Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Notes From The Wub Zone

I hope you remember me, I'm your Mama! 

WHEW! I'm not sure if they are editing things together to catch back up or I'm just not used to blogging and tweeting like I was. Thursday just about did me in! LOL I took a BIG nap!!

A  lot happened this week so..settle in..get your fave drink ready and let's go. I'm going to not only recap but I'm adding a lot of my own "if I wrote GH" in there as well. Here's hoping TPTB are reading!! 


I'm starting by saying that I've been loving the direction Dan and Chris are going with the show. Ok, the mob stuff is driving me a bit nuts but here's hoping it all ties together. What the BEST thing is?? They seem to be weaving things into nice quilts that I want to snuggle under. Jordan having a Taggert past that's complete with a secret they did while in the DEA and a dead ex-boss. You know the drugs will tie to Cyrus. Who else is tied into that? Brando and Gladys. Not sure how yet but-- yep.  Second point? Just like Jordan, Valentin is suddenly on my radar as someone interesting again. Oh? ELQ shares?? ! Delicious! Maybe he'll stop whining about Nina now!! Third thing?? Tad Marin Gray involved with-- Nelle--Valentin AND Lincoln? Brook Lynn's shady producer? Geesh!! You go !! 
So, that's where I at at the moment. Still loving the show. Still being surprised. Still wanting to come home and tune in. It's a good place to be. 


WAKE UP OF THE WEEK:  Lucas! Suddenly up and questioning Brad!! How nice was it to have all those characters in his room at one time!!!? I about fell over.  Willow coming in was also a nice touch because she too was getting so boring I couldn't deal. Her angling to get into Wiley's life via Lucas? Oh, devious--just my kinda gal.  Julian and Brad freaking out is also great. I'm wondering if Lucas knows the truth...? His face was awfully weird during those scenes!! 


MOBULAR VISIT OF THE WEEK: Oh.. how can we forget about Bran-DOH??  Well, right now I got nothin' --is he connected to Cyrus?  Maybe Cyrus is his Daddy? Although you'd think Sonny would have vetted that out before contacting Gladys to do Dev's bidding? He feels like a hugely un-needed character at this juncture (to put it mildly). 


MOBULAR PRISON VISIT OF THE WEEK:  Someone's in Pentonville, someone else is using the Bat-Phone. This time it's Sonny. Threatening Cyrus about staying away from "his family" yada yada. I couldn't help but think of ol' C eating him for Breakfast!! Why did he want to move to Port Charles? He said Personal reasons. Hmmm, I would love it if Dev was his son. Can you imagine?! Dev--A Mobbie Plant!! He fled to Turkey to get away from his dad-- but then his Dad found him and made him go back to hook up with Sonny. I can see it. 

MOBULAR MOVE OF THE WEEK: Stone-Cold putting the gun on the guy's knee cap to get him to spill. Then, I figure he killed him anyway. I just wish the scene was done more like a film. Dimmer lighting, great under scoring with music and single camera. A girl can dream, right? 




BITCHING ABOUT PETER OF THE WEEK:  Oh Anna!! Are you really Alex because --what the hell?? All of these hystronics over--- Peter ? When Finn told her Sam and Jason are working with Robert and her face fell? Well, I was happy! 


SUSPICION OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Dustin. What you got going? Here's my idea: He knew Dante way back in Brooklyn Days. Dante somehow contacted him and told him to keep an eye on Lulu. Would that be great? Dante still loves Lulu but can't be with her.  He knows this and sends Dusty in. That's why he's in so many places at the right time. Also enjoyed his scenes with Brook. 


RETURN OF THE WEEK:  HELLO Emma!! Holy wow!! You are grown, girl!! Why they didn't have Spencer come home while she's there is beyond me. Spencer and she can totally be Freshman to the 'big kids' Juniors.  Come on. Emma has to move to PC because Robin and Patrick are going to Africa to save the world. Or China for the CoronaVirus. You know GH has used this before. Keep up the tradition! 


