Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Time's Up

I even gave you a silver cup for him!! 

You know you have a good week when your hands are all crampy at the end! LOL I was typing like CRAZY Thursday and Friday and I didn't even begin to convey all that was happening. I hope you watched!!! 

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Not quite sure how to set this week up to summarize EVERYTHING that went on. Lord-- so many things and the dialog that came in and covered history and hypocrisy and rage and deceit!! Squee!! I'll do my best. 


REVELATION OF THE WEEK: You know the one-- Lucas remembers all and-- well... it's suddenly over. Wiley is outted as being Michael's baby. HOW it was done was not my cup of tea. Wednesday's show was maddening. Carly would NOT shut up. This whole thing became about her? HUH? I get Michael was too stunned to talk but damn... in my mind, Carly should never have been in that room when it went down. Everyone then jumped on Brad but it was pretty interesting that both Carly and Bobbie passed off a kid as someone else's.. But that's a subject for later. Hell, I could write a book about all the baby switches, DNA hoaxes and baby kidnappings on GH! 


CHARACTER REACTIONS OF THE WEEK: I'm going to go through them one by one. It's the only way to summarize all the emotions. 


CARLY:  I'm putting her first because she got the most dialog during that first scene. So much so I was ready to mute my TV. I get she was pissed but my GOD--shut up woman!!! Thank goodness things calmed down Thursday or the whole reveal would have been a bust for me. Even on Friday she sits in the kitchen and insists that Nelle wants to hurt her..because ME ME ME. :eyeroll: 


MICHAEL:  Oh, slow burn going. Mom gave him time to process while she was yelling. I'm giving a kudos to Chad Duell for his confrontation of Brad. Very well done--haven't seen him like that in a long time. He was equally as good with Nelle, although calm as hell! Back at the house his struggle to let Lucas still be Wiley's dad was very real.  Telling Sonny that "blood isn't everything" (which he should know) was a nice touch. 


BRAD:  Left to explain the unexplained. Yes, I feel for him.. especially because Nelle just pounced on him when he was most vulnerable and stuck him with a big ol' lie. He's going to pay though so there's that. Just having Nelle opposite him in jail for 10 minutes was enough! Brad trying to get the truth out while being yelled at by everyone in the room was unsettling; exactly how that should go. 


LUCAS:  didn't hesitate to "do the right thing" and blurt out the truth. In some ways, it felt in character but I sort of wish they had had him hesitate a moment or two. Had some inner conflict about Wiley, Brad and his family. 


NELLE:  She was going to get out of town. What do you do? Go knock out the babysitter and then talk about your plans long enough to get caught. Dang it. She still was trying to save her ass right up until the last minute. Her brilliant idea to "frame" Brad for taking her baby? Something worthy of a sociopath. I think when they find the passports tho, that will sink her ship. 

SONNY: One thing sticks out for me that he said "Claim you son". Yep. That's a Sonny line!! "Claim" him--like baggage!!  I didn't expect anything less of him. 


JULIAN: Oh, he was the one to watch!! If you haven't seen it yet, just look at him in the background looking guilty and trying to be all innocent at the same time!! LOL.. He immediately goes home, pours a bourbon and calls his sister. Confesses all. The Jeromes are going to figure out how to save his ass! 


BOBBIE AND SAM:  That's it. Right up there. Those faces were their reactions. lol 


SORROW OF THE WEEK: Oh geesh, we knew it was coming-- Willow had to find out not only about Wiley but that her baby died. Great job here. She did exactly what I do when I get horrible news. I back up, push people away and try to hide. Oh it was heartbreaking to watch. Chase could only hold on for dear life. I'm interested to see where this is going to go as far as Willow confronting Nelle and then Brad. 


SECRET OF THE WEEK:  Jordan has some dandies! She goes to visit Cyrus and he's just ready to eat. her. up.  


FRIENDSHIP OF THE WEEK: Aw.. Mac Daddy and Taggs! 


BOOM OF THE WEEK:  Jason blows up Cyrus' stash. Him walking away with the flames behind him would have made Guza proud! 


BEST THING FOR WUBSY OF THE WEEK: Trina "DAD"!! When Taggert walked in just warmed my crabby heart! Oh it was so good.  Sydney is such a good actress and everything with Real just flowed. Cam was appropriately scared as well! "YES SIR"!!! Can't wait to see who Trina's mama is. We know Gia is her Aunty. Maybe we can get that whole family going! 

DROPPED BALL OF THE WEEK: What the hell is going on with Molly and TJ? Come on, spring for more than 1 day of airtime FFS. You get the ring for TJ then have Molly blab off about how much she hates weddings and.......and........? They aren't on again for the rest of the week? That's just plain insulting. 


