Monday, February 15, 2021

Putting the FUN in Funeral?

 Well WE ARE BACK, PEOPLE!! How nice...maybe no politics on either end for awhile? Just ....some calm?? PLEASE?? We are due for our snow tonight--a foot but for us, meh, not bad. Sorry for those of you in warmer places dealing with it all. 

SONNY's funeral. Loses all luster or ..meaning because WE KNOW HE'S NOT FKING DEAD. I mean, how many times do we have to go through this dumb stuff. 

Sonny is at the TAN-O and Phyllis calls to check on them. She's meeting with Nina. They talk about Nelle. Phyllis confirms that Frank Benson was the guy that took the baby. 

Everyone gets ready. The Davis girls try to talk mama into going. As she's getting ready they talk about her charges and drinking. Later, Alexis sneaks a mini-bottle of vodka. Drinks it. Molly walks in. 

Willow is moving into the Gatehouse at the Q house. 

OK, today's episode was some weird stuff. Sonny isn't dead--and the mouring going on? Especially with Jason and Carly? WHO cares? It's just not making sense. I really had no interest.

Nina heard Carly talk about the nigh Nelle died and figures out it was no accident. Or thinks that


  1. Everyone already saw my comments about this episode.. And if not, it's at the peaches for sale blog post.. February 10th.

    "We are due for our snow tonight--a foot but for us, meh, not bad."

    REALLY?!?!! You are not getting a foot where you are? :) Wow!!

  2. GH promo!! I love Dr. O's whole look!!! :)

  3. What a draggy boring episode. The Nelle scenario is just done. They have dragged this story line out for too long. So want to see Peter go down, Anna become her old self, Laura take down Cyrus etc..

  4. so sick of carly and jason. add josslyn to the list. those 3 put me to sleep. nice nap. usually its jason and sam.

  5. can someone explain why sonny, carly and family are more important to jason than his 2 sons?

    1. Damn Witch.... you got with that one. That's real.

  6. What a boring episode. The blah funeral while we watch Sonny live. Just stupid.
    And Nina. Whining about Nelle.
    I was disappointed about Alexis. Didn't miss Kristina at all.
    This is February sweeps but no broom needed yet. Hope it picks up soon.

  7. I always love to see the Davis Girls together. So, I loved that.


  8. I loved the Davis girls, too, but had to fast forward most of the rest.

  9. This week will probably be anti-climatic as some of us have seen some of the episodes. Knowing what's going to happen next really slows things down. Here's to next week!

  10. It was good to see Kristina and I too, like the Davis girls. Mumble's lipstick was a little glaring, lol!

    Jason's ode to all things great about Snarly made me barf. I should have expected it, but blech. Nina's eavesdropping and upcoming jumping to conclusions has been done to death, and the fact that it's about Nell? Another blech.

    Seriously, the cop is just now going to fingerprint Sonny? I guess it's good to know that the police are inept everywhere in Port Chuckles land.

    PLP needs to die. That is all.

  11. I loved seeing Kristina and the Davis girls together, but not much else to recommend this episode except possibly Nina eavesdropping at the very end.

    I also am wondering what is the point with the Sonny episode. The only two possibilities that I can see are either 1) the writers are actually going to pair Carly and Jason up as a couple, or 2) maybe this will prompt Sonny to try to leave the mob life when he returns.

    Also, did they ever explain what "Tan-O" means? I don't understand that name.



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