Monday, February 24, 2020

Paint Me

Time for the SHOW SHOW!! 

Michael tells Monica that Michael is his son. Great, another kid she has to take care of LOL Wiley giggles. Jason comes over later. He and Michael talk about the docks explosion.  Later, Monica comes back and they take photos. OMG such a cute scene!! Really cute. 
Oh, Jason tells Michael Nelle can be "taken care of".. dun dun dun

Corinthos Kitchen:  Giant MOSSS on the  counter . It's bigger than ever. Carly's talking about the explosion on the docks.  She says Lucas wants to be left alone. OMG we aren't going to see him until 2021 are we?? Jason leaves. Carly talks about ME ME ME and how Nelle is mean to her.  Sonny tells her to let Michael handle it. She's like "You know Michael, he wont' do anything". Sonny's being very rational. Tells Carly to stay out of it. AHAHAHA. GOOD LUCK

Willow wants to go to work. Chase thinks she should take the day off. She says she has to keep working. She starts crying because Nelle shouldn't be a mother and she should.  Tells Chase she wants to be alone. She leaves. 

Brad is in Jail..with a new spiffy denim shirt on and Jules thanks him for not saying anything. Brad's like: I can STILL blow you in, you know.   They argue. Brad says I bet you're happy we had that car crash.. Julian said it was the worst day of his life and Lucas "never should have been in that car" OH! WHOOPS! Brad is like WHAT? WHAT do you mean!!? Julian covers by saying he meant thank god both of them are ok. Brad tells Julian that Nelle is changing the story to make it look like HE did everything. Julian says they have to work together on this.  He says if he keeps his mouth shut, He will make sure he walks out of jail. 


Ava is getting her portrait painted by Franco-- she and he watch Nik and Liz talk at GH in at the nurses station. He's jelly--she's grinning. They go to paint... and Ava tells her that Nik and Liz had an affair. Oh! Then Nik tells Liz Ava and Franco had an affair years ago. 

Nik and Liz talk some more. They kind of make up a bit. both smile at each other. Cute

Ava still can't believe Nik and Liz had an affair. Franco's trying to draw her and says "look happier or people will think you're Helena Cassadine" LOL  I love Franco and Ava. Nik sees them through the window and is like: Hmmmm, will they have an affair (I hope?) 

Willow went to her baby's grave. She's sad.  Liz comes in and hugs her. Chase told her what happened and she figured out she'd be at the cemetary. 


  1. I loved that scene with Monica , Jason, Michael and Wiley. It was beyond cute. I love all the scenes lately when Jason is with Monica because you can just see the affection Steve B has for Leslie C every time he speaks to her. His hand on her back brought an instant smile to my face today.

  2. Wiley now has ELQ shares, too, right? I always thought it so dumb that Edward apparently included ALL the unforseen grandchildren/great grandchildren?

  3. The selfie scene was so good. It seemed so natural. Those Wiley babies are completely adorable.
    Jason is such a better character when he is alone. Consistently.

  4. That cute little "Wiley" keeps giggling. Someone must be doing something behind the scenes.

    1. Yeah the giggling made me giggle!! :) I wonder what they are doing behind the scenes!! :)

  5. That's right, it is twins playing Wiley isn't it? Like Avery?

    1. They always have twins playing babies as they're only allowed to work so many minutes a day.

  6. Q home:

    Jason, Monica, Michael, and Wiley/Jonah: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Great scene!!!!! Family selfie!!! :) Monica was having trouble so Jason helped her, that felt so real!!!! I love how Monica was smiling and was so happy to see Michael and Wiley/Jonah together awwww! :)

    Chillow home:

    Chillow: Oh oh is Willow suffering from PTSD? She should go see someone!! :(

    The hospital:

    Liz and Nik: DAMN! Nik was so close to her and the way she was talking to her, it's like he wanted her more than a friend! It really looked like he wanted to kiss her! Nik wins the line of the day.

    Nik: I mean who still writes letters?


    BobTodd and Ava: Ava is SO manipulating him!!! And look Nik looks jelly!!! :) Nava will fall in love! :) You can see it a mile away!

    Gravestone: Hmmm how did Willow find out where her baby was buried? And the way the snowy ground moved, it looks like a carpet! :)

    Liz and Willow: GAH!!!!!!!!!!! Willow made me cry!!!!! :(


    Brad and Julian: Awwww they are bonding over another secret!!!! :) A new bromance. :)

    Carson kitchen: TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I've missed you!!!!! :) Did you grow? Oh boy Carly! Listen to Sonny!!!!!! Of course she won't stay out of it Sonny!

    1. Sonya, Willow knew that her baby was passed off as Jonah and she knew where Jonah was buried as she's friends with Michael.

    2. "Di says, Sonya, Willow knew that her baby was passed off as Jonah and she knew where Jonah was buried as she's friends with Michael."

      Oh! Oops!!! I've lost track! :)

  7. Willow and Liz were the best, I wish the scene had been longer. I was boo-hooing right along with Willow.

    I was feeling a little sorry for Brad, but after yesterday that feeling disappeared, lol! When Julian was bringing up "the deal" Brad's little face got all crafty and sneaky, (kudos to the actor!) and I was done! And Julian spoke the truth that this is all Brad's fault. I will admit that I am biased as I don't want Julian in trouble. The endless threats from Sonny will do me in.

    It was great seeing the Tribbles again, they are reproducing rapidly!

    The selfie scene was so cute, and that Wiley and his smiles and giggles are absolutely adorable. :)

  8. Loved the selfie scenes - love that Wiley! Willow was heartbreaking again. Great idea to have Franco paint Ava. Still too much Carly for me. Michael is suddenly interesting now that he has a kid. Where has Joss been with all this going on? With the phantom Donna and Avery?

  9. Oooh, it looks like a whodunnit Nelle murder mystery is being set up. Jason, Carly, and Julian all said they want and need Nelle out of their lives. And it was made clear Sonny will not be a suspect. Interesting.


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