CAT FIGHT OF THE WEEK:  You know what I'm going to say. Nelle and Willow. They went AT. it. Willow held her own! Nelle smashed her head in the end...only to sit around and talk and get caught at the last minute.


SO DON'T CARE OF THE WEEK: Brando. Nope. I got nothin' 


SPLENDID HAIR OF THE WEEK: Oh Nelle, you do look spectacular~~ !!


PROP OF THE WEEK: Wiley's little face on the passport. Hopefully it will come out so we can prove Brad isn't lying about that one thing. 


Brando agrees to go along with the Dev situation
Cameron meets Trina's Daddy, Marcus Taggert 
Everyone finds out the Wiley story and hates Brad (who is arrested)
Nelle beats up Willow and tries to leave the USA (but is arrested) 
Brook Lynn tries (and fails) to work at The Metro as a hostess
Valentin gets Nelle's ELQ shares (but did she use invisible ink??) 
Jax and Nina are giddy-pants after their night together
Lucas tells Brad he never wants to look at him again
Michael decides to raise Wiley and Lucas says a tearful goodbye
Carly wants everyone to know how much everything has to do with her. 
Peter is still crabbing and making Anna look like a schmuck. 
Chase tells Willow her baby died and she loses it on the floor of a room in GH 
Jordan visits Cyrus, she "worked' for him back in the day but was really DEA
Cyrus tells her he killed 2 of her team and only she and Taggert are left
Taggert and Jordan tell Curtis about their past; and manufacturing evidence to send Cyrus away. 


So, this week was something else. The reveal was interesting and exciting and yet-- frustrating. I would of course have written it differently (because that's how I am). Carly would not have been there for one thing. I was happy she mentioned her past with Michael and even called herself a hypocrite !! Spectacular acting all around; big kudos to Chad and Katelynn, he in his rage and she in her heartbreak. Not sure how I'm feeling about the Nelle in jail bit and gaslighting Brad but I'm hanging in there.  TJ and Molly was a let down but I do see that next week he finally pops the question.  
The biggest surprise for me is how much I'm enjoying the Cyrus backstory. It's almost done like one of my Brit Netflix series. You know, 2 cops with a past-- mystery surrounding it all. People winding up dead. Taggert is the lynch pin. Ties to PC past and now the present with his daughter. 
Excited to see where Valentin ends up because he's one pissed dude and also how Dr. O will play into the whole "Walker in the Woods"card. Hmmm.. 


Hope you enjoyed this week as well!  See you soon. I have had to take Motrin all week after doing my due diligence  and typing at break-neck speed! 


  1. ----I enjoyed Carly's reaction. I thought it realistic that Michael couldn't speak for a time. the other GREAT thing is that Carly DID say 'no, we are going in order', which is unusual for soaps, so it was told IN ORDER.
    ---- the BEST Line of the week that was so important was Jordan to Cyrus, "So you came here to get back at me and it had nothing to do with Sonny Corinthos"> HUGE - what a hypocrite Jordan is and I don't think she can act very well.....just saying.....and she is a horrible police commissioner.......
    -------This is NOT about Sonny and I am going to be angry if JORDAN and TAGGART blame HIM!
    -------Taggart obviously wants to warn Trinia's mother - of course we have never seen her....and did you read the Winter Dance is when all hell breaks loose from Cyrus?
    ------ I LOVED that Taggart wants Curtis to know everything -
    ----- A GUARD cannot remove a prisoner because a whiny woman says 'get him outta here'....that was so ridiculous....
    ----The mob story finally makes sense - and again it ain't about Sonny-----I DID like Sonny's line---'which is worse, revenge or for love', so I think Jason will figure it out and/or get Spinelli on it.
    ------finally - Anna is continually a pathetic woman that they have really we have NO strong females except I guess Carly and Ava!

    1. Thinking about the strong females--Joss and Trina are strong (young) females. Molly also. Monica is strong, and so are Bobbie and Lucy. Epiphany is strong!

    2. Speaking of Molly...they randomly threw in a minuscule scene of her & TJ possibly getting engaged. I loved how he got Jordans ring but then got sidetracked by Molly's declaration of how tedious marriage is. I was excited and then WTH! I just hope they redo this like front & center not just a random, thrown in SL. Because Molly is a legacy character and deserves it! JMO

  2. I didn't mind Carly either. She is who she is.
    The week was good. Moving along nicely. I am in agreement about Jordan. Emotionless.
    As fun as it is to watch Nelle at her sociopath best hopefully her Brad blaming will be short. I have thought this for a while...where is Dr. O. Maybe Nelle will be Cyrus' new protege of Pentonville!
    Everyone is doing such a great job.

