Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nelle-Point Counter Point Round One

Right now the debate between me and Karen (or is it Karen and I?) is about Nelle. The character. Not the actress. That needs to be made clear in the first sentence. The actress is phenominal. No debate there. But as for Nelle…

Death Becomes Her?

She’s evil. Now, I am not against evil. I mean, Evil Dead, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Resident Evil, etc, stuff like that. But it has always been my experience watching GH that evil always wins. Or, at most, has a setback and then triumphs again. Or, even worse, the person finds redemption. Now, we don’t want that with Nelle, do we?

Nelle, in all her glory, is evil. And she keeps on winning in every scene she is in. Which is fine at times because bad guys get to win every now and then. Just ask felon Jason and his registered gun. However, a good bad guy has to cross the baddie line and show heart every now and then. And a vulnerability. And desire to win both on and off the playing field. Nelle doesnt have that vulnerability. When she enters a scene, we already know the outcome: she wins. Every time.

The list of baddies on GH goes way back. And every one of them had a soft side and a vulnerability. All the Cassadines, Edward, Faison, Heather, etc. They had an Achillie’s Heel and do not win 100% of the time. Unlike Nelle. (so far)

At some point, she will have to be stood up to, taken down, Krystal/Alexis lily pond fight to get her to fight stronger for what she wants. And someone will. I hope.

What a kind old gentleman having tea with Susan.

Karen and I (did I get it right that time?) also threw out the idea of a murder mystery with Nelle and I am oh so for it. When was the last time there was a really good murder mystery on the show? That is not rhetorical. I'm asking you. When? For me it was Susan Moore, the Padme of General Hospital. You know, gave birth to twins, separated them, didnt tell anyone, had them surface 42 years later. It was Star Wars only on your television. What soaps tend to do is have a list of suspects, all contract players and then bring on someone no one ever heard of with little or no backstory and then make them the killer not to risk losing any main characters. Anyone remember Crane Tolliver? No? That's why. Scapegoat. Anytime soon, watch out for an orderly in the background to be given a first name on screen and bet your bottom dollar that you have your future murderer.

Here is how I see it:


Like most soap murders, there should be a long, long list of suspects parading a day or two before saying “I could KILL that woman…” etc. You know the schtick, complete with piano music in the background. And then we would see them handle a weapon. Monica could be at her desk and using a letter opener, Michael could be in front of Edwards gun case. Olivia could be in the kitchen with a big meat cleaver chopping onions, etc...

I think it would work for me if her murder is faked. Oh no, not like THAT! We had enough of that on this show. When Jordan arrives and is incompetent, she will see Nelle hanging from the rafter of the Boathouse and declare it a suicide. (We would only see a shoe on the floor and everyone looking up. No gore. This is Disney) With Robert on the scene, he starts noticing different things and when the body is lowered, Robert see a needle mark, a stabbing and a gunshot wound. He says “she is dead alright, but not by suicide…” (Did I say Jordan was incompetent?)

When Robert and the forensic CSI/NCIS/Chicago Whatever/Quincy tv show wannabies autopsy the body they discover the true cause of death and in what order she was attacked.

FLASHBACKS to the weapons. Now we see flashbacks where Willow walked in and talked to Monica and admired the letter opener and Monica gave it to her as a gift. Ned was also looking at the gun case, and when he walked away we noticed as viewers and imprint of a gun that is missing. Lucas visits Bobbie and notices a needle and insulin bottle on her table and asks her how her health has been with her diabetes. Later we see the needle missing from the table. I love red herrings and I wish they used tons of them with the weapons and who we thought used them. Then show what really happened in flashbacks. I live for this stuff.

Recreating the murder scene, Robert goes over the progression of the night. We see in flashbacks different people walking in and taking turns stabbing and hurting Nelle, most assuming she is sleeping, but not realizing she might be dead at that point. Julian walks in with intent to kill her and sees that she is already dead. He looks on the floor and sees a piece of paper with Lucas’ signature on it that Brad must have dropped. Julian, thinking that Lucas killed Nelle, tries to cover up for him and he finds some rope in the boathouse and ties her up from the rafter to make it look like a suicide. But only Robert has the "Clue": who did it and with what weapon (we know it was in the Boathouse).

(take it from there, Karen!)

Sorry, Dave-- you lose on this one. Nelle is classic bad-girl soapy goodness. Think back to Erica Kane. Not the "evolved" woman but the young one. Remember when she hid her birth control pills from Tom?? Oh I sure do!! Erica was manipulative, mouthy and had no conscience back then. Neither did Lucy Coe... or.. Bobbie Spencer. That gives Nelle plenty of room to do her baddie deeds and eventually? Turn out ok. OR..she could be another Heather Webber. I will accept that as well.

I love watching her work. I love how she sits on the edge of a Q chair with her legs crossed and a smirk on her face. I was very upset when Michael moved her to the boat house !! HOW DARE HE! I love she's also involved with uber under-handed Tad Martin Gray. Squee! I'm living for the day when she turns and says: Wiley is MINE@@@!! ALL MINE!!

