Monday, February 3, 2020


Not intentionally BUT --- GH was not on for me today. NOPE --more interruptions. And I'm so sick of it. I guess I'll have to watch it tonight ? I'm guessing they are putting it on in Canada  and it will be on and Hulu later. 

I just....ugh. I had today to watch live because tomorrow I have my hair appointment. Who knows the rest of the week. I think I fell into the preschool germ pool finally. I can't breathe. 

Well, go about your business. I'll recap when I get the chance! 


  1. You are not the liar. Just hopeful. Me too. Oh well.

  2. It looks like they are showing today's eppie in NYC about 10 mins. into the show.

  3. It was on here and it stopped a about 10 minutes into Ellen's show which started here at 4 o'clock. That's 3 Eastern so I guess anyone who watches after that time will get it.

  4. Watch GH here every day by 4:00 or shortly after you do not have to wait for ABC or Hulu

  5. I got a new GH....I'm glad I decided to check. It was ok. Can't stand Gladys. Can someone just kill her.....paging Ryan Chamberlain, Ryan....or Nelle would do.

    1. I don't like Gladys either. Don't blame her son for not speaking to her. It also makes me think that he is Law Enforcement. She's so freaking dishonest she wouldn't have gotten on his case for hanging with a bad crowd. She probably mwould have wanted a cut of any ill-gotten gains. I think she would be really PO'd though if he was going to become a police officer.

      And he seems reluctant to say what his job is or why he was there. And the way he spit out Sonny's name when he was talking to her tells me he doesn't hold him in high esteem.

    2. It's on I don't like Gladys but the actress is quite good.

    3. The actress is very good.



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