Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Peaches For Sale


Welp, gang.. not sure when GH will be on again... I think ABC will show the trial until the end? They've already pushed back yesterday's show so we will see.  I'll keep an eye out. 

NOTE: DAnderson on twitter reminded me of something: Did you realize that both Kiki and Nelle HAD THE SAME FATHER? Nina and Ava didn't discuss it, but yep. Silas was both their daddy!!! 


  1. That's alright. You can watch it here.

    I haven't seen it yet. Apparently the next new episode will be tomorrow.

    "Did you realize that both Kiki and Nelle HAD THE SAME FATHER? Nina and Ava didn't discuss it, but yep. Silas was both their daddy!!!"


    1. Okay I just watched yesterday's GH! WOW! :) I'm not sure if they are going to show the episode today or not. I'll wait to say anything about it.

    2. Oh shit! You're right!!! I was trying to remember who her dad was cause that sl seems like a lifetime ago!! 😂
      Sonya how did you watch yesterday show? They didn't air it...

    3. "Michelle L says, Sonya how did you watch yesterday show? They didn't air it..."

      Right here.

  2. I forgot about that!! So they were half-sisters.. wow. Karen, you are sharp!!

  3. There are so many crazy family connections on GH. Kristina and Molly are sisters and first cousins, Franco's mom is Elizabeth's stepmom, Elizabeth and Laura are cousins through Laura's stepfather, Rick, Nicholas and Charlotte are first cousins and also Nicholas is her uncle. I am sure there are many more. I think I have too much time on my hands being socially distanced.

    1. "Jenny60 says, I think I have too much time on my hands being socially distanced."

      ROFL! I understand. :)

  4. ABC is still showing the trial today. Repeat on the Canadian channel.

  5. WHY doesn't ABC realize their ratings would GO THROUGH THE ROOF if they didn't air the trial or politics - cause 350+ other stations show it! That is just stupid....and they NEVER interrupt sports.

  6. Yesterday's episode. WARNING! Read at your own risk!!! :)

    Everyone is getting ready for Sonny's funeral or whatever it is.

    Michael: Oh no! Which color tie should I pick to wear? I am so confused.

    Willow: I look pretty.

    Carly: Who should I have rebound sex with? Jason or Jax?

    Jason: Oh my stomach. I need to drop a turd.

    Q home:

    Olivia and Dante: Olivia has all the guilt feels about not telling Sonny that he had a son when she was pregnant with Dante. Dante doesn't want her to feel all the guilt feels. I wonder if Olivia made food.

    Michael and Dante: Brotherly love. :) They are hugging. Olivia sees that and cries. ROFL!

    Michael and Willow: Willow tells Michael to pick the blue tie.

    Michael, Willow, Dante, and Olivia: Everyone votes for the blue tie!!! The blue tie wins!!! YAY!

    Michael and Willow: They have some eye sex.

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Mrs. Cauffee: Mrs. Cauffee confirms that Nelle's adopted daddy is the guy in the picture!!! You don't need any DNA test. You got an eye witness of the adopted daddy! That's all the proof you need!!! *Gives side eye* They talk about Jax and that Nina could forgive Jax. Suuuuuuuuuuuuureeee. I bet she goes to see Jax to forgive him, and he sees CarJax having rebound sex.

    Carson home: What a sad scene. :(

    Joss and Jax: Great scene!!!! Very sad though. About fear and that you shouldn't let fear control your life!

    Jarly: OH GAH! So sad. :( Carly is in so much pain. She don't know who she is without Sonny. :(

    Joss and Jason: Great scene!!! Carly wanted Jason to talk to Joss. Carly needs to go to the church.

    Carly: Jax can you give me a ride?

    Oh why? So you two can have rebound sex?

