Friday, February 14, 2020


Yesterday's Show:


WOW Michael Easton is amazing... 

Nina, Val and Ava. 

As soon is Lucas is well, enough, we are moving away LOL
Yeah, good try BRAD.


Nelle bursts in on Chillow while they are drinking wine post-sex and hugs Chase LOL  Chase "I think you just assulted me"!!  Nelle tells them Brad wants to take Wiley away. Willow's like NOT your business! Chase throws her out. Willow is worried that Brad and Lucas are going to move. 

Alexis and Sam are eating dinner at The Metro and Neil is there. Talking to Dr. O-who wants to have a session with him lol .

Nina and about themselves, and taking a chance..and yada yada.  I'm trying to like them. They go to his room and have sex. 

Valentin has a box of pain. AND SEES HELENA in a vision. She tells him it's all true. She also looks fantastic. Oh, Mekkos never knew Valentin wasn't his son . They talk about the codicil and the reason Helena messed with Lulu's egg was to get an heir that was her's and Luke Spencers. So, Charlotte is the granddaughter of both Hells and Luke! No wonder she's a handful. Valentin throws his glass at Helena and she disappears. He goes to the balcony and says some Shakespeare stuff. Alexis finds him and congratulates him on not being a Crazy Cassadine.."You got all of the smarts and none of the Crazy"... He's like Helena is my MOTHER tho! LOL He leaves..goes back to his room. 

Brad is visiting Lucas and he says there's a job offer in Portland for him. Lucas is like GREAT let's go! He would love a new beginning-- then Sam comes in. She thinks it's a great idea too! BUT...she can't be guardian because she's on parole and can't fly. 

Michael and Sasha in Kelly's ..she wants to go to Italy with the company.  Nelle comes into Kelly's and wants Michael to buy her shares, she's giving him ONE more chance. He says those shares are in probate, so don't get so happy. "You may never get them" she says she will. And tells him Brad and Lucas might move. He says no biggie because he has offices in Portland. 

Lucas calls Willow to tell her he has something to tell her
Valentin goes back to his room and Nelle comes in to sell him her shares of ELQ
Jax and Nina by the fire after xex. 

You can tell this wasn't a "real Friday" show--we are still so behind lol 


  1. OK, several things . . . How can Helena, who is a figment of Valentin's imagination, fill him in on the truth!

    And, I SAID earlier that Val is Luke's I CALLED IT!! (Of course, we don't know if this is really true. If it is, then he is Lulu's brother.) Wait, this makes no sense, am I missing something here? I didn't finish the show yet, so maybe I am . . .

    And Dr. Neil, AT IT AGAIN, telling Alexis that Dr. O is his patient!! MAJOR violation, NO therapist would do that, he is CRAZY . . .

    And I thought that Sasha was breaking up with Michael due to his family, what happened?

  2. So Val and LuLu are half siblings and they have a daughter. Ugh, that is too weird. I still say that the DNA results only show that Val is not related to Alexis. That could just as easily mean that Alexis' father was not a Cassadine.

    1. when I watched I didn't get that at all, Luke and Hells had sex??? I am a blonde and all (hold the jokes people LOL)...but I totally missed that. Wow...I for one loved the Nina&Jax sex. Great show yesterday. Wish someone would shoot Nellie. Real rich of her showing up at Chillows place. Looking forward to Monday, but what I'm REALLY looking forward to is tomorrow GOOD GIRLS is back on NBC!! Anyone watch??

  3. Nobody said Luke was Valentin's father. Thay said he's Helena's son and Lulu is Luke's daughter; therefore, Helena has a granddaughter who is part of her and Luke's bloodline. Val said Helena designed the child that way on purpose. (sick old broad. lol).

    1. I seriously thought we always knew that!! So,if not,what did they think before?

  4. Oh, OK, that makes more sense, I thought I was missing something . . . And, yes, Connie did look great . . .

    I really thought that Jax and Nina would go out on dates before they hit the sheets (or the sheepskin, or whatever that thing was on the bed. . .) I always liked the idea of them as a couple, though, since First Nina saw him standing there in the moonlight in a tux holding a glass of champagne . . . very romantic beginning!

  5. All this talk of Jax and Nina on the island, I keep thinking of Cynthia Watros on Lost--is this intentional? It is nice to see a really attractive, middle-age couple have a hot romance.

