Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Undead


WARNING:  I'm going to be crabby in this blog. If you don't want the crab--just keep scrollin'. GH was NOT my jam this week. Nope. 
Speaking of Jam, I'm going to have a nice scone and some raspberry. 

 I guess I'll start with the fact that the shows HAD to be edited weirdly due to the week off for the trial. Things were really off and by Friday ("Valentine's Day") I was just watching jumbles of things. 

WORST OF THE WEEK: (why not get it out of the way?) --The Sonny "Funeral". Yes, the funeral for the guy that was being shown alive in a bar in PA --doing absolutely...nothing. Oh, yeah, he cleans tables. He cleans glasses. Stops the robber now and again but...really? Nada. He DID have a daydream of a blonde woman coming to him. He was walking though a cheap high school garden set but there it was. OOOHFF. We know it's going to be Nina at some point, but WHY NOT AT THAT JUNCTURE? Why did Phyllis go to Port Charles only to...learn nothing about Sonny? Just to confirm a photo? Um, ok. Guess we'll wait a bit longer while Lenny tries to get Sonny to leave only to let him stay. Trooper Timmy growls. You know, the same. 

The funeral service itself was.. lackluster. The one part that was good was Alexis sneaking a drink. (Probably because I needed one). I couldn't care less what people were saying. Yada, yada.. yada.. 

THE PROBLEM IS.... Sonny "Dying" Shows how absolutely BETTER the show would be WITHOUT HIM!! in the 2 weeks he was gone it was actually great viewing. I personally would love to see the play out for control of territory. Get Dante involved (see my fanfic earlier this week). Jason and Carly-- bonding like the epic pair they could become. As soon as Sonny was shown and then went to the bar, it just went downhill. The cops are so stupid it's not even funny. So Sonny doesn't want his prints run? Since when? He all of a sudden doesn't want to know who he is? Cop takes the mug and the prints are too blurry but he doesn't look for DNA?  Oh man, I could go on and on about it. I get Maurice is the "star' and contracts and all but damn. The story should be the driving force here.  

THE BEST OF THE WEEK: Britt Westborne. She's a godsend. Love her as the chief of staff. She's funny, sassy...bitchy and ACTS HER ASS OFF. She's always "there". Whether it be with Cyrus acting all brave or showing her vulnerability with the shaking hand, she's just good stuff. And how cute were the Brad and Britt scenes? Photo from Parry Shen on Twitter. He made it! 

BEST WTF OF THE WEEK: Ava gets a box and.......a roach is inside. Nik was like: Welp, how did that happen?  Could it be a certain "Catatonic" psycho? 

FLESH WOUND OF THE WEEK: Jason turns and shoots Brando for his 'own good' right there on the pier. Brando won't tell who did it. Sasha is concerned. I really wish Jason had aimed for the head, but I'm mean. 

CONFRONTATION OF THE WEEK: Nina confronts Carly and Jax in the cemetery after Sonny's "burial". What was that mound anyway? Would they really bury an empty coffin in the winter? Anyway, Cynthia did  good job here although I can't really get myself to care. I'm still puzzled why it was revealed after Nelle is dead. (or presumed dead)  Will Carly be arrested again for ....something? Will she end up in Shadybrook....again...for..something? Can Jax just please go back to Australia before he and Carly sleep together? PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. 

GOBSMACKING SMACKER-OONIE OF THE WEEK:  SO! Molly and TJ!! Having their commitment ceremony! Gee!! Look at that!! NOW COME ON. And Molly only wants Krissy there!! IN a law office-- is. this. legal? I thought they didn't want legal? Why couldn't it be a fun thing? We've only waited a bazillon years for this. And it was like..BAM! Sonny's funeral, next day--this? Was it an editing thing? We didn't even really see their story much after the first fight. So---much---wrong---here. 

NEW SET OF THE WEEK: Geeze LOUISE!! New bar in PA now a new place in Port Charles? Swanky new Port Charles Grille? I guess they were as sick as the Metro as I was!! We also got some club that Portia and Curtis went to ...but it was very cement/generic. I do like the Grille set and the name harkens back to Old School GH . 

GUEST  OF THE WEEK: Monica finds Lesley at the stoop. Lesley will ask Mon to help with the Cyrus situation. Good. But they should have been shown the day after. You think they were in the living room while Chase/Willow/Michael/Sasha were going to dinner? Nope, because Michael and Sasha went in there. Up in the library? At night? I'm... just... flumbuttoxed. 

