Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Catching UP : Tues/Wed shows

Yesterday's GH:

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Oh Snap!! SAM!! LOL. didn't expect you to see Nelle!! "how's it going with Jayyyyyyyyyson"??? Says Nelle. Pfffft. 

Wiley has a cold... Willow is watching Wiley-- Chase is there.  They talk about her being guardian. 

Bobbie, Carly-Julian waiting for the party to start. 

Aw, "I sleep better when you're there" ..and STUPID Peter shows up to get beween Anna and Finn. 

Curtis and Taggs. Curtis asks Taggert about his wife an he says "ex-wife"!! Jordan calls aggert about the guy from NH that OD'd on the docks. 

Something somethig about Cyrus. Some warehouse thing--take over by Sonny. Yada yada. 

Awww, TJ getting the engagement ring.  Later he goes to the Metro and MOLLY IS THERE! bitching about her friend's wedding. LOL, being in your early 20s and everyone getting married is the pitts. She says wedding are commercialized LOL. 

Nelle shows up to the party at Corinthos! LOL .. love it .  She's my reason for living lately. 

OH! Curtis overhears Jordan and Taggert talk about the dead guy. Thank you for making Jordan interesting. I REALLY miss Vinessa tho. 

NOTE: Sam looked awful today...



TAGGERT AND MAC!!!!! Jordan can die-- and Mac move up-- and then Taggs be chief of detectives! 

Jordan and Curtis: he wants to know what's going on.. She won't tell. 


Sonny and Cyrus "Who says I'm going to sell your merch"?? 


Wiley with Willow. ALone because Chase goes to the Corinthos. Nelle comes over. Her hair is magnificent!  Fight Fight!! OMG.. it was glorious. 

Lucas spills it. Carly makes it all about her. LOL of course. 

Lucas!! LOL.. And Carly's all.."let me talk to him"!! Shouldn't your MOTHER ..the NURSE. She was SUCH A MOUTH TODAY-- She ruined the reveal for me.  HATED IT. 



  1. Jordan's office:


    "Karen says I REALLY miss Vinessa tho."

    ME TOO! :(

    "Karen says, Jordan can die-- and Mac move up-- and then Taggs be chief of detectives!"

    SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!! :)


    Sonny and Cyrus: Sonny just had to tell him about the warehouse that was sold!!! Sonny are you in love with Cyrus?!!?! New bromance!! SonRus!!! :)

    The warehouses:

    Jason and thugs: Awww Jason is bonding with the thugs!!! Oh he has a bomb for the warehouse!!! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!


    Cam and Trina: Cam has all the feels for Joss!!!

    Cam: I like Joss. I like her a lot.

    YAY! He admits it! Now go to Joss!!! :) Oh come on Cam! It's been 10 months since Oscar's death. Almost a year! You can tell Joss how you feel! Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Here. Let me comfort you in your grief.


    Taggart and Mac: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :) Besties!!!! Former Bromance! :) Great scene!!!

    Taggart and Trina:

    Taggart: I know you!

    Trina: DAD!

    Whoa! What the hell?!?!! What's happening?!?!?!! Did I just hear correctly?!!? Or I think I just had an aneurysm!!! When she called him dad, my jaw dropped and I said to myself huh?!!?! WOW!!!!! DAD?!!?!?! I did not see that one coming. Writers you shocked me again!!!!! Great twist!!!! I thought Curtis was going to be her father. But why show them in scenes together? Unless Curtis is the bio daddy and Taggart doesn't know? Hmmm. Who is the mama?!!?!?

    Trina: Oh this is Cameron. This is my dad.

    Awwwwwww. :)

    Chillow home:

    Chillow and Jonah: Awww taking care of him. :) I thought they were going to show him in the bath, since they showed him eating and food all over him. That little boy already ate his dinner, but yet he is still eating later after bath time! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Snack? But still. Wouldn't dinner be enough? ROFL! Adorable.

    Willow and Nelle: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Great brawl!!!! WOOT WOOT! The throwing of things was great too!!! Nelle won!!!!! GO NELLE! :)

    Carson home: BRAD SPILLED HIS GUTS!!!!! Great scene!!! I didn't have a problem with Carly! She was angry and had every right to be angry. She had every right to protect her son.

    Carly: WHO'S IDEA WAS IT?!

    Brad: Nelle. It was all Nelle.

    Oh Brad! Sure it was her idea, but don't act like you are the victim!! You went along with her plan!!! Oh Michael laid into Brad good!!! :)

    Michael: I don't care who's idea it was, you went along with it.

    EXACTLY!!! THAT'S WHAT I AM SAYING!!!! Go to Jonah Michael!!! Go to him!!! But then it will be too late. Nelle is gone!!! Oh can Michael and everyone have an adventure?!!?!?! :) An adventure to find baby Jonah!!! It's been so long since anybody had an adventure!!!!

