Monday, February 17, 2020

Weird Day

It's time-- Monday! I'm off all week-- but I will be out and about Tues/Wed's hoping the Wiley stuff isn't spilled by then. 

Brook Lynn is the new hostess at the Metro. Lulu and Dustin are there. Valentin is there. Lulu goes over to bitch at him. Valentin says his legal name is Cassadine and he's not changing it or Charlotte's AND he has plenty of money to fight Lulu for custody. 
Olivia tells Brook to take a break because she's just on the phone all the time. 

Jax and Nina -- they liked the sex they had. Yep. Jax doesn't have food in the house--?? Um, ok? They have to go to The Metro and eat breakfast. Valentin is shook...looks like Nina is wearing Jax's shirt. He walks up to their table and says she'll miss him one day..yada yada. 

CarSon talk about Lucas and Brad leaving. Bobbie's happy but upset. Dev comes in. Thinks he should leave Port Charles. CARLY of all people says he needs to stay: Everyone would miss him! Joss! Mike! Avery! She'd even miss him!! (huh??)

Lucas talks to Willow about leaving PC. She's kinda glad they are going, she got too close to Wiley when they were here. He says they want to make her guardian since Sam can't be because she's a jail bird. 


Brad tells Julian he's leaving "who will you bully now"?? Julian's like.. um, ok, whatever.  "I still have my eye on you, even in Portland" says Jules. 

Olivia and Ned are trying to figure out who's buying the stocks up. 
Nelle gets coffee in the main Q room-- she says she's leaving town TODAY and will leave his family in the DUST. 

She later goes to Valentine's room to sell the shares. He says he's doing it for payback to Michael and Sasha. 

Lulu goes to the Metro to eat with Dustin. She decides to go bitch at Valentin instead. Oh, it's Brook's first day as the hostess there. Then, Brando walks in to talk to Lulu about the waterfront shooting and asks her to kill the story she's working on about it. She tries to talk him into doing one with her. He says no. He then goes to tell Carson about it and asks them what he can do to keep up the pretense that Dev is his son. 

Nelle gets money and fake passports from Valentin. she's going to take Wiley with her. 
Brando is going back to Chicago and Dev is going to boarding school--Carly's sad but says ok .he has to come home during the holidays. 
Nelle overhears Julian tell Olivia that Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland. 


  1. It was a weird day. I hate when they flick through one and 2 minutes scenes most of which are filler.

    Why would Lucas think Willow would, or could, take Wiley back? They've had him over a year. The adoption would be permanent. A birth parent can't just go back after a year and say they've changed their mind.

    And the scenes with Brando made no sense at all. He's going back to Chicago never to be seen again and Dev is going to boarding school anyway? HUH?

    And isn't Nelle on parole? She shouldn't be able to leave town at all. If she disappears an arrest order would be issued. That being said, snatching Wiley in Portland or while they're travelling would be easier than in P.C. Everyone knows her in P.C. and she'd never get close to him.

    1. this is port charles, where the criminals are above the law and make their own rules. case in point? Felon Jason and his gun. Basically, Nelle can do whatever she wants with little or no repercussions. Didnt eveyrone read my blog about Nelle in last weeks wubtub? EVIL ALWAYS WINS! (ha ha ha - evil laugh)

      Wanna bet Nelle kidnaps Wiley, gets caught, apologizes and faces no repercussions? The police will say "oh, that's ok Nelle. You go ahead and kidnap whoever you want. we will simply look the other way...."

  2. The hospital:

    Julian and Brad:

    Brad: Congratulations Grandpa!

    HAHAHAHHA. Brad would have won the line of the day, but Nelle wins it.

    Jax's bedroom: Nina checking out her breath before Jax comes in! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Pretending to sleep hahahahahahaha!

    Nax: GAH! I love them together so much!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt hotel:

    V.C. and Nelle: Oh my my my. :) Great scene!!! I actually thought that they were going to close the deal by kissing or having sex. I'll ship them!!! I'll call them Velle!! :)

    Carson's home:

    Carson and Turkey Boy: Damn when did Carly fall in love with Turkey boy?!?!!?

