: Awww Trina.. I get it.. It makes sense. :( I just want to hug her!!!

    Portia, Trina, and Cyrus: Portia wins the line of the day.

    Portia: If you have to apologize, then maybe I don't know, don't do it.


    The AA meeting: Great scene!!!! When Curtis walked in, I was confused was like huh? Oh wait I forgot! He's an addict too. MONICA! YAY! Glad she is there!!! So glad Alexis spilled her feelings! :)

    Dante's room:

    Maxie and Dante: Oh Maxie give it up!!!! Hiney is a pain in the hiney! More than that!! Oh look and there Hiney is pretending to be innocent.

    Hiney and Dante: Now that Dante said not so good things about Hiney, he gets fired. Can't handle it eh Hiney?

    Nathan's grave:

    V.C visiting: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    Maxie visiting: Poor Maxie. :(

    Carson's kitchen:

    Laura, Carly, and The Tribbles: Oh that's so sweet that Laura came to visit the Tribbles. :) The Tribbles love you Laura. :)

    Jarly and the Tribbles: Awww Jarly is having coffee with the Tribbles. I didn't know the Tribbles drink coffee.. Do they drink it black? Or with sugar? Jason isn't angry with Carly awwwww. :) Man they are so sparkly. :)

    1. The Tribbles are out of control, lol! Line of the day was perfect, I love how Portia is always up in Cyrus's face. You had me laughing with the AMC table, glad it made you happy!

      Sonya, had my 2nd vaccine. Ohhh boy, I had a fever, aches, etc. for 20 hrs. Pretty miserable, but all good now. No issues with the 1st vaccine. I thought you would like an update. :)

    2. "Julie H says, The Tribbles are out of control, lol!"

      ROFL! They are growing so much!!! :)

      "Line of the day was perfect,"

      Yeah it was! :)

      "I love how Portia is always up in Cyrus's face."

      Yeah she isn't afraid of him! :)

      "You had me laughing with the AMC table, glad it made you happy!"

      Hahaha oh thanks. :)

      "Sonya, had my 2nd vaccine. Ohhh boy, I had a fever, aches, etc. for 20 hrs. Pretty miserable, but all good now. No issues with the 1st vaccine."

      OH! I'm glad it was nothing serious.

      "I thought you would like an update. :)"

      Yes yes thank you. :) Is their live cultures in there? Or is it like the flu shot and nothing live. How long I wonder that you have to keep wearing your mask and keeping your distance yet. A month? 2 months?

  7. Replies
    1. "Witch says, the tribbles are multiplying"

      ROFL! Yes they are!!!


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