Saturday, February 6, 2021

First Scene Saturday: All My Carlys


Introducing Carly, Carly, Carly and Carly


Caroline Benson, coming from Florida to find her birth mama.....
Played by Sarah Joy Brown (1996-2001)


Carly has a plan... and this was a fast switch... next day, same outfit 

Played by Tamara Braun from 2001-2005


So.. looking for Michael and looking at a new Carly 

Played by Jennifer Bransford in 2005 


Jason rescues a whole new Carly 

Played by Laura Wright 2005- present 

And there you have it!! I didn't realize that Jennifer Bransford got the part over---Jamie Lunar?? I mean, that would have been Carly to a "T"... then again, Laura Wright came along and made the part her own and has been with the show a heck of a long time now. Who's your fave?? Mine will always be Sarah Brown' Carly because I still love her acting and the way Carly was crafted. I have gotten used to Laura in the part though and it's hard to see anyone else there. Thx to David for slogging through You Tube to get all the scenes. Wish they were better quality but ah, the age before all digital... 


  1. Wow!! Thank you Dave!! These clips sure brought back a lot of memories. Loved seeing Ruby and Amy Vining. What a bonus!

  2. my favorite is sarah brown. laura wright is just like nails on a chalk board. she is beautiful but that is it. sarah brown always showed emotion. at the time she was my favorite character.

    1. I agree witch! Loved Sarah and her immense talent. Laura is second best for me-couldn’t stand the other two- but she is so loud and annoying.

  3. As much as I think Sonny and Carly get too much airtime, I have really grown to like Laura Wright in the role. I can "hate" her and feel sorry for her at the same time, which is good for a character like Carly.

  4. 1. Laura Wright
    2. Sarah Brown
    3. Tamara Braun
    4. Jennifer Branson

    In that order. Although I like Laura Wright and Sarah Brown about the same.

  5. 1. Sarah Brown (loved her since the beginning)
    2. Tamara Braun (she worked her ass off and made role her own)
    3. Laura Wright (love Laura, but Carly has always come across as too confident in her version)
    3. Jennifer Branson

    1. Also wanted to add that JB wasn't horrible. I think she could have possibly grown in the role if given more time, but didn't have chemistry with Sonny. Her catfights were great though.

  6. On another note; I think Peter will try to kill Valentin or Britt or someone soon.

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  8. "I didn't realize that Jennifer Bransford got the part over---Jamie Lunar??"

    WHAT?!!?!?! I never heard that. Where did you heard that? Jsmie Lunar would have been perfect for the role. Jennifer Bransford wasn't the right fit for Carly! I stopped watching GH for awhile when Jennifer Bransford was on it.

    "Who's your fave??"

    The OG of course. :) Then when I heard Laura Wright was coming on as Carly I was happy and excited! :) I remember her on Loving and loved her on Loving.

  9. This was a fun post. Thanks. I'm all Laura Wright as Carly but the others did a great job.

  10. Carly was always my favorite when Sarah and Tamara played her. I did not watch JB as Carly at all. Lol I boycotted. Sarah and Tamara are my faves but I love Tams a little more. I was excited when Laura came into the role but her Carly doesn’t have the same humility and insecurities that made Carly. She’s like a totally different Carly. I’d take one of the other two back any day. Any day!

  11. "Cheryl says, I did not watch JB as Carly at all. Lol I boycotted."

    Yeah I boycotted too! :)

  12. They've brought something different to the role. Jennifer Bransford was harshly judged and was a victim of the writing. Tamara Braun brought a softer side to the role, even almost believable as a heroine, and then bam! Recast and the writers decided they wanted more of an edge and Jennifer's portrayal was more of a hybrid of Sarah and Tamara. Can you imagine Tamara having the cat fights that they frequently used Jennifer for? That was more Sarah's playground. The show woefully underestimated how popular Tamara was and it was jarring to see a replacement literally the next day. If you go back and watch Jennifer's performances on YouTube, most of her critics will find she wasn't as bad as they thought she was and that at least she was doing the best with the material she was given. The God awful Reese story with Reese rewritten as the original Carly Roberts? Laura Wright has played the part I think the longest of any of the actors. My annoyance with her is there isn't the vulnerability that you saw with Sarah Brown or to some extent with Jennifer Bransford. It's Carly as a know it all.

  13. I actually have no memories of JB although I did watch her. My problem with Tamara was that she was a really lousy actress back then (and still is in my opinion with her stuttering manner of acting) and she had no grace - really gawky and so unlike Sarah.



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