Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Fightin' Da Flu

So, at least I got some Tami-flu to help me out. I also got a flu shot in October but with the germinations I'm around, doesn't always help lol 

So, Watching Monday's show... not dealing with the mobular stuff very well. I was loving the direction of the show and now? Meh. I would rather have seen Molly/TJ getting engaged and his med school stuff. BUT YOU KNOW... it's GH . 
Brando snarl-acts. That's all I'm saying about him. 
AND they are acting like Gladys set all this up! Sonny's the one that FOUND HER and was saying he KNEW her son DIED. SO all this reconning in making me pissed off. He also basically forced her to do all this.
AND Now he tells Gladys she has to tell Brando that Dev might really be his son??? Oh boy, I don't like this. I mean.. WHY? I would have rather have had Dev's real fam look for his ass and drag him back to Turkey.

Dev's "father" is in Port Charles. LOL. Okay. Whatever Does Dev have to act like his "dad" is suddenly alive?? PFfffffffft! 

Nikolas seeing Laura. He always called her "mother"...

Nelle calling Brad LMAO "BYEEEEE". Love her giant Pintrest board. Brooklyn and Nelle--perfection of the whole Soapy Genre!! 
Nelle mentions her missing kidney every other day!! LOL 



I love the Q house. Tracy and Ned finding Nelle talking herself in the study LOL Tracy wants to get "Daddy's Winchester". Michael tells everyone it was he who invited her and Monica said it was ok (off camera). 
YOU HAVE to watch those scenes, just hilarious. 
Tracy says she's going back to Amsterdam and Ned says he can manipulate her. 

Laura's awake and going to be ok. 

We get to see some guy getting beat up in front of Sonny while he yells. Ugh. Stupid. I GET the mob is totally part of GH but it was taking a nice backseat for awhile  He calls Jason to "come and finish up here" when the guy won't give it up. 

I thought Anna was having a nightmare about Peter but it was a game with Violet. He pretended to capture Anna and tie her to the stairs. Violet saved her. She talks to Peter about covering up the whole background. He talks about Jason being suspicious. Basically orders her around. I don't like this. 

Sam and Finn talk in Kelly's about mob life and Laura. Boy, I remember when their chem was off the charts. Now? not so much. 

Jax points out to Carly that Michael got shot in the head and Morgan died because of Sonny. Tells her to take the girls and get away. Sonny walks in.  Jax bitches at Sonny. Sonny bitches at Jax. 


Michael boots Nelle to the Boat House (cause the guest house burned up)

Jax tells Sonny he should turn sates evidence 
Jason gets out of the guy who's dying that Cyrus Renaud or something was behind the shooting
Tracy is leaving (sobbing) 


  1. If Dev has to act like his father is alive that means he would have to act, which this actor really can't do.

  2. Nelle says to Michael that it will be comfortable for him to be under the same roof with his ex-wife and temporary girlfriend. Michael said, "first of all we were never married..." LOL

  3. Not feeling great either and the way the show has taken a turn doesn't make me feel any better. Here we go with whiny Anna again. Protecting someone she knows is bad. I don't care who it is. I don't like this.
    I don't mind some mobness but there is too much pushed back and characters gone from view. All that time waiting for Franco and poof...gone. IMO they should write some interesting stuff for the fantastic actors they already have.
    Oh Tracy....please don't go. The Q's are the saving grace right now.
    The camera should never show the back of Sam's head while she is trying to talk. Why is she here again?

  4. if the gruesome 4 were killed off I don't think they would be missed

  5. oh, like this is the first time that anna was tied to a pole...

    anyway... where the hell is ALICE? she should be body slamming Nelle out the door and halfway down the front lawn. epic fail and missed opportunity.

    1. Oh that would've been soo much fun!! I loved Alice.

  6. My God...news break in, they couldn't wait 4 damn minutes! So did the gun man tell Jason who is behind this??

  7. I didn't see yesterday's episode yet.

    Q home:

    Ned and Tracy: Ned wins the line of the day.

    Ned: That's Nelle Benson. In our living room, helping herself to OUR breakfast, and talking to herself.

    ROFL! Wait Tracy can't handle Nelle and is going home?!?!! Come on Tracy!! This is not like you!!!! You can eat Nelle for breakfast!!!

