Tuesday, February 25, 2020


METRO COURT:  Olivia tells Ned she can't go home because Brook never showed up. Then Brook runs in, said she booked a recording studio and can't work but needs her paycheck LOL . Ned's like You worked ONE SHIFT! LOL she says she has to record her music. He tells her she can't because of the contract. Brook says she'll listen to herself, but she has to keep making music. Dustin comes in and says he'll listen to her.  Brooklyn gets a call and the studio is double booked. She wants her paycheck and a good schedule-- Olivia fires her LOL ... Ned says she can work at ELQ.  She wants her trust fun opened. Ned says NOPE.. get a JOB.

Over on table 3, Sam tells Alexis about Wiley. Julian wanders by and asks Alexis if she'll represent Brad! Sam jumps up and is like: OMG after what he did to Lucas!!?? Julian says Brad is still his son in law. He just wants a referral... and tells them that Nelle is telling everyone that it's all Brad's fault. They know Brad is telling the truth and not Nelle.  Alexis says he and Nelle are both responsible. He leaves. Then ALexis tells Sam she has to stay away from Neil for 2 years. "are you going to" ?? says Sam. Alexis is like: YESSSS! Sam "well, I'm not going to stay away from Jason". LOL. ALexis makes Sam give her a dollar and then says she's her lawyer now. "Tell me what you're planning". Sam says they want to find out if Dolores has done anything illegal and then they'll get her fired. Alexis rolls her eyes. 

Later: Brook talks to Julian at the bar. She tells him she remembers seeing Brad and he arguing when she first got into town. She figures out about the whole brake thing on the car. "The police never found out about that, did they"?? Oh I think she's going to blackmail him. That's a "Job" right? LOL 

Michael, Wiley and Jason..all looking like the same DNA pool ..they talk about Nelle and Jail. Jason talks to Wiley and Wiley has a giraffe, which is what Michael used to hold when HE was a baby and Jason talked to him!! Doh! 

CORINTHO'S KITCHEN:  Joss tells Cam and Trina about Wiley-- They want Joss to go to the Winter Formal because Cam wants to date her. Or something..you know, Teen Stuff.  I guess Dev is in boarding school. ?? That was fast. 
OH! They finally get Joss to go to the dance after she finds out Dustin is going as a chaperone! OH WE HAVE A total CRUSH! 

JAIL: Carly comes in to yell at Nelle ..Nelle tries to tell her Brad ripped her baby out of her arms. Carly's like: Save it. You're never going to see Wiley again!  They argue..Carly basically tells her if she get out of jail, she'll be killed.  Nelle says she learned a lot from Ryan Chamberlain! LOL Carly leaves, Chase comes in to talk to Nelle. 

Josslyn is at the Q house and happy to be an Aunty. 

Jason said going to visit Nelle was dumb and Carly played right into her hands. She can't threaten her. 
BrookLynn tells Julian she'll tell Sonny if he doesn't help her out. 
Dustin orders a ton of Pizzas from the Metro (?????) for the school dance. 
Chase pulls out the passports Nelle had on her to leave town. Ergo, she found out before she heard Brad. 


  1. Based on yesterday's show, but posted now because I just watched it:

    Oooh, it looks like a whodunnit Nelle murder mystery is being set up. Jason, Carly, and Julian all said they want and need Nelle out of their lives. And it was made clear Sonny will not be a suspect. Interesting.

  2. SURELY Devin is NOT gone so fast? I can only hope. I thought Brando was gonna hang around and be attracted to Lulu - or Lucas.......but you know Gladys hasn't been around either - HOPEFULLY that storyline fiasco was dropped!!!
    I guess Felix coming back is to see Lucas in the hall one day - like Felix is there all the time but we never see him or Amy and Danica.
    PLEASE PLEASE let Nelle be killed - great whodunit?
    AND because the pics of Wiley were used, VALENTIN must know the truth before it came out....
    Joss and Dustin - We ALL saw that coming........And Brook Lynn blackmailing Julian is stupid -the report was TOO DAMAGED to find anything so he should just say, "go ahead and tell Ned"......She is fast getting on my nerves.

  3. I haven't finished watching yet today, but I just have to say: Of course Nelle would come up with some preposterous story that Brad switched the babies, she lies like a rug. But no one is saying the obvious: How could she mistake a newborn baby that just came out, umbilical cord attached, etc., with a baby that was born several days earlier? Even if Brad supposedly took off the baby's clothes, it would not look like it just came out . . .

  4. A murder mystery involving Nelle? Gee.... where have I heard that before?

    From Psychic Dave

  5. Q home:

    Jason, Michael, and Wiley: GAH! A giggling baby is everything! :) When Jason was alone with Wiley, it reminded me of when Jason had baby Michael! :)

    Michael, Wiley, and Joss: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Glad she was told about Wiley.. Yes Karen

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    "Karen says, Over on table 3,"


    Alexis, Sam, and Julian: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Sam: You have a hell of a nerve asking my mother to represent Brad. Mom say something.

    Alexis: I can speak for myself. You have a hell of a lot of nerve asking me to defend Brad.


    Nedlia: Awwwww love! :) It's been awhile since they showed them together!!

    Nedlia and Brooky:

    Olivia: You're fired.

    Hahahaha. You got to find another job there Brooky. Maybe you can babysit the Tribbles. :)

    Brooky and Julian:

    "Karen says Oh I think she's going to blackmail him. That's a "Job" right? LOL"

    SURE!!!! :) That's a very good job to have! ROFL!

    Olivia and Dusty:

    Olivia: But you are still the guy who is sleeping with my son's ex wife.

    Which is none of your business Olivia!!! You are acting like Dustin and Lulu were having an affair while she was still married to Dante! Stop it and get over it!!

    Carson home:

    Cam, Trina and Joss: Are the Tribbles going to the dance too? I bet they are good dancers. :) Yes JOSS has to go!!! And then Cam can kiss Joss and they fall deeply in wuv. :) Sounds like back to the future! ROFL!


    Carly and Nelle: Ohhhhhh! Carly threatening Nelle!! I can smell a who done it coming.

    Chase and Nelle: Nelle you are BUSTED!!!! Now what? Ohhh she got a creepy look on her face!!!! Where is her memory board? I miss it.

  6. So, the dance, which is Feb. 18, is "tonight?" SO WHAT HAPPENED TO VALENTINE'S DAY? I know it was behind because of the impeachment, but I didn't think they would skip it all together! I thought I saw some kind of VD promo? Did they just cut out those shows? Or maybe they didn't film any VD eppies this year? But that would be kind of strange . . .

  7. Aaaannnnd Brooklynn is back to getting on my nerves. Sheesh, she is something else. Trust fund baby indeed.

    Yup, murder mystery. Need it now. Nellie is more insufferable than Snarly. Why would Chase bring HUGE evidence into the jail and hand it to the arrested suspect? Mac Daddy should fire his butt.

    I truly missed half of what Mumbles was saying. As usual. And her voice when I could hear it, sounded strained. Even Alexis was talking "lower" than usual because of her. Bah!

    Cam and Trina are still great, and Wiley and his eating.....? Adorable!

  8. I thought of all people Lucas should have been the one to go to the jail and have it out with Nelle, not Grandma. I couldn't hear mumbles very well either. Brook is bordering on obnoxious as opposed to spunky. Ah Wiley! Loved Ned's new do!


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