Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentin: We have your mother

Nina and Ava becoming friends. I like it. They talk about Jax --"you dont' friendzone someone you're interested in" 

Maxie is all "I KNOW YOU KISSED NINA to Jax" She's such a loud mouth 


Robert says the DOJ doesn't want a deal now.. Sam's mad, yelling at Robert. He's all It's not ME, it's the feds. She's still bitching. Back it up, sister.  Robert  Leaves. 
Sam can't deal. She keeps crying about not being with Jason. They think Finn told Anna they were working with Robert and She called the DOJ! Sam wants to take Danny and Scout and RUN!! Jason tries to tell her that's a dumb idea. 
She agrees not to run. SHe leaves and DOLORES sees her in the hall!!! 'we have a problem'..OMG I hope to hell she arrests her. 

Valentin calls Martin Gray to GH..he  wants everyone kicked out of Wyndemere when they come back. He also wants more ELQ shares. Martin says Nelle will be expensive. "She's trash, how much can she want" Val says LOL Valentin is also trying to get shares from Brooklyn by using her contract with Link!!  He wants Tad to go on a trip to "collect" ELQ shares.

OMG he's not a Cassadine..Helena is his mother he is PISSED--wow.. UNLEASHED A MONSTER right there. I'm diggin' this so much!! He still has money so he's going after the shares. WATCH THAT SCENE! HE'S GREAT !!! Later he overhears Nina tell Ava she kissed Jax. OH, man, Val is not happy

Finn and Anna. Her guilt over leaving Peter with Faison is driving all of this. Gross. ugh. He says she shouldn't cover up for him tho. Finn is going to tell Anna he told Sam and Jason but someone is at the door. It's Robert, he thinks Anna called the DOJ! She says NO..he says it has to be Peter then. Robert tells her she protected a murderer... and leaves.
Anna figures out it was Finn that told JaSam about Peter. "how dare you"?? 

Emma is eating lunch with Peter. UGH.she says "you're my family now so I think I should tell you when something is wrong"..Grandma is worried about you. Peter tries to tell her he made mistakes in the past but learned blah blah blah.
OMG..Robert comes in and reads Peter... "I know you you called the DOJ and they took me off the case which is good. Jason knows you're guilty and he's a killer" MAUAHAHAHAHA


  1. I admit to hating the scenes with Maxie and Jax. They were unbelievable. Who does that? He's the head of the company and she's a worker bee in one branch. I FF'd through most of it because it's hard enough living with just one nerve. Don't need her sitting on it.

    Love the valentine scene at the end.muyhaha Loved the previews for tomorrow too. Hope it's someone meaningful.

    And I hope they send Sam back to prison too so that Jason takes care of Peter....heheh....

    Sorry my evil side comes forward too when I'm in the 3rd day of a snowstorm.

    1. "Di says, I admit to hating the scenes with Maxie and Jax. They were unbelievable. Who does that?"

      Exacly!!! Who the hell does that!?! UGH!

      "Sorry my evil side comes forward too when I'm in the 3rd day of a snowstorm."


  2. I still want something to happen to Emma - not bad - that PETER ordered for someone else and watch Anna back track on how she has messed up ---- WHY is Emma here? love her but WHY is she here?
    Makes NO sense that Valentin wants ELQ after all this time.

  3. It's nice when things move along and we get info immediately.
    Anna knows Hiney is guilty. Something bad will probably have to happen before she admits it.
    I hope Ava and Nina's friendship is lasting and used down the road.
    KeMo must have an unending contract. I always liked her but this Sam is more than annoying.

  4. The hospital:

    V.C. and Marty: HAHAHAHAHAHA! V.C. you are NOT a Cassadine! :) Who is your papa?!?!!?! :) Hey where is Alexis? She should be there!!!! Nik should be there too!!!! I hated V.C. with Nina, after he lied to her about Sasha being her daughter, but now that they are no longer together, I like him again. :) Now he can be single and bad ass. :)

    Jasam: 18 year old Jason snuck in to see 13 year old Sam. Sam is so whiny!!! So really basically,

    Sam: This is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should be together!!!! They can't keep us apart!!! Let's run away!!! We can elope and run away together, where nobody can find us!!!

    Sam and Delores: Delores arrest Sam!!!! :)

    Ava's gallery:

    Nina and Ava: They need to be besties, and they need to be besties now!!!! I love Ava's lipstick! It's appropriate to what she is wearing. Oh oh V.C. overheard the kiss chat! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jax's office:

    Maxie and Jax: Oh Maxie shut up!!!!! The Nax kiss is none of your business!!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Robert and Anna: Love their scenes!!!! :)

    Anna and Finchy: When they are all lovey dovey, it's Zzzzzzzzzz. When they argue, it's more interesting.. Now it's a ticking time bomb on when they will break up. Oh Anna you are acting like Hiney is a child!!! GAH! Oh and Hiney didn't give her the flowers that looked fake yesterday, that was Finchy oops! :)

    Hiney and Anna: UGH!!!


    Hiney and Robert: Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: My daughter just adores him, and Anna, she has got a soft spot for him too. Me, not so much.


    Robert: He is coming after you.


    Hiney and Emma: *Facepalm*

    Previews: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! V.C. shoots someone!!! Or is it a dream? Daydream? Does he shoot Jax? :(

    1. I never got Anna and Finchy as a couple, I really think they have no chem . . . OK, did Anna have to get those jeans made special for her, size 0000? Or are they just junior size jeans? (I am not being snarky, I think she looks beautiful, just always amazed at how thin she is. Remember when Dr. O used to call her Scarecrow?)

    2. I was thinking the same thing about Anna. If she turned sideways she'd disappear! That was something my mom used to say. And,I don't mean any disrespect either,she just looks painfully thin.

    3. "AntJoan says, I never got Anna and Finchy as a couple,"

      I did in the beginning, but not anymore! I want Finchy and RayRay back together!!!

      "Remember when Dr. O used to call her Scarecrow?"

      Yes!!!! Hahahahahaha! They haven't shown Dr. O in awhile. :(

  5. Oh dear god, I can't decide who annoyed me more, Mumbles or Maxie. Towards the end I was ffing them both. They were both just awful for different reasons!!!! :(

    Looks like Anna rips into Finn tomorrow, and I hope he stands up to her. Seriously, something awful needs to happen to open her eyes. I like Mufasa's idea that something (not fatal!) happens to Emma due to PL Pete.

    Val was excellent yesterday and I am thrilled to bits that he's not a Cassadine. hehehehe!

  6. I couldn't watch Maxie with Jax either, and only watched JaSam because Robert was there. I have to say the dialogue yesterday especially between Anna and Finn, and Anna and Robert, was really written. Valentin scenes and Nina/Ava also excellent! And yay no Carson yesterday!

  7. Who is Val's father? Could it be Luke, LOL??

  8. Wait a minute. Didnt the DNA results say Val was not related to Alexis? Well that could just as easily mean that Alexis' father was not a Cassadine. I dabble in genetic genealogy--what Val needs is a Y-DNA test comparing him to another male Cassadine.


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