  2. I'm loving so much about GH lately....except the mob stuff. Don't get me wrong,I was Team Corinthos back in the day. Trying to revise that NOW, just doesn't work in my opinion. Old mobsters just look like old mobsters and there is nothing sexy about that at all. Time for Sonny and Jason to pay for their sins. The worship writing must stop. Absolutely LOVING evil Nelle. She exemplifies soapy evil!! The Willow/Nelle fight over Wylie today was brilliantly done. Two women fighting over "their" child.Chilling!! BRAVO!! There were way too many characters and sets today to allow for the full impact of the Wylie reveal. Scenes were too short. That being said, the last ten minutes did it's best to pull everything together. And fire whoever thought Snarly should be the narrator of today's reveal. That was cringeworthy. Loved seeing Mac and Tag! Love Tag being Trina's Dad. Lots of story there to tell, I bet! Really wanted more of TJ/Molly from yesterday!! Hate they keep shelving them. And I just love Cam and Joss even though right now they are not even a couple. They SCREAM soap super couple to me and I can't wait until it happens. Looking forward to the rest of the week! :)

    1. "MatchbookGinny says, I just love Cam and Joss even though right now they are not even a couple. They SCREAM soap super couple to me"

      I agree!!! They do scream soap super couple!!!!!! I want my Jam!!!! :) Oh and great to see you here Ginny! :)

    2. I am also loving me some evil Nelle.That was more than a cat fight.I was half expecting Carly to pull out a whiteboard to explain what happened to Jonah. She has been wearing some unattractive clothing lately. People will have to enlarge their attics to store these children until they grow up.

  3. i think SONYA got the line of the day today when she said "Nelle won"

    well.... duh. did you think she would lose? this is nelle we are talking about.

    nelle reminds me of a scene from the movie Mommie Dearest:

    Joan Crawford: Oh, you lost again.

    Christina Crawford: It's not fair. You're bigger than I am, it's not fair to win twice.

    Joan Crawford: AH, but nobody ever said life was fair, Tina. I'm bigger and I'm faster. I will always beat you.

    Just plug in Nelle for Joan and pretty much anyone in Port Charles for Christina.

    Oh and Karen you are supposed to be on vacation!!!!

    1. And that's what makes it so predictable and know she'll always win. For a minute, brief as it was I thought Willow might but alas, nope just boring. I mean it was meow worthy but too predictable. And,since we saw Nelle looking through the window yesterday,and then Chase getting called away because oddly Saha thought he should hear it first,that pretty much said what would happen.

  4. "david says, i think SONYA got the line of the day today when she said "Nelle won"

    Hehehehe thanks. :)

    "Oh and Karen you are supposed to be on vacation!!!!"

    ROFL! She couldn't resist!!! :)

  5. Finally the reveal! Everyone was great! Of course Nellie had to win 🙄 I feel the tears coming when Willow finds out out about the baby...yes she gave him up, but he died. Still sad...

  6. She's going to be devastated! And on the preview for tomorrow they ask Brad who else knew. Wonder if he'll give up Julian or if he'll be too afraid of Julian coming after him. But,all in all I think the reveal is going pretty good. Hopefully tomorrow is even better.

    1. i loved Julian standing in the back. it was like a sitcom. I could hear him saying in a Phoebe Buffet voice "Oh my God. This is news that I am just now hearing for the first time...."

    2. David!! YES!! Julian's face was the best..I'm going to encourage people to go back and watch again and just look at him during those scenes!! ahahahaha. I think Chad did a great job too. I will mention that..I was going fast yesterday

  7. I so have to agree with Karen and MatchboxGinny about Snarly and her big fat mouth. Kind of ruined it for me, too. Michael was fantastic, and should have had more "talking" time instead of his hideously dressed she-devil mother. I was watching Julian in the background, he was killing me, lol!

    Loved the Willow/Nellie fight, very well done. I really wanted Willow to win but alas it had to be Nell.

    I was tickled pink that Taggert is Trina's dad, but man that came out of the blue! And Jason walking away after the bomb blew up was pretty good too, even though I laughed. :)

    I am so looking forward to today!

  8. Great show yesterday! Loved the Willow/Nelle fight - so well done! Wiley was so cute.I hate Nelle and don't enjoy seeing her smirking around. Trina's dad was a terrific surprise! Julian looked like he wanted to crawl into the ground. Michael was outstanding, too, but Carly should not have been the master of ceremonies. Her ugly dress was a distraction. So glad to see Brad's world finally implode. Jordan still has no personality. Can't wait for today's show which is something I rarely say.


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