SYMPTOM OF THE WEEK:  Franco's hair is falling out from the radiation. And...didn't he tell Lesil he would talk to Kevin first and get hypnotized? And he's not? Does she know? Did Dr O and Scotty have a nice Valentine's Day? I need to know. 

 JOY OF THE WEEK: Valentine's Bags! 

ALSO RANS OF THE WEEK:  Seeing Jenny and Tad talk about a road trip lifted my spirits a bit but I'm not sure it's going to happen. The story of Jackie and Greg and Finn and DNA is getting lost in all the other stuff happening. Didn't Finn and Anna leave to find Dr. O? How's that going? 


Sonny didn't mess the bar up. No one cares.

Sonny is mad cop might run prints. 

Sonny has a fake funeral.

People talk about Sonny being dead.

Jason cries hard over Sonny's death. 

Nina yells at Sonny's graveside about Nelle

Jason shoots Brando in the leg

Cyrus tries to get a pain med approved by the FDA: Leslie says no way

Nina goes to Jordan about the night Nelle died

Franco's hair falls out

Alexis admits to drinking again ...but only one mini-bottle

Cam was accepted to Stanford but is too scared to go

Britt gets Brad out of jail; cuteness ensues

Jackie wants to go to Vermont to find Mama Gray

Sasha and Michael might get back together

Chase and Willow might get back together

Willow will live in the Q gate house

Felix asks Lucas for a drink; but only as friends

Leslie asks Monica for help with the Cyrus situation

Sam/Jason: Chem Test

Sam/Dante: Chem Test

Sasha/Brando: Chem Test 

And....there you have it . It was just a very strange week that left me wondering what the heck was going on. GH has been really good lately and in the past couple of weeks...sad horn. I'm going to hope that some of that has to do with all the interruptions and such. I am going on the record to say the Sonny thing needs to just stop. Have Lenny and Phyllis find out. Phyl takes a job at GH and Lenny buys Kelly's. Sonny still won't know who he is and-- well, frankly he can go to Bensonhurst. The Willow/Chase/Shasha/Michael thing is just not my style. I find it bland and boring.  Chase is the only character worth saving for me at this point. Dante and Sam? Hmmm... if only there was some life to those scenes (if you know what I mean). Is Ryan coming back? Can I get Jordan out of the way so Mac can be on more? So many questions!!  

That's a wrap. Have a great rest of the day. Hope you are warm and toasty. We have about a foot and 1/2 of snow where I am but it's all good. I have 2 doses of the vaccine in me and the light is showing at the end of the tunnel. 


  1. I did not enjoy GH. sasha and brando do have chemistry, have them leave town together.try sam with dante, cause jason and her have never worked. I like jason with britt and I love her. the scenes are just bouncing all over the place. also kill off plp and get rid of finn's useless family. along with numerous others. with the cast being so big I feel like I'm watching 2 shows.

  2. "WARNING: I'm going to be crabby in this blog."

    Is part of the reason because you were suspended on twitter? I would be too!!! GRRRRR! NOBODY suspends the queen!!!!!!!

    "Cop takes the mug but doesn't run the prints right away?"

    I thought he said he did run them, but it didn't work. That it was inconclusive? Oh man I am so confused.

    "Did Dr O and Scotty have a nice Valentine's Day? I need to know."

    ROFL! I hope they did have a nice Valentine's day! :)

    "JOY OF THE WEEK: Valentine's Bags!"

    AND Jason smiling at Britch. :)

    "Seeing Jenny and Tad talk about a road trip lifted my spirits a bit but I'm not sure it's going to happen."

    Awwww. I want to see Jenny and Tad on the road trip. :(

    "Sam/Jason: Chem Test"


    1. Jason smiling during the Joy of the week scene really did it for me. We need to keep the britch.

      "Sam/Jason: Chem Test

      Sam/Dante: Chem Test

      Sasha/Brando: Chem Test"

      Sam/Sigmund : Chem test.

      Oops sorry. Too many crab cakes. lol

    2. "Di says, Jason smiling during the Joy of the week scene really did it for me. We need to keep the britch."

      Yes yes I agree we need to keep her. I love that he was smiling! :)

      "Sam/Sigmund : Chem test. Oops sorry. Too many crab cakes. lol"

      Who is Sigmund? You mean Lucy's duck? ROFL!

