Thursday, February 18, 2021

Late One Night: A GH Fan Fic Idea

 For your consideration:  Changing of the Guards

Setting: Sonny's office at the restaurant, Badger Bob looking on. Jason seated at the desk. 

Dante (comes in, stands)

Jason:  What? 

Dante: I'm here to talk with you regarding (sweeps arm) this. 

Jason:  What about it. 

Dante:  I've been thinking ... May I? (motions to chair) ..(sits) You and I both know Sonny left a hell of a hole here. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante:  I've had an interesting life, did you know that? See...I've been a cop, a detective...tortured in a Turkish prison and lately, been made to do an assignment for the WSB. 

Jason:  Your point?

Dante:  I'm ready for the next chapter. That includes revenge for Lulu laying in a coma. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: (leans forward) See... I look at it this way.  I'm the first born. All of this, belongs to me. 

Jason: Blink 

Dante: ALL of it, Jason. Michael is too weak and Morgan is dead. And you? Well, you're not a Corinthos are you? 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: Now..see, after all those mind games I had done to me, I have no desire to just go back to law enforcement. None. (Stands....walks over to the photo of Sonny on the wall)... I'm going to run this empire the way it should be and with my contacts, it's going to be epic.  Cyrus Renault won't know what hit him. 

Jason:  I don't think so. 

Dante: Oh, but see Jason (leans on desk) you have no choice.  Were you mentioned in Sonny's Will other than monetary compensation? No. Did he mention Michael running the business? No, he left the Import business to me. And we all know that that means. 

Jason: I don't think you do. 

Dante: Well, it's not pushing beans around in the warehouse. 

Jason: You talk to Carly about this?

Dante: (laughs) Carly?! Why would I do that. No I haven't talked to Carly. But guess who I did talk to? The Five Families. Just last night...they are ready to back me.

Jason: Stands up. Stare. 

Dante: Now, if you'll get out from behind the desk, I'm going to try it on for size... maybe I'll keep you on for some backup but right now, it's a one man show until I assemble my people. 

Camera lingers on Jason...slowly boiling... 


  1. That would be very interesting

  2. Fascinating idea - so many side stories

    1. Especially with the Dante/Sam thing apparently happening



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