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis, Sam, Krissy, and Molly: KRISSY! YAY! Where have you been? Sam with her very very red lips to go to a funeral. Does she want planes to find her in the crowd? Molly don't trust Alexis. :( Alexis didn't want to go at first, but thanks to her daughters decide to go up and change. Molly don't trust Alexis. I don't blame her. Alexis is all ready! Her daughters go out to the car because Alexis said she forgot her phone. LIAR! She went to sneak a teeny tiny drink. A baby drink. Molly catches her! BUSTED!

    The church waiting area:

    CarJax: Just waiting for them to kiss! They are talking about Joss. Carly is worried about Joss. Nina is looking for Jax,

    Carly: I'm not going to think about Nelle or what happened that night on the cliff at this funeral. Nelle is dead, and that night can die with her.

    NINA OVERHEARD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! :0

    Pennsylvania side of the river bar: Phone rings.

    Sonny: Tan-0 can I help you?

    The name of the bar sounds so stupid. ROFL! Tan-0 HAHAHHAHA. Oh it's Mrs. Cauffee. :) Oops she had to go and had no time to talk to her husband. :(

    Cop, Mr. Cauffee, and Sonny: OH COME ON!!!! This is so stupid. The stupid cop is harassing Sonny because there have been a lot of robberies in the neighborhood. You have no proof cop! GO AWAY! He says he has a gut feeling.. Oh please.


    1. please put nina in her grave with her daughter. can't take anymore of this nelle shit.

    2. I guess Kristina only comes on for funerals. The only other show that she's been on since the show came back in August was for Mikes funeral.

  7. FINALLY maybe they will figure out who he is??????????SO STUPID! I kinda wanted Nina to find him - maybe Phyllis WILL still see a pic and tell Nina where he is.
    SURELY Sonny has fingerprints on file????????????

    1. "Mufasa says, I kinda wanted Nina to find him"

      Yeah me too, and get her revenge on Carly. :)

      "maybe Phyllis WILL still see a pic and tell Nina where he is."

      OH! Maybe. I hope so!

  8. Did I miss Julian's service??????????? and Dev's???????????????

  9. CHAD BRANNON (EX-ZANDER) RETURNS! Good actor although I'll be rolling my eyes hard if he is the shot dead on screen Zander again. Hopefully someone new!

    1. OH! I was just about to share that!!! No I hope it's Zander or his brother!!! *Crying*

    2. I think it will be whoever was looking at Alex Marick's will.

    3. "Diana Taylor says I think it will be whoever was looking at Alex Marick's will."

      Ooooooo!! Great theory!!!! :)

    4. I read that too, and I'm very happy! And great theory Diana Taylor!

  10. Don't need new actors on the packed show

    1. He isn't a new actor. He was on GH before. :)

    2. I read it's a dream sequence when Cam gets hurt.....

    3. "mufasa says, I read it's a dream sequence when Cam gets hurt....."

      Awwwwww! So sweet! *Crying*

    4. I think it will be whoever was looking at Alex Marick's will .

    5. That would make sense mufasa. Isn't Zander Cameron's bio Dad?

  11. Once again NBC airing regular programming although I didn't catch DAYS but RACHEL RAY was on so it probably was too. Turn to ABC....trial. Doesn't ABC realize we gives than two (insert your own word here) about the trial. There are so many news shows. Then of course we have the 12 pm news he and then the evening news...but I digress....

  12. Carry that Silas connection one step further... if Chase is Silas's son, then Chase and Nelle are siblings...

  13. Hunch: Chad Brannon is going to play whoever was looking at Alex Marick's last will and testament. Did Dimitri and Alex/Anna have a son we don't know about?

  14. Glad to see someone actually from GH coming back. Not really crazy about other shows characters appearing. Is it off again today?

  15. just read that Franco may be the next victim to die - I ain't kidding- if Frank kills FRANCO and leaves PETER, I am done with GH.

    1. I agree! GH has been all over the place. I always like a good villain but Hiney is not a good anything. Character or actor. Franco/Todd is always amazing. He just has something special.

