Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Another Recast Blog

Hello wubbers

A few months ago, Karen and I did a blog that featured our favorite recasts. Today, we are bringing our least favorite. Note: This could be taken in many ways, and we will explain accordingly in our picks.

Dave's Pick: Jennifer Bransford as Carly Corinthos 

Was she a bad recast? No, she wasnt. Bad actress? Definitely not. The bad recast part has to do with the fact that the fans didn't believe or accept her portrayal or her chemistry with the other actors. She essentially wasnt given a chance. She had huge shoes to fill (Brown, Braun) and they only gave her 5 months. Most recasts take longer than that to be given a chance for the actor to grow into the part.

I barely remember her. I think I wasnt around much at that time. But my brain tells me there might have been something off camera that happened behind the scenes. In 2014 the 3 Carly's reunited for the anniversary show. And she was left out. Again, not sure what to make of it, but it could have been something behind the scenes or maybe she was busy on another show or was invited and turned it down. (I'm leaning towards her being omitted)

This may have been a bad recast, although not necessarily for the obvious reasons.

Karen's Pick: Jacob Young as Lucky Spencer 

Not only did I love Jonathan Jackson, I was not ready for a Lucky recast at the point they brought him back. I wasn't in the mood to have some glam-boy playing my guy, especially one with Hollywood Teeth. (he did have them, so did Colton who played Nik at the time). Looks aside, he was young and didn't have JJ's acting chops. Having scenes with Constance Towers were just lackluster because there was no depth. Of course, Jacob moved on to The Bold and The Beautiful and I saw him briefly in his role when I watched the transition story. Much improved. But he wasn't Lucky. 

How about you?? 

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  1. I liked Jennifer Bransford much better than TB. I could not stand Braun as Carly. And totally agree about Jacob Young. He just wasn't Lucky and had no chemistry with anyone. He was a little better as JR on AMC, but not great in that role either.

  2. I didn't care for Jennifer B. either. I vaguely remember she was Carly having a nervous breakdown, which in my mind was ludicrous as the character was just too damn ornery to ever have a breakdown! :)

    For me, the worst recast was Lindsey Morgan (go figure!) who played Kristina. Blech. I had to Google her to get her name, but man oh man, I thought she was awful.

    1. Wardrobe sure did dress Jennifer Bransford absolutely horribly IMO:

      And this lol:

  3. IMO, some of the worst were temporary recasts such as the recast of Anna Devane after Finola Hughes was temporary fired and replaced with Camilla Moore from December 1991 to January 1992 until right before the character was killed off. Also, while I liked Sandra Ferguson on AW, she certainly was NOT Felicia Jones. TPTB really did significant damage to the character of Felicia IMO, by writing her as a horrible mother.

    1. Also, loved Jed Allen on Santa Barbara as C.C., but horrible decision to cast him as Edward Q. TPTB treated John Ingle horribly, who was actually a great recast of Edward since I absolutely loved David Lewis as Edward.

    2. i totally agree about jed. it was painful to watch him in the scenes when lila died.

    3. Totally agree about the ruining of Felicia's character, and same about Jed Allen. Great actor but so not Edward!

    4. "LiamAZ says, Also, loved Jed Allen on Santa Barbara as C.C., but horrible decision to cast him as Edward Q."

      I love Jed Allen!!! He was great on Beverly hills 90210, but as a recast Edward, no no he was all wrong for the part. They could have given him another part as a new character!!! I don't know what they were thinking.

  4. "Dave's Pick: Jennifer Bransford as Carly Corinthos"

    WONDERFUL PICK DAVE!!!!! That is my pick as well!!!

    "Was she a bad recast? No, she wasnt."

    Oh yes she was!!!!!!!!!! Very bad!!! It was so bad, I couldn't watch GH for months, until Laura Wright became Carly.

  5. JB was horrible but I couldn't stand TB either. Jacob Y was awful as was the Kristina recast. Wasn't crazy about Natalia as Emily either.

  6. Today's show: WOW! Parry Shen was terrific. And Chad Duell. The whole thing was done well. No panic, just discussion. Will Nelle be successful, or will this saga really end.
    Jordan is an idiot. Why on earth couldn't she tell Curtis. My wish scenario is that she is killed and Anna becomes chief and takes down Hiney.
    Sonny wins this one. Good for him.

    1. Yaaahhh...Finally a comment on today's episode. I couldn't believe no one had anything to say. Parry and Chad were great. Even Carly was great in those scenes. And the Willow/Nelle scenes were great too. Can't wait till tomorrow to see where that goes.

      Jordan is an idiot. She should have at least told him it had to do with an old case and she couldn't say anything about it right now.

      And I get that Sonny likes to crow but why tell him how he figured out where the shipment was. There's a hole that will be well and truly plugged next time.

      More exciting times coming.

      (I don't want to say too much or be more specific since people seem to be coming in
      mainly to talk about recasts. I'll wait till more comments drop.)

    2. "Di says, (I don't want to say too much or be more specific since people seem to be coming in mainly to talk about recasts. I'll wait till more comments drop.)"

      ROFL! I was good this time and waited. :)

  7. HOLY COW!!! Taggart IS Trina's dad so her folks must be divorced. WHAT does this mean for Aunt Stella's having DNA with someone from Port CHarles????? I thought CURTIS would be her dad.....Taggart is older than Curtis.

    1. Dang...I was hoping Trina would turn out to be Gia's daughter from her one night stand with Zander, making Cam and Trina half-siblings.



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