Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sauce and Guns

 DAY TWO of Sonny's funeral. 
Just dull. Dull Dull Dull. Bunch of people. Diane and Spin show up too. 

Dante, Michael and Krissy say words. yada, yada..go to the grave, put on white roses... Jason is just so sad. SO SO SAD.

Alexis cops to drinking and gives Molly one of her hidden stash airline mini-bottles. The girls are happy she can be honest. Molly stays home with Alexis. Sam and her GIANT RED LIPS and Krissy go to the funeral. 

Sonny's still washing the tables at the TAN-O . BORING BORING bonding crap with Lenny. Lenny leaves. Sonny puts Sinatra on or "Sinatra Light" and is wiping down barware (don't throw it!!) and he "sees" Carly at the door beckoning him. Then, they go out into a FAKE FAKE garden..ahahahaaha and its' just...bad. 

Nina hears Carly tell Jax she didn't save Nelle right away. She's pissed and goes to Nelle's grave in heels..and bare legs..and kneels at the stone. Um, okaaaaaaaaay. 

Laura and Cyrus rehashing stuff and not letting Brando go to the funeral. Cyrus says he's going and Brando is going too. Laura says NO! Anyway, Cyrus says he won't go to the funeral if Laura has coffee with him. She agrees, he sends Brando.  He talks about not really meaning to kill his father and how that's like she didn't really mean to kill David Hamilton and she might have turned out bad if she hadn't had her mother do what she did. 


Nina walks into Sonny's funeral at the graveyard. She says she has to talk to Jax. he says not now. She says NOW! BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!! (yells it)

Leslie is on again. 


  1. Hunch: Sonny today dreamed and saw Carly from the BACK, without recognizing it is/was Carly. He's going to run into Nina during one of her trips to the Tan-O to see Phyllis and he's going to see the blond hair from the back, she'll turn around and he'll think THAT'S who he was dreaming about. And Nina will only be too happy to play along when she sees it's Sonny.

    1. Sounds good to me!!! Bring it!!! :)

    2. Yup, Diana Taylor I think you are so correct!!!!!!!!!

    3. What would be even better is if Nina and Sonny really do fall in wub.

    4. I hadn't thought of that but I love the idea! (Get 'em, Nina.)

  2. I am getting so tired of all this dark crap. No love in the afternoon here. It's not bad enough we have Guns and Gangsters now we have to be innudated with Vengeance and Venom in between the other scenes. We've been locked down for months and people are falling ill and dying all around us and we get to tune in to this communal hate every day. Now Nina will revert to her old psycho self (Nell was well endowed from both sides of her family} and we'll do the war on Carly from another perspective with Nina doing the yelling and snarling and growling. For the love of God writers , open the curtains and let in a little light and laughter. GIVE US A BREAK!

  3. Pennsylvania side of the river bar: Maybe it's also a tanning place. Maybe that's why it's called the Tan-0!

    Lenny and Sonny: Man Lenny is being so nice!!! What happened?! :) Maybe Lenny has been smelling Tribbles.

    Sonny and his dream: Oh look it's "ghost Carly! ROFL! I wonder if he is going to dream of the Tribbles too.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis, Sam, Krissy, and Molly: Sam is being so nice! It's the red lipstick! It's making Sam really really nice and sweet!!! GROUP HUG! I am so glad Alexis doesn't have 10 daughters. That would be a HUGE group hug.

    The hospital:

    Laura, Cyrus, and Brando: Brando is so quiet when mom and dad are arguing! ROFL! It really felt like that. Speak Brando speak!!! :)

    Laura and Cyrus:

    Cyrus: What if your mother told the police that you killed David Hamilton in cold blood. Do you think your life would have been good as it's been?

    Ohhhhhh! Great question!!!!! It wouldn't!!!!

    Nelle's grave: Go ahead Nina!!!! Get your revenge on Carly!!! :) You have my permission! I want to see that! :) Uh Nina aren't your knees cold?

    Sonny's funeral: Why did the camera keep showing hands and then hands holding hands? Strange. In the beginning of the show today, they showed Sonny's program. I thought they were showing yesterday's episode.

    Michael and Willow: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Why is she wearing something inappropriate? That is unlike her.

    Michael, Willow, and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I need some smelling salts.

    Spinny and Jason: Spinny physically assaulted Jason with a hug! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

    "Karen says, Dante, Michael and Krissy say words."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone is saying words! :) The only person I feel so bad about is Jason! :( Poor Jason! I want to hug him. :( Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: You almost died saving Franco. I know we are all God's creatures and everything, but.


    Carly, Brando, and Krissy: Oh boy! Krissy giving attitude toward Brando again. *Facepalm*

    Sonny's grave: The people who are on their knees, aren't they cold? Brrrrr!!! Oh look! Nina is giving eye daggers to Jax! You better RUN Jax!!!

    Jax and Nina: So basically,


    Jax: I can't.

    Nina: NOW JAX!!!

    Jax: Is it about the Tribbles?


    Yes yes!! Nina knows what you did last summer Jax!

    1. I had wondered if it was called the Tan-O has a slight nod to Llantano Mountain from One Life to Life which was set in Pennsylvania.

    2. "Diana Taylor says, I had wondered if it was called the Tan-O has a slight nod to Llantano Mountain from One Life to Life which was set in Pennsylvania."

      Oh maybe. I don't know. I wonder. Hmmmm.

    3. Sheesh, yesterday was pretty dull and pointless, and Sonya, I SO agree about Willow's inappropriate dress. What the heck! She's usually trussed up like a schoolmarm!

      Olivia sure plays the grieving Catholic woman very well, and Spin almost knocking down Jason was the only good thing about yesterday.

      Sam and her giant red lips......hahahahahah! I thought the exact same thing!

    4. "Julie H says, Sheesh, yesterday was pretty dull and pointless,"

      Haha. Yeah the funeral was so pointless.

      "and Sonya, I SO agree about Willow's inappropriate dress. What the heck! She's usually trussed up like a schoolmarm!"

      Yes!!! She does dress like a schoolmarm! What the heck is happening to her?

      "Olivia sure plays the grieving Catholic woman very well,"

      She does!!!!

      "and Spin almost knocking down Jason was the only good thing about yesterday."

      ROFL! Yeah and the look on Jason's face! ROFL! And Diane was trying not to laugh!

      "Sam and her giant red lips......hahahahahah! I thought the exact same thing"


  4. Why are they doing this to Nina? The face she made after eavesdropping was certified crazy. Will she channel Nelle? When she called her "baby girl" I almost hurled. Really bad.
    I totally agree with Di about the dark stuff. It is all doom and gloom.

  5. Who on earth bends to their knees, in a dress no less, in the snow? And of course everyone wears heels in the snow. And I agree with Di about the morbidity of the show. Happiness for no one it seems.

    1. Agree Linda - that struck me as weird too - I'm a big burly man who wears jeans most of the time = and I wouldn't kneel in the snow

  6. I really don't see the point of all this funeral stuff. It has zero impact for the viewers, who know Sonny is alive.

  7. Not only is he alive but he seems really smarmy.



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