    2. Yes to that. I love Wes Ramesy but not Peter.

  16. I just the same story about Roger. Hope it’s not true. If it is, I’m done with GH.

  17. This stinks!!! I miss watching GH! Well, I will do my own GH watching. This is from February 10th 1987.

    L'orlean: Oh! The whole mystery surrounding Camillia and the murder.

    Anna and Abigail: Anna wants to get to the truth of what happened 4 years ago! Abigail won't tell her. Abigail is a psychic and does tea leaves. Abigail tells Anna that Duke is all wrong for her!!! These are great scenes, and I wish we still had Abigail! :)

    Carmilia and Duke: Duke is trying to tell her that they are brother and sister! So really, basically,

    Duke: My only lova is Anna!! Not you! You have to hear the truth!

    Camillia: No no no no!!! I won't hear this! La la la la la la la.

    Camillia is a 12 year old you know.

    Janet and Duke: Janet is Camillia's aunt. She knows there is a secret, but doesn't know what it is.. Duke knows!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Camilia and Janet: Camillia is in a frenzy! Everything needs to be light not dark in the house! Janet is very worried about her. Camillia remembers something from 4 years ago. She won't tell Janet. I think Camillia is in denial.

    Duke and Anna: Anna wants to know what happened 4 years ago, and she wants to know it NOW! Duke won't say a word about it. Anna thinks Duke don't love her, which is not true. Anna brings up Abigail.

    Duke, Anna, and Camilia: Oh oh. Camillia doesn't like Abigail and told Anna not to believe a word she says. Anna is insistent on knowing what happened 4 years ago, and Camillia passes out. Duke takes her away.

    Anna and Janet: Oh oh! Aunt Janet is PISSED!! Too bad they didn't have Tribbles back then. The Tribbles can sooth the restless soul.

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Jade and Sandy: Nurses! I remember them. Sandy is Buzz Striker's daughter. Striker reminds me of the movie airplane hahaha. Ted Striker. :) Anyway they are talking about Tony and Tonia going to NYC. And Bobbie has baby BJ. Oh oh Bobbie is there with BJ. BJ fell off the couch!!! Bobbie is very upset.

    BJ's private room:

    Buzz, Yank, and baby BJ, and Bobbie: Bobbie VERY upset and blaming herself. Jade is Yank's girlfriend. Buzz is trying to reach Tony and Tonia from NY, but they aren't around. BJ looks fine to me. :) Buzz don't know what is wrong with BJ.

    NYC hotel:

    Tony and Tonia: It's their anniversary, and Tonia went to see Tony to surprise him. Tony pretends he doesn't know it's their anniversary haha. He has a present for her and has his bags packed because he was going to surprise her. They went out, and Buzz's message is on the floor, which the maid picked up and put it on the table. The maid is touching the bed, and then Tony and Tonia showed up. Tonia wins the line of the day.

    Tonia: Oh the bed is turned down.

    What?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was only turned down on one side! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHA.

    Shaun's office: Shaun is on the phone and is pissed.

    Robin, Sam, and Shaun: Little Robin! :) Robin is a sad little girl. Shaun wants to be alone with her.

    Robin and Shaun: Shaun is Robin's Godfather.. Actually, Robin has 3 Godfathers.. Shaun, Frisco, and Buzz. :) Shaun is cheering her up. Awwwwww. :)

    Stiff: Shaun tells Tiffy that he has to put the diamond caper on hold for awhile. He talks about Pickalila. :) Sounds like Sharon Wyatt has a cold. I SO love them together. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 22nd 1990* Love when Jack Wagner sings!!! :) Frisco and Felicia have the same hairstyle ROFL! Jack Wagner was making a movie, that's why his hair was like that. I love his hairstyle! :)

  18. Kristina is looking different

  19. Just read the above about Franco maybe being the next victim. I'm not a huge fan, but this better be wrong. PLP needs to go and I don't care who his freaking girlfriend is. Bah!

    I miss GH.

    1. Julie H. I completely agree with everything you said


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