    Michael, Sasha, and Nelle: Oh Sasha is living there!! Go away Sasha! You don't belong there!! Nelle has to live in the boat house HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe the tribbles can keep you company! :)


    Sonny, Sonny's man, and bad man: This was hysterical!!! Sonny's man was so exhausted beating that guy up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sonny's man looks like the actor Dean Winters from the allstate commercial! Geez Sonny! Your guy is so tired. Why don't you let him take a break and YOU beat him up! No no get the tribbles! Get the tribbles!!!

    Jason and bad man: Shootings!!! But they kept missing each other! HAHAHAHHAHA! When the bad guy went down, Jason looked so scared! HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Awww Sonny's man is dead. :(

    Bad guy: Cyrus!


    Carson home:

    Carly and Jax: Man Jax was really getting to Carly! It looked like she was about to agree with him!!!

    Sasha and Jax: Yeah Jax, nice try, but Sasha is not going to dump Michael. Too bad.

    Carson and Jax: Jax you knew that Sonny wasn't going to take your offer!!! He is too stubborn for that.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Hiney, Little V and Anna: I thought this was a dream hahahaha. I love it!!!! So much fun!!! Little V likes it when Hiney plays a bad guy ROFL!

    Hiney and Anna: UGH! Anna! Tell him that he is not your son! Enough with the boo hooing!!


    Finchy, Sam, and Scout: Oh look it's Caleb and Olivia from Port Chuckles! ROFL! I like Sam's white sweater! I am glad Sam distracted Scout.

  8. I agree with others, WE DO NOT WANT THE MOB STUFF!! GH was doing sooo well, focusing on other actors and other stories. Sonny has a giant family, and now they all are in danger? I don't watch GH to see mob violence, I want love, humor, families, compelling stories. They gave Carson an invisible child, now they have to go to this to keep them front and center? Can't they see that the fans were so happy when the show was concentrating on other stories/actors? WHERE ARE Molly and TJ? Where is Krissy? Julian also MIA. Let's get Lucas out of his coma . . .

    1. "AntJoan says, I agree with others, WE DO NOT WANT THE MOB STUFF!!"

      A lot of people like the mob stuff. I don't have a problem with it, as long as it's all a balance. If they are just going to focus on the mob and nothing else, then no I don't want it.

  9. Good show on Tuesday, but boy did some stuff have me rolling my eyes.
    1. Sam putting headphones on a grown-up Scout. What the heck for? Nobody can hear Mumbles anyway.
    2. Finn throwing a little shade back to Mumbles regarding Jason, and dangerous lifestyles while having children. Thanks Finn!!
    3. Sonny's instant nasty attitude with Jax. Don't want to see it, very tired of it, don't show it again. The mob crap was too much today.
    4. Nellie calling Sasha Michael's mistress. Who uses that word, especially since the said couple are both single. Sasha's expression was excellent!
    5. I would have paid big money to see Tracy with daddy's Winchester taking potshots at Nellie.

    Really would have liked a little more of Laura and my prince today.

    1. Julie,I replied to your post but it ended up as a reply to LSV422 and I'm too lazy to delete and retype so if you scroll a little you'll see 😉

  10. Jax has every right to be concerned about his daughter. Not enjoying this mob stuff either especially he guy getting beaten up. And what a joke for Carson to have to invisible babies there. Pretty soon Scout will be bigger than Sam. I don't know if Anna was being honest with Peter or just playing him - not good. Love having Tracy back!

    1. Tracy taking pot shots at Nelle just to freak her out would've been hilarious and so something she would do! That would've been soapy gold! Love Tracy and was sad to hear her say she would be leaving to return to a much saner life with Luke. Lol! When Finn came back at Sam with that comment I was thinking "Touche'" Good for you Finn. And the look on Sam's face was priceless!

  11. I know if I was Jax I would be considering taking legal action for Joss! But,then Joss would probably freak out about that. I can't believe Carly isn't pushing Joss out the door to be with her dad to keep her safe! I'm sure Jax has the means to hire some people to watch over her too. It was so good having Tracy back while it lasted. But alas she has to return to her beloved Luke!

  12. ARe Tracy and Luke still together?

    1. Tracy said she is leaving to go be with Luke.


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