WUBSY WOW OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Martin Gray!! You getting something from Nelle to sell to Valentin! He can wiggle his way into ELQ?? Thank you. More please. Photo credit: 


Taggert and Jordan have a secret and they both lied to Curtis
Nina and Ava are cautious Frienemies
Laura is worried about Nikolas and Lulu
Lulu is worried about Dustin and his "heroics" 
Lucas wakes up, remembers some but not all of his crash
Willow will be taking care of Wiley again
Brad is freaking out
Nelle rejects Michael's offer for her ELQ shares, tells Martin Gray to sell them
Valentin wants to buy said shares
Ned is not successful in getting Brook out of her record contract
Anna and Finn talk about her not coming foward about Peter
Sam wants Spinelli to hack into Peter's computer
Emma is visiting Port Charles
Nikolas and Ava have a deal not to sleep around--or with each other

NEWS AND NOTES:  Helena's back ... is she only a flashback due to the Valentin DNA?  Felix is back also- yeah! Maybe he's Lucas' private nurse? Oh lah lah!
Look for Sonya Eddy on the new Edie Falco series "Tommy" on CBS All Access. She's playing..a nurse!  Corbin Bernson is a regular on there as well. Carly's "dad" and  --remember him? 

If you don't follow @RealEdenMcCoy on twitter, you are missing out on some of her great candid photos!! Here she is with Ingo...title is : "Daddy Daycare"!! 

That's a wrap! Oscars tonight and I've actually seen quite a few of the movies! A Marriage Story, Knives Out, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Parasite. Knives Out is up for best screenplay and it was a fun fun movie.  My fave was Once Upon a Time because I'm a Tarantino nut and because it was so nostalgic and magical. HOWEVER, Parasite was a revelation. Wow. South Korean movie that blew me away. I think it's streaming now on Netflix. My son, the "expert" thinks 1917 will take it.  I'm seeing Harriet this week as well.  Yes, we loves the movies here!! 

See you next week! We have about 22" of snow right now--my deck is almost full to the top!! YIKES! 


  1. I wish I felt the same about GH as you, but once it goes mobular I tune out. I want romance. it does not excist on GH. also time for the gruesome 4 to retire.

  2. I really don't like the what they are doing with Anna. All the crying. I hope she and Finn don't break up over Peter. Remember years ago when Cameron and Spencer were fighting over Emma. Hope she and Cameron cross paths sometime soon. Where is Franco? Haven't seen him in a while.

  3. Great SS! I loved Knives Out, too and Little Women. Um, what exactly is Sonny transporting that Cyrus would want a cut-surely not coffee? I just wish Jordan was being played by a better actress. Bravo to Genie for no makeup and still looking beautiful. She is so good playing a mother. Anna is a big disappointment but happy to see Emma back.

    1. Cyrus doesn't want a cut of Sonny's business. He wants to move his drugs through Sonny's territory and he'll give him a cut of his profits in payment.

  4. Thanks for a great SS, kd. I liked Knives out too but I also really liked 1917.

    I saw Sonya in Tommy. (I usually give new pilots a try as some can be much better than the previews or the synopsis, or much worse. lol I like to make my own mind up. )

    I don't know why they have Anna crying all the time. Are the writers stereotyping older woman, or is she only receiving blood transfusions from teething babies! I want strong Anna back. Sonny's gotten older and has lots of kids. Are we going to see him weeping all the time now too? I think not.

  5. I think Cyrus is SASHA'S dad!!!! He said he had personal reasons for coming to Port Charles.
    OH MY GOSH - my Anna is a whiny baby all the time no way Finola is enjoying her character right now.
    I think Lucas IS going to remember but hasn't yet and will either play Brad or as I said months ago - he wants to keep Wily and they agree not to say anything - and Lucas becomes a dark character.
    CANNOT WAIT to find out Jordan and Taggart's secret but --- lying to Curtis was the first step towards the end of Curtis and Jordan, which is fine with me...they have no chemistry....
    It's unrealistic that Hayden a MOTHER would turn off all phones and no one could find her - ask Curtis to find her or Spinelli for crying out loud.

  6. Thanks for the great SS! I always hope TPTB read your blog.
    They do keep adding, and bringing back characters...with very few leaving. GH seems to be bursting at the seams.
    Happy that Lucas is awake...from the healthiest coma I've ever seen. All pumped and full skinned. What is that thing wrapped around his head? It has been months.
    I'm convinced that Wiley will be an adult when the truth comes out. Especially if Nelle stays true to her 'dream board', or whatever it's called.


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