Wednesday, February 5, 2020



I hope Finn gives Pete a nice shot of something to put him fast, fast asleep. Peter leaves. Finn talks to Anna about having a killer around Violet. Then he finds out Robert doesn't know about  Peter's connections because Anna kept the evidence out of the file. He's furious. Good he should be. Why is Anna like this about Peter? Guilt? He might not even BE her kid in reality. Whatever. Finn and she fight some more. Finn takes Violet to school. He's not sure he'll be back. 

Sam and Spin. OMG I really hope her voice isn't like that because of nodes. She was talking about Peter and he wants to tell Maxie. She says no.

Jules and Brad. Julian is pretending to make ammends but he's up to something. OH He puts something in his coffee! THEN he daydreams that Alexis  is holding Wiley and she says "Brad got arrested for Opioid use and now someone has to care for Wiley"! 
OOOHHH...back to BAD Julian in a big way! Having fantasies !
So, we think Brad drank his coffee when he wakes up but he hadn't he was just tired. 
Julian gets him to drink it when he wants to toast their new peace. 

Jason and Sonny...Jason tells Sonny about the gunfight and that the guy is "taken care of". Carly bursts in and demands to know who shot at them. Sonny says it's ok to tell her. "Cyrus Renault"-- he's a drug king pin that does business with Russia. "you don't wanna be his enemy" says Sonny. 
Cyrus was transferred from Canadian prison to Pentonville. Oh the horror! 

Alexs and Jax. She's mad he didn't tell her about Nikolas. I like these 2 together.  She leaves. 

Maxe and Nina talking about how flustered Nina is around JAX. Nina says "we kissed" Hey, I finally love Maxie's outfit! 

Later, Nina sits down with Jax. I am so not into them. 

Nelle summons Martin Gray to help her with the living situation. Michael offers her even more money for her stock. She says NOPE. Not enough.  Then Tad takes her in the other room and says "you must really love Michael" ..she laughs in his face and says "for a lawyer, you're dumb" LOL. She wants enough money from them to never have to work again in her life. 

Does anyone know if Elle got the job?? If they are moving to  PC??


Brad answers the phone. Lucas is awake

Nelle says "let the games begin"
Sonny goes to visit Cyrus in Pentonville


  1. Realized today who Jeff Kober, Cyrus Renault, is. Love him! He looks different.
    Haven't heard a mention about Elle.
    First scene...Sam speaks. I say out loud..."seriously?". Could not understand a word.
    This baby story will go on and on. Sounds like Nelle has long term plans.
    Nice to see Alexis again.

    1. Who is Jeff Kober?
      No mention of Ellie...hmmm? Guess they aren't moving yet.
      I understood Sam fine, odd...maybe I had my tv turned up loud?
      Sick of the Wiley/Jonah sl....

    2. Sam sounded like she was straining to talk. Maybe getting over a cold? Violet and Wiley are so cute!!

  2. Nelle plans on getting Wiley/Jonah for sure.. First she said she's be too busy to work that is why she needs lots of money, then said "We" will be leaving Port Charles, parole or no parole.... Not surprised. I think we all thought that was her plan from the beginning. Once she gets the boy she will try to make a deal with Michael for more money I suspect.

  3. Chandler Mansion:

    Hiney and Finchy: Punch Hiney in the face Finchy!!!!

    Finchy and Anna: Argument!!! Are they gonna break up? I hope so! Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: Yeah call me crazy, but I am going to try to keep my little girl away from people who kill people.


    Anna and Robin: OH! Robin called!!! Emma is coming! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, Jax and Nina: Nina is babbling hahahhahahahaha! Hey I don't blame her. :) I would babble too around Jax. :)

    Maxie and Nina:

    Maxie: Nina you were so flustered you were on the brink of babbling.

    On the brink?!!?!?! No no she WAS babbling!!! Oh geez Nina!! Did you really have to tell Maxie you and Jax kissed?! So you are the kiss and tell type person eh? You should have just told Maxie that you really like him and that's it!

    Alexis and Jax: SQUEEEEEEEEE! It's been ages since they had scenes together! Oh Jax! I am so disappointed in you! You should have been a gentleman and not tell Alexis you kissed Nina! You should have just said you really like Nina!!

    Nina and Jax: What?! The kiss was a mistake and you want to be just friends?!?!!?! Jax you liar!!!! Tell her how you really feel! Come on man!!!

    Carson home:

    Carsason: I'm surprised Jason and Sonny let Carly in on the business!

    Jason and Carly: What Jason?! It's too soon to leave Port Chuckles?!!?!?! Uh no it's not dummy!

    Q home:

    Nelle and Lawyer Marty Tad Grey: Nelle doesn't love Michael anymore and she just wants revenge? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nelle's nose is growing. :)


    Spinny and Sam: Take Hiney down! Take Hiney down! Take Hiney down!!!

    Brucas home:

    Julian and Brad: I love it!!! Julian is so bad! I love bad Julian!!! :) I also love Brad. Karen and I love both Julian being bad and Brad.. What a conundrum eh? Oh my!! You think Brad drank the drugged up drink but he didn't. Oh he almost drank the drink but the phone rang! Soap 101!! :) OH MY LUCAS IS AWAKE!!!! YAY!!!!!

  4. Yes, Brad did not drink the coffee. I guess Julian has gotten over the guilts from almost killing his son.

    The writers should have mentioned already if Ellie got the job, seems like an oversight on their part.

  5. I'm very excited Lucas is awake! Will he remember what Bad Brad told him about Wiley? $20 says he has amnesia. :(

    Not sure I'm liking bad Julian again, and I was really cheering Finn on with Anna. What have they done to my favorite female spy? If I was Finn I would be calling Robert ASAP!

    1. Yes, I'm so tired of Anna in tears.I'm tired of the way the writers see older women on the show. I wish someone would smarten up and give us strong Anna again.

      I was cheering Finn on too but he was doing it because he'd do anything to protect his child too. Just have them find out Peter isn't Anna's kid and be done with it. There are more in depth DNA tests that can differentiate between twins. Robert should run it without telling Anna.

  6. Di, did they actually do a DNA test? I can't remember.

  7. I feel like we went from no show for a few weeks back to the mob. Where are Franco and Elizabeth? Don't leave TRACY!



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