    Carson, Turkey boy, and Brando: Ummmm okayyyyyyyyy. This is confusing. *scratching my head*

    Lucas's room:

    Brucas and Willow: Wow Lucas can walk around now?!?!! Ummm. Yeah when Willow finds out that her actual son died, she is going to be so devastated!!!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brooky and Olivia: Have no work ethic do you Brooky?

    Brooky and Dusty: Brooky don't like Lulu judging people?!!?! Uh Brooky, you judge people too..

    Lulu and Brando: Wait wait wait! I am so confused. I thought Lulu and Dusty were on a date!!!!!!

    Lulu and Dusty: Okay they are on their date now.. :) Oh wait Dusty has to comfort Brooky?!?!!?! This date sucks lemons!

    Dusty and Brooky: Man Brooky is whining so much!!!! UGH!

    Nax: They are going to tell Joss that they are dating?!!?! YAY! :)

    Lulu and V.C.: Poor Brooding V.C. What will he change his last name to? ROFL! Oh he is going to keep Cassadine! WHO IS HIS DADDY?!?!?!!

    V.C. and Nina: V.C.! You two are over!!!! Valenina is dead!!!! Nax is alive and well!!! :)

    Olivia and Julian: Oh boy! Talking about Brucas and Wiley leaving to Portland!!!! NELLE IS LISTENING!!!!! Nelle wins the line of the day while she is talking to herself.

    Nelle: Not if I have anything to say about it.

    HAHAHAHAHA! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Kidnap Jonah you evil genius!!!! Then hey maybe that's when the truth will come out! :)

    Sidenote: On Batwoman last night, Sebastián Roach was on it!!!! YAY!!!!! :)

    1. I must have heard wrong. I thought Jax and Nina were going to tell HR they were dating.

    2. "Di says, I must have heard wrong. I thought Jax and Nina were going to tell HR they were dating."

      OH! Maybe I heard wrong!! :) I'll have to check.. :)

  3. I agree weird day. Carly telling Dev how much she and the family would miss him? Her voice was still full of snark and just an all around nasty tone. I hate it when she's "Snarly."

    How in the heck can Nellie sell shares that are tied up in court. This makes absolutely NO sense. Same with her whole parole thing compared to Mumbles. This too, make NO sense.

    Brooklyn is back to getting on my nerves, and really if I were Nina I would get a restraining order against Val. It wouldn't do any good, this being Port Chuckles and all, but he really is becoming a stalker.

    Jax and Nina were very cute! :)

  4. OK, so I know that this is a soap, but HOW can Brucas leave town like 2 days after Lucas came out of a coma? Lucas DOES have a job, he has to give notice, plus they have to sell/pack up their place, find a new place, find movers, etc. Just like weddings on GH, no planning necessary, I know it's a soap but it still drives me crazy. . .

  5. I agree AntJoan. And by the way, the Corinthos household is dead quiet, not a single toy around. And we are supposed to believe they have a baby and toddler in that house? Carly's outfit was hideous. Really happy Dev is leaving - hope it's permanent. He should be a model instead of an actor. Nina and Jax are cute.

  6. Sooo..Dev leaving or not? Is the actor done? And Brando was swoop in, save Carly,get out ASAP? It really was a strange day! And I totally agree about Nelle not being able to sell because it's tied up in probate and Lucas's miraculous recovery (I look worse with the flu)and split decision to leave PC. Was thinking maybe he remembered and decided to not say anything and keep Wiley. And getting away would make it easier to not feel guilty. But when I saw the promo for the revea I knew that probably wasn't the case. I am enjoying Jax & Nina. Loved that she was dressed casually for breakfast. Some thought maybe that was Jaxs shirt which would be really cute. Boyfriend shirt and comfy pants.

    1. I'm actually hoping that Valentin goes to vote the shares and finds out he can't because Nelle's ownership is still in doubt. lol Then he would have been screwed over twice. lol No money, no shares and years to wait for a resolution.


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