Thursday, February 6, 2020


I'm here because I took one more day off from work and the germ factory LOL 

Jordan and Taggert... I think Real is such a good actor.  OMG they have the file on BOB and don't think he died naturally. "Do you think it's tied to what we did years ago"?? Jordan says it could be "we said we'd take it to the grave"..."Bob did just that' OH THIS MIGHT BE GOOD!! I like! I like! 

Sam and Finn...I guess they are the "what about Anna" couple? WTF? They are back in Kelly's talking about her LOL Unless he's Caleb, I don't care. Sam wants information on Peter. Finn says he has none. Sam gets a call about Lucas. A little late but she gets it lol 

Sonny on the phone in the pen with Cyrus. bad.... I'm made a mistake yada yada. Cyrus stares at the guard, he leaves. Basically tells Sonny this is a 'negotiation". Says he can have 10% of the profits and he can keep his territory, he won't sell there. Sonny says nope. Cyrus says he has 'personal reasons' for moving to the PC area. 

Jason tells Michael about Cyrus while they are at GH. Then Michael gets a call about Lucas' waking up. 

Chase and Willow outside of Kelly's talking about Brad being mean to her. Wah wah. She finds out Lucas woke up.

Lucas' room. He's asleep. Carly Bobbie are there. When they are alone, Jules says to Brad they have to get their stories straight. Lucas then talks. Brad asks if he remembers anything about the accident. Nope, only right before when he came home. Brad is happy. Julian is thinking he's still going to remember. 

Laura's room.. with Kevin. Just boring talk about Lulu and Nikolas. Jason goes to see Laura. He says Sonny didn't know about this. She says as Mayor she can't have a mobular war in PC. Jason says I'll tell Sonny. Leaves
OMG Then Curtis comes in...he finds out about TAGGERT and that Jordan knows him and he's been at the PCPD LOL Curtis is mad

EMMA!!!! OMG she's so big! She's a tween or maybe even 13? GEESH!! She has like FOREVER 21 CLOTHES ON! :sobbing: Anna talks to her about Violet, then cries when she starts to talk about Peter. Finn comes home and Emma goes to visit Epiphany. 

Curtis goes to the PCPD. Jordan introduces him to Taggert. Taggs says he's just visiting old friends in PC. "We just ran into each other today" he says about Jordan BUT laura told Curtis they saw each other on the docks!! DUN DUN DUN

Finn tells Anna Robert is working with Sam/Jason to get Peter 

Lucas starts to remember flashes about being in the car and arguing with Brad!! 


  1. Cyrus...could he be Hiney's boss? He has ties to someone. More likely the drug thing that Jordan/Taggert have uncovered.
    Emma has grown into a lovely young lady. Just like her 'mom'. Nice to have this on GH.
    Happy to see Lucas return but a muscle tee in a sick bed seems odd. Looks like it was a healthy coma.

  2. The hospital:

    Laura's room:

    KevLar: Wait wait wait! Lulu is falling in love with Dusty?!?!!?! :) NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! :)

    KevLar and Curtis: Oh Curtis knows about Taggart and looks jelly!!! :)

    KevLar and Jason: Damn Laura has so many visitors!!!! ROFL!

    Police station: Hmmm so Taggart is not there to bring Sonny to justice?!?!!

    Jurtis and Taggart: Oh Curtis meets Taggart!!! OH WOW! Taggart lying?!!?!?! What is going on?!!?!?!

    Jordan and Taggart:

    Jordan: What if this has to do with what we did?

    Wait what?!?!?!!??!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!!? Okay I'm interested now in this storyline.

    Jordan: We said we would take it to our graves.

    WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?! Where is the popcorn?!!?!?! :)


    Finchy and Sam: Hmmm. Again a scene with them? Are they being chem tested? Are they going to be a couple? Sam is wearing her white sweater, and so am I!! :)

    Chillow: My Chillow heart. :) Hmmm is she going to be okay with her not being in Jonah's life?

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Emma: EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You look so grown up!!!! :) Oh boy! Emma just LOVES her uncle Hiney!!!! GAH!

    Anna and Finchy: Oh no they kissed and made up!!!! Yuck. Unless this is the calm before the storm.

    Lucas's room: Lucas is awake! YAY! Wow Lucas got beefed up! His chest is huge!!! Did he exercise while in a coma?!?!! OH HE IS REMEMBERING!!!! :) YAY! Well little by little though. Julian is skeered and Brad is calm. They switched personalities! ROFL!


    Sonny and Cyrus: Sorry Cyrus! Sonny don't sell drugs like you do! He sells coffee beans and fake teddy bears! :)

    1. I don't understand why Curtis and Jordan lied about only meeting today. He's an old friend and they were discussing another old friend's death. Why make Curtis think it's more than that.

    2. Me either. Curtis is now really pissed and I don't blame him. I agree with Zazu above, I bet Cyrus is linked to Taggert and Jordan's little secret somehow.

      Emma looked fabulous and SO grownup. God forbid we get to see the Epiphany/Emma scenes, lol!

    3. Di I have no idea, but this must be really big!!!

      "Julie H says, God forbid we get to see the Epiphany/Emma scenes, lol!"


  3. 2 months in a coma and Lucas still needs a bandage on his head lol. For something that won't leave a scar it's taking a long time to heal.

  4. Haha o/t remember Nurse Mary Pat? She gets around! The actress was on an episode of Mom last night. I forget what else I've seen her in? Maybe Greys?
    GH was pretty boring yesterday. Enjoyed seeing Emma though! She's 13 now! Growing up so fast! Glad Lucas is awake hopefully he'll remember soon and get this ball rolling.
    I also don't get why Marcus and Jordan hid the fact that that wasn't their first meeting??? That makes them look guilty of something. Hmmmm....

    1. That's who that was!! Couldn't pull it up. Thanks Michelle! 😊

  5. I loved seeing Bobbie, but I really wish Jackie Zeman wouldn't use that sing-song four-year-old voice inflection every time she speaks.

    1. I agree with you about Bobbie's voice. too cartoonish. jessica rabbit.


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