    3. hehe blush blush......Yes I did. ("=

    4. "Di says, hehe blush blush......Yes I did. ("="

      ROFL! I miss Sigmund. :(

  3. okay, so last night on Port Chuck (Patreon) during the Q and A, Steve Burton answered a question and then said, "no, sorry, Franco is dead." I don't think he was kidding because of the look on his face and the others reaction of shock on their faces - Bradford Anderson said, "just kidding - what is said on Patreon stays on Patreon'------- so I don't believe it's happened yet even in their filmin, but it DOES verify Karen that when you said they keep talking about a long life that Franco must die soon.....but chemo wouldn't kill him that fast - Hopefully PETER also goes away - I actually like Franco and Elizabeth together....
    for me it was boring week too except for my screams: "It's 2021 - GOOGLE THE FREAKIN MAN who is CLOSE BY and you will find the identity of MIke"..
    One GOOD note - Phyllis obviously didn't help Nelle i.e.still alive - cause she had already seen current pic of her..

  4. Thank you for a great cranky SS!
    Agree on all counts except Sonny going away forever.
    If they kill Franco I am out. Unless they just kill him and make RoHo someone else. From what I know radiation does not make the hair fall out.
    I got so excited to see brad! Britt is a godsend. She lights up every scene she is in.
    This is a February sweeps to sweep away.

  5. I pretty much agree with everything you said. To make this lackluster week even worse, Felix had a cheesy mustache. SHAVE!

  6. I love the Davis girls/ women, but Sam and Molly's big lips and surgeries are horrible. Can barely watch anymore. Sam and Dante; just NO. Dom Z's acting isn't very good anymore. Is he just supposed to be lackluster and bland? He used to be fun to watch. The Sonny story line is terrible. Actually almost everything sucks right now. Laura is going to turn Cyrus from the dark side; maybe..... But, with what he has done he is just not redeemable to me.

  7. Thanks for another great SS. You reflected most of my feelings too. And the crab cakes were delicious with homemade tartar sauce. :)

  8. I asked Karen last week on SS Surgery what Roger’s status was and she said she inferred he wasn’t going anywhere. If that’s incorrect and Roger is leaving you can Count Me out too he’s only reason why I’m watching the show.

    1. I agree about Roger, count me out too. he has always been the best actor in daytime. I loved him on oltl. there is enough dead weight they can get rid of.

  9. Karen, you are right to be cranky. there are just too many stories going on.
    It's hard to have momentum when you are trying to service 18 plotlines and 157 main characters. It was flying for awhile and now it's floundering because there doesn't seem to be a focus.

  10. We don't really need Phyllis & Lenny in PC, we have enough characters who get no screen time.

    Willow is a bitch--Michael buys me everything I see--and Chase deserves better. The show would be better if all Corinthos' vanished for a year.

    They better not be killing off Franco--there are a dozen more characters who need to go before he does

    1. "Lucy D says, Willow is a bitch--Michael buys me everything I see--"

      Yeah that was odd. She was OOC! She would never act like this!!

    2. Oooooo, I *so* wish all the Corinthos clan would disappear for a year. We can dream. :-)

  11. The biggest thing that is bugging me, is how the show keeps delaying 'the Peter reveal'(which we all know will happen at the wedding). Just get the sham double wedding going already!

    Just for Sanity sake, here are all the current storylines: The over the top PETER & Alex storyline, Cyrus & the hospital, Carly's abduction of Ms Grey, Jordan & Curtis relation drama, Franco tumor(reprise), Tagert in Jail, Ava/Nik, Alexis's sobriety, Sonny's amnesia, Nina crying about NELLE!, The bore of Michael/Willow/Chase/Sasha, Brando undercover, Scott covering up for Liesel, Sam/Dante & Jason/Britt, Molly/TJ, Joss/Cam/Trina, Ned & Olivia marriage failing, Holly's whereabouts, Chase's paternity, Brad/Lucas

  12. Then you can add to the mix Tracy on for a bit, Monica on occasionally, Lesley on a couple times. Did you say Finns family drama?

  13. Also Sonny and his new crew at The Tan-O

  14. Excellent SS and I agreed with everything you wrote, thank you!

    After reading the comments I agree with a lot that was written. Molly and Sam's lips - ugh. Life is better without Sonny. Too many story lines and no momentum. Willow was just down right weird. Love Jason and the Britch.And get to the Peter reveal already, lord have mercy! I will however continue to watch if they kill off Franco. Don't really care for the character and it always seems to mean that Liz acts more like his mommy than his wife. I like Roger and he would be great as another character, but he's not my favorite.

    I enjoyed Curtis and Portia on Friday, they were very cute! :)

  15. Reading the list that Matthew wrote above, I realize I am not invested in many of those story lines. I want Peter exposed and Anna to get her brain back, Robert to find Holly, Jason and Britt to get together, and Laura to get rid of Cyrus. All the other story lines are tired and boring.


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