    Also, again, while looking at Hiney's CV, I notice that he should be around 50. So how he could be Anna's, who maybe is close to 60? And how could Valentin have been in his life when he was a child? I think that Val is supposed to be around 42. . .

    1. Hineys CV? What's CV? Wes Ramsey is around 43. Finola is 60 I believe.
      Vals (JPS) portrayer is about 52.

    2. They showed Hiney's resume again, he started kindergarten in 1974, meaning he was born in 1969, so he is 50. Again, if Finola is 60, how did she give birth to him? I don't think that, even in the show, her character is supposed to be 70. And even if Val is supposed to be 52, how did he rescue Hiney when he was a child?

    3. I often wondered the same. Even for a soap the age difference is a stretch!

    4. Wow.. GH is severely aging Finola and Wes....

    5. Right!? Are we not supposed to notice or think about it? 😳

  6. OK, sorry I am making so many comments today, just asking, as we didn't have a VD show today, I am assuming that it is because of the hearings, so will they show Valentine's Day next week?

    1. Yes,I was wondering the same and then Karen posted this wasn't even an episode for a Friday. While I was watching I was thinking, where are the decorations? Why isn't anyone celebrating Valentine's day? Lol!

  7. I was wondering why Valentin didn’t ask who his father was. Connie looks fabulous! I really enjoyed another CarSon free day! I thought the Nina/Jax love scene was beautifully done. Jax is just a such a joy of to have back!

    1. LindaV said... "I was wondering why Valentin didn’t ask who his father was."

      *** Valentin was obviously halluciating Helena and his brain could only put words in her mouth that he knew to be true or thought were true. He had no idea who his father would be if it wasn't Mikkos.

  8. For me the best part of yesterdays show was Nina and Jax. And when she was telling him how hard finding a man with all of his qualities was I was thinking of a new sitcom about a dad who lost his wife and is ready to start dating. With help from his friends he's filling out a profile for an online dating site and they're doing the same thing as Nina was doing about him and they say you're a Unicorn!! Lol! Which is the name of the show too. I think that's a better term than alien for Jax too! And...I watched it this past Thursday and Julie Bregman,who played LuLu at one time was on! Anyway,I too found the love scene between Nina & Jax very well done. I don't know how these actors keep it together in these situations! 😳😁

  9. Chillow home:

    Chillow and Nelle: Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: Okay I believe you just assaulted me.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There is no reason to hug him Nelle! :) Nelle is so freaked out about Jonah leaving hahahahaha.

    Metrocourt resturant:

    Alexis and Sam: Wow Sam is eating with her mother? I'm so surprised. Sam is not at home boo hooing over Jason?!!?!! :0 Neil keeps looking over at Alexis hehehe. Is that Dr. O that he is with? IT IS!!!! :) YAY! It's been awhile since we have seen her.

    Neil and Dr. O: Ohhhh Neil is her therapist. Interesting. :)

    Jax's office:

    Nax: A Nax kiss!!!! YAY!!! :)

    "Karen says I'm trying to like them"

    Awwww. But but but you liked them when it was Michelle Stafford playing Nina! :)

    Jax's home:

    Nax: NAX SEX YAY!!!! :)

    V.C.'s room:

    V.C. and OG queen Helena: Great scene!!! At first I thought Helena was telling him that his father was Luke. I'm glad that isn't the case. Whew. :)

    Lucas bedroom:

    Brucas: Oh goodie. Moving to Portland. The other day I can't believe that Brad acted like Nelle was his bestie!!! Why are you telling her that you are moving to Portland?!!?! GAH!


    Sasha and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sasha, Michael, and Nelle: Nelle makes Sasha and Michael scenes better!!! :) Nelle needs to follow them around everywhere they go! :)

  10. Valentin finds out his father wasn't his father and doesn't even wonder out loud who the heck his daddy is. Writers probably don't know yet either. And what happened to him being all twisted up and a stutterer. Surely that mattered to Helena.
    I don't mind Jax and Nina but being the 'perfect man' that he is a date or two would have been nice.
    How can Valentin buy ELQ shares she doesn't even own yet?
    It will be interesting to see how Brad and Nelle get away with this long baby switch story.


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