Friday, February 12, 2021

Broadway Cares Show


Great show last night with casts from AMC, OLTL and GH doing what they do best--entertaining!! You can still catch the show on Broadway Cares until Feb 15th at midnight. Remember to donate to the HIV/AIDS charity as well. Broadway Cares was a staple back the in the day and a live event in NYC. SO glad they brought Daytime back into the fold.  Tony Geary (who always participated in the past) makes a fun appearance as well. 


  1. "You can still catch the show on Broadway Cares until Feb 15th at midnight."

    Oh good!!! I didn't get to see it. Glad they put it up!

  2. I was confused, though. It was OLD performances - it wasn't live, right? No way it coulda been masks, huge crowd....I watched it for a long time and then realized it was old performances.

  3. So no GH today, so I watched my own, just like yesterday. From July 2nd, 1986

    The hospital:

    Bobbie and Monica: Monica has no messages, and neither does Bobbie. They talk about Bobbie's engagement to Jake, and that Monica and Alan are divorcing.

    Bobbie and Amy: Amy is on the phone with Lucy. Lucy wanted to remind Amy about babysitting Alan Jr. Amy hasn't forgotten. Lucy has a lunch date. Lucy wants to know if Amy saw Patrick. Amy tells Lucy that Patrick is at Kelly's with Terry. Amy gets off the phone and Bobbie lays into her! She didn't like Amy spilling anything to Lucy, because Bobbie don't trust Lucy! ROFL!

    The Webber home: Lucy is ironing! HAHAAHAHAHAHA. She is watching the news, and just as she was about to shut the tv off, you can hear the I love Lucy theme song! HHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Someone is at the door.

    Lucy and Mr. Post: Lucy is planning on writing a book about Kevin and the murder in Laurelton. She wants to make sure in the contract that all the money the book makes to go to the Jennifer Talbot memorial wing.

    Lucy and Amy: Lucy is wearing a blue dress, and it looks great on her. They are being nice to each other. :)

    The pier:

    Patrick and Yank: Patrick tells Yank that he has a lunch date with Terry, and if he can drop him off. Yank wants to know how Terry is doing. Patrick has information about Kevin from Lucy!! He wants to tell Terry about it.

    Jimmy Lee Holt and another guy: They chit chat about union matters. Mmmm Jimmy Lee!!! :) Hello baby. :)

    A home:

    Jimmy Lee Holt and Sandy: I'm not sure who's home it is, but Jimmy Lee is telling Sandy about a job offer for her. She is so excited, chips went everywhere! HAHAHAHAHA. It's a vet job. Jimmy says the interview is a dinner interview and he wants to teach her table manners! ROFL! They are so cute together!!! :) And hey it looks like they are wearing the same shirt, but hers is fading. I think Sandy was a tom boy! :) Jimmy Lee talks about his ex wife Celia. UGH! Anyway this was a great scene. :)

    Jake's office:

    Jake, Alan, his lawyer, and Monica: Oh boy! Alan and Monica are arguing!!! She slaps Alan! Jake wins the line of the day.

    Jake: Are you up to it? My head's coming off. It's like a zoo in here.


    Alan and Monica: Alan's birthday. He wants money for flying lessons. ROFL! She gives him a check for it.


    Patrick, Terry, and Ted: Patrick was going to tell Terry what Lucy told him about Kevin, but then Ted shows up. He tells them he is meeting Lucy. Lucy shows up, and Terry leaves quickly.

    Patrick, Ted, Mr. Post, and Lucy: Lucy's innocent act is killing me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She tells them about the book she wants to write, and if she doesn't, then Mr. Post's people will write the book in a way they don't like. Ted and Patrick agree to the book. Patrick will tell Terry.

    Edward and Alan: Alan has a plan for Shawn and Monica, and it isn't a good one! :)

    Jake's office:

    Patrick and Terri: They talk about Kevin and the murders and about Lucy's book. They are cute together. :)

    Bobby and Jake: Bobby talks about the wedding, and Jake has other things on his mind, like Terry and Patrick. He is worried about Terry and doesn't like the idea of Terry and Patrick getting closer. ROFL!


    Jimmy Lee, Sandy, and the interviewer: Very funny scene. Sandy is a tom boy alright! ROFL! Jimmy Lee keeps kicking her. ROFL! The interviewer has to think about it if he wants to hire her.

    The Webber home:

    Patrick and Lucy: Patrick tells Lucy she is beautiful. Oh boy! :) Looks like he is flirting a little. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1984* Frisco has feelings for Tania, and sings to her. All she has on her mind is Grant. Frisco and Tania do kiss.

    1. Oh my. I just went down the Frisco and Felicia rabbit hole. No wonder they were a super couple.

    2. "lindie says, Oh my. I just went down the Frisco and Felicia rabbit hole."

      ROFL! What did you watch? :)

      "No wonder they were a super couple."

      RIGHT?!!?!?! They were awesome and amazing together! That is why Colton pissed me off of how he treated Felicia when Frisco was found out alive! Jerk! GRRRR!

  4. Just posting a link to an article I thought you'd all enjoy. Wish they'd use John more. (And maybe someone will post that first scene too. lol)

  5. Oh gee, here it is. They were all so young then. lol

    1. They were so young. I forgot how much of a scoundrel and jerk Mac was. lol. Was Jenny there protesting? I loved Jenny Eckert. I love the scene with Frisco trying to get her into the patty wagon. And, Captain Lewis. He was captain right? Was this when they had Anna being a "House Frau"? I love her scene with Robin. They looked so much alike and really acted like Mother and Daughter.

    2. I watched the video before that one and the few that followed too. It was a great trip back in time. Yes. Jenny was protesting. And mac was a charming scoundral. lol

    3. Yup. Mac was a charming scoundrel.



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