  3. Great SS! I don’t find Carly strong, I find her obnoxious and loud. I think the big reveal, while a shock, should have been more pandemonium, and Michael should have led the way. He is no child who has to have his mother have her big say first. They really made it more about her than anything else. Just my opinion, too. Willow had the perfect reaction to her shocking news- great performance. I totally forgot Anna was even on this week. She is quite a disappointment. This week should be good!

  4. One of the best weeks I've seen on GH in forever! The Carly thing didn't bother me, I felt they used her as a kind of Master of Ceremonies, reminding everybody of how this whole baby switch played out. Led us through it play-by-play. I could have done without her saying Nelle was just out to get her, but everything else was spot on!

    Willow hit it out of the park, she had me in tears as well! Especially the part about her baby being all alone when he died. Heartbreaking.

    The Nelle/Brad in jail thing frustrated me. I think all the writing has been perfection these last three episodes, but if they go down a path where Nelle claims innocence and feigns victimization and is believed, they'll lose me. Totally unrealistic as everybody knows what a sociopath she is. And yes, there are those passports!

    Great to look forward to new episodes again! Thank goodness the impeachment interruptions are over!

    1. I agree I didn't mind Carly either and that is her grandson, so...for me it made sense. But yes the she's out to get me bit is old.
      My heart broke for Lucas and especially Willow, Katey gave an Emmy worthy performance. My heart broke for Willow. Chad was just as great!
      I hope they find the passports, wouldn't they be in Nellie's purse? Do they search her purse or belongings?

  5. Snarly once again made everything about herself. I'm just so over the worship writing. Lucas barely had any lines! That was just so wrong. The emotions that could've played out between Michael/Brad/Lucas/Willow had the reveal been actually about THEM would've been Emmy GOLD. Snarly's screeching narration was annoying and very distracting.That being said, Willow's heartbreaking scenes were spot on. I just wish it happened with everyone else present so she could've lashed out, then emotionally collapsed.

    Looking forward to how things play out this week.

  6. "SONNY: One thing sticks out for me that he said "Claim you son". Yep. That's a Sonny line!! "Claim" him--like baggage!! I didn't expect anything less of him."

    I don't really have a problem with the word claim. To me, that just means, go get him!!!! He is your child, so get him!!! Bring him home!!! A court appointed person should be there though.


    Poor Willow!!! :( The actress did a fantastic job! She tore my heart out!!!! :(

    "FRIENDSHIP OF THE WEEK: Aw.. Mac Daddy and Taggs!"

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'll call them Maggs!! :)

    "BEST THING FOR WUBSY OF THE WEEK: Trina "DAD"!! When Taggert walked in just warmed my crabby heart! Oh it was so good. Sydney is such a good actress and everything with Real just flowed. Cam was appropriately scared as well! "YES SIR"!!! Can't wait to see who Trina's mama is. We know Gia is her Aunty. Maybe we can get that whole family going!"


    "CAT FIGHT OF THE WEEK: You know what I'm going to say. Nelle and Willow. They went AT. it. Willow held her own! Nelle smashed her head in the end...only to sit around and talk and get caught at the last minute."

    This was NOT a dainty woman fight!! This was an all out brawl!!! I loved it!

    "SPLENDID HAIR OF THE WEEK: Oh Nelle, you do look spectacular~~ !!"

    I am in love with her hair! :)

    "Even on Friday she sits in the kitchen and insists that Nelle wants to hurt her..because ME ME ME. :eyeroll:"

    I really wasn't paying attention to all that Carly noise. I was distracted by that baby!!! He was all smiles!!!!! :)

  7. Loved the Sunday Surgery, and I agreed about absolutely everything. Great week, Carly obnoxiously hogging the reveal scene and ruining it for me too, the actress playing Willow being beyond terrific, (I'd like to nominate her for an Emmy please) and Jordan being the worst commissioner ever. I do need Nellie to be the victim of a murder mystery, and I thoroughly enjoyed Ava and Julian's chat on Friday. And I'm looking forward to Cyrus releasing a little more hell on Port Chuck. :)

    1. Maybe Nelle and Jordan can have a shoot-out and kill each other . . .

  8. I certainly hope Katelyn MacMullen sends in the the tape of that scene for Emmy consideration.

  9. It really was a serious rollercoaster ride this wk. I also could've enjoyed it more if Carly wasn't front & center. Didn't mind her being there but like others have said she really shouldn't have had really any part of the figuring out or questioning. I agree with Ginny,could've been a good opportunity for Emmy Gold for alot of actors. But Katelyn definitely should at least be considered if not win! When she likened what Brad did to her baby to that of throwing out and replacing an appliance I LOST it!! Soo good! And love that she didn't use waterproof mascara! And it stings like hell when you cry with mascara on! Lol! Chad did bring it too when he was allowed to. I was seriously simmering about Molly & TJ too but if they make up for it like Karen says then I guess I'll forgive. Lol!


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