Tuesday, February 11, 2020


STUPID JASAM meet at #GH in an exam room-- Finn comes in to tell them about Peter. He makes them agree to tell the feds the INFO .. Sam and Jason say it's not the feds they have the deal with it's Robert. He finally agrees and they shake on it. He tells them the info. They figure out that Anna is the 'source"... 

At Anna's she and Robert argue about Peter and she opens the door and he's there. Peter's like "don't let me keep you" to Robert. Ugh, I wish Robert would kick him.  Robert leaves. Anna says to Peter that she knows he's a good man..changed and if people can't see that, they'll have to go through her. Gross. 

Kelly's: Lulu and Char are eating. Valentin comes in "PAPA"!! They talk about her horses. Lulu tells him to cool his jets about "running into" them.  They talk about custody and Charlotte listens to all of it from the counter where she gets a hot cocoa. 


Gallery: Trina wants to know why Ava married someone she thought was a ghost and was dead. Ava says they were old flames. Ava's lipstick is amazing today. Franco visits! Asks her about Nikolas. She wants him to paint her portrait for over the mantel at Wyndemere! LOL She poses and Trina takes a pic to upload then Franco leaves and she gets a pic of them kissing goodbye. Ut OH

Manor Hill (Whatever the place Mike is is called LOL) Brook Lynn wants to visit Mike but Sonny says he's not up to it. Mike walks out tho and knows Brook Lynn, talks about the Cirello side of the family --OH! he thinks she's Lois! Doesn't know who Sonny is. 

Friz are at GH and Nikolas walks up. Franco says from one Dead Guy to another they have to work things out. Franco yells at Nik about making Hayden leave town.

Later Liz tells Franco it's ok to do Ava's portrait, they need the money. (or could use it)

Alexis comes into GH to do a DNA test with Nikolas. She says that Valentin will never 'go quietly"  VAL finally shows up at GH. He and "natasha" sit and wait. 

Peter calls someone to call the DA to put Sam back in jail. 

Robert is going to take JaSam's info to the prosecutor to see if they can use it againt Peter--and it's the same guy Peter has in his back pocket. WELP! Yep, Robert goes back to them and says "Deal is off" 

Charlotte drew a mustache on Franco's sketch  of Ava. !! AHAHAHA She says that if it wasn't for "Certain people" Nina and her Papa would be married. Oh watch out Ava! 

Nikolas is happy Franco is going to do Ava's portrait I think he thinks they'll have an affair. 

Reason to watch? Brook and Sonny's talk about Alzheimer's 


  1. PLEASE PLEASE let Robert know that the guy is on Peter's payroll and playing them.Maybe Peter will accidentally harm Emma and then Anna would realize what a mistake she has made...THAT would be a good reason for Emma to be there, because so far I can't understand why she is there.

  2. Karen, LOL, Mike is at Turning Woods. . .

  3. I got the feeling Nik wasn't too jazzed about the portrait. Maybe it was just me? Loved seeing Franco, more please!!
    I still think Nik and Ava are going to have the sex. 😊😁🔥
    How stupid are JaSam, esp SAM! Horny much? You must really wanna go back to prison.

    1. Well she obviously doesn't want to be stuck at home with those kids she missed so much. lol Scout must be back in the nursery with the Q's.

      Franco was much calmer than he was before his ordeal. Not so childlike and annoying. His speak patterns are closer to what they were when Drew had control of him. I hope it lasts. I couoldn't stand the food gobbling starey- eyed idiot. This Franco is much better.

    2. I agree about Franco Di. And he looks very "refreshed" from his time off.

  4. Please take Sam back to prison. Jason is so different when she's not around, intentionally or otherwise.
    Not a fan of Ava's look. She's still fabulous anyway.
    Charlotte only drew a mustache on Ava's sketch. She can do better than that.
    So nice to see that handsome RoHo! And he's coming back to the hospital.
    Hiney is as annoying as ever.

    1. I'm not a fan of the overly bright lipstick either. To me it looks very unnatural like a call girl on the corner or a painted geisha.

  5. The hospital:

    Jasam: 18 year old Jason sneaky sneaky to 13 year old Sam. He is so logical and she hates that. Are they going to have sex right in that room? Damn! Oh they aren't. Well good.

    Jasam and Finchy: Hmmm more scenes with Finchy and Sam!!! :) Are they going to be a couple?

    Jasam and Robert: Oh boy! Plan is off!!! Why? :)

    Friz and Nik: Nik you are not trying hard enough to get RayRay back dammit!!! Come on!!!! Hustle!!!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Robert and Anna: They need to get back together, sooner rather than later!!!! :)

    Robert, Anna, and Hiney: Yeah Hiney, go away!!! You don't belong there!!! Robert and Anna need to argue some more and then kiss. :)

    Anna and Hiney: Uh Hiney? Those flowers look so fake! ROFL!

    Anna: Are you cheating on me?

    ROFL! No he isn't yet! RayRay has to show up first!


    Charlie and Lulu: Charlie knows about her papa and her mama hate each other!!! Charlie is way to smart for her own good!!

    Charlie and V.C.: GAH!!!! I love when she is excited to see her papa and yells out PAPA! And I love when he speaks French to her!!!! :) Too bad she doesn't speak it back. Glad she understands it.

    Charlie and BobTodd: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    Charlie: Hey I know her. She lives at my house now.

    BobTodd: What?

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA! And she just doesn't say anything else and sits back down! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Trina and Ava: Trina is the best!!!!! She worries about Ava awwww! :)

    BobTodd and Ava: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Nik and Ava: Oh oh now what are you going to do Nik with BobTodd and Ava?

    Turning woods:

    "Karen says, Manor Hill (Whatever the place Mike is is called LOL)"

    MANOR HILL!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! You win! :) I love that!!! Let's call it that from now on!!!! :)

    Brooky and Mike: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :(

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Sonny and Brooky: Oh oh she is touching his hand! Are they going to have a fling? They have chemistry.

  6. Can't argue with any of these comments, lol! PL Pete has got to go. Jasam were stupid and annoying as hell. However, for the first time in a long time I could hear Mumbles. Char is turning into the bad seed, and I still adore Trina. I'm sitting on the fence about Ava's lipstick. :)

    Brooklyn and Sonny were just fantastic. I wasn't a big fan of hers when she first came on, but I really like her. (The character and the actress!)

  7. The Brooklynn actress is excellent! I wasn't sure at first but she has really won me over with her talent.

  8. Yes, her look, her accent, just perfect! Sonny and Brooklynn have father/daughter chemistry, that is all!!



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