I would like a nice murder-mystery involving Nelle. I'm torn because you know I want her on canvas. BUT alas, she's the new Susan Moore. I'd love for her to kill herself but frame Michael. Sort of a "Gone Girl" thing. She actually could pull off a disappearance, making it look like she died (blood and all) and has all clues and DNA lead to Michael. heh.
David, your murder mystery is a great one as well!! I guess we'd make a good writing team?

YOUR TURN!! What do you think? Do you like Nelle?? Want her to stay on canvas or be killed off? Do you like the idea of her faking her death to get Michael framed -then popping up later to laugh in his face!!?? Let us know in the comments!!

PS from Dave: If you EVER find yourself chopping onions with a meat cleaver in your kitchen like Olivia, chew a piece of gum. Chewing gum while chopping onions keeps you from crying. Seriously, I am not making this up. I learned this trick from Lucy's Aunt Charlene.

PSS. Wait, ROUND ONE!!?!?!?!?!?!


  1. I love to hate her, but agree that a good whodunit is needed to get rid of her once and for all!

  2. Would love a whodunit! I hate Nelle and though the actress is good I don't really care for her to the point that I would miss her if she was gone. My favorite mystery on GH of all time was the one where Lucy Coe first appeared. Lots of surprises there.

  3. Rather than Nelle being dead, which may or may not be permanent, someone should seriously 'gaslight' her so she goes way over the psycho edge and ends up in the same place as Heather. Murder mysteries on soaps are almost always just the way Dave describes.

  4. Yes, a murder mystery, and she eventually will come back from the dead. Great idea for someone to gaslight her and drive her crazy. Why is she always one step ahead? Isn't anyone smart enough to outsmart her? And Michael moving her into the Qs was just crazy, even the boathouse. He could have paid to put her up in a hotel to keep her away from Wiley/Jonah. . .

  5. I LOVE Dave's storyline! Red herrings galore!

  6. TOO clever, guys!
    Nelle needs to die - and have a problem is the actress keeps coming and going according to her whims - I don't like that -
    a whodunit - with the first person staying in jail for a long time and then another clue, etc. - that would be great..
    at this point Nelle has no redeeming qualities.....and it IS interesting that everyone is afraid of her - Sonny could have sent her away a long time ago. I don't want Michael stuck with her forever.
    we are ALL bored with Nelle

    1. Karen likes her LOL!
      I wouldn't mind if she bit it. Good actress but coming and going as she pleases, why did she leave in the first place? Did she realize the grass wasn't greener?
      Anyways...CDL...I was just over at Google and it appears the baby switch so may SOON be over. Thank God. Not sure how much to read into Celeb Dirty Laundry but next wk could be it??

    2. i read that too - very confusing - so Nelle tells and then leaves without Wiley? Does she blame Brad? and then I read - That Carly reminds Michael Brad and Lucas are the only parents Wiley has ever known and take it slow. WOULDN'T WILEY have shares of ELQ stock??????????

  7. I think it is Nelle's time to go! I see her and I know she is a great actress but it is so repetitive. I miss Lucy, Mac ( the head of detectives who does nothing), Scott, etc. give them something to do. A murder mystery would be great. They just write her so one note that you never root for her. Ava, has her issues but I always want her around. She is flawed but a sympathetic character.

  8. I just want her gone. A murder mystery would be great. And she was planning a trip today? Wouldn't her bail be automatically revoked if she left P.C.? She wasn't given a pardon.

  9. Nelle is one of the reasons I love this show. Just about everyone on here has killed someone somewhere. She is delightfully evil and I love it when she makes wimpy Michael cringe. The show would not be the same without the Ava's, the Helena's and the Heather Webber's! Even evil Franco can get redemption.The most disliked person on the show for me is the new Nik. He took Violet's mother away from her and let his Mom and son think he was dead for years.

  10. I agree with the "who dunnit?" and get rid of Nelle. Wanted that with Shiloh and it didn't happen.

  11. Ava's art gallery:

    Nina and Ava: Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: It leaves you free to pursue a relationship with Jasper........ Jax.

    ROFL!! The way she said it was GOLD!!! :) HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA! Okay Marilyn Monroe. :)

    Nina and V.C.: He still wants her back!!! No sorry V.C.!! You two are over!!! Get another storyline!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Finchy and Anna: More arguments!!!! Oh he moved out! YAY!!!! Hi little V!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu, Hiney, and Maxie: Hiney jelly of Spinny. Zzzzzzzzz. Maxie go away and let Lulu and Hiney talk alone!!!

    The hospital:

    Jasam: STOP! JUST STOP!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They are reshowing them from how they were yesterday!

    Delorus and Sam: Get Sam! Get her D!!!! :)

    Piffy and Delorus: Great scene!!!! :)

    Piffy and Jasam: Piffy and Sam walk in the room where Jason is, and Sam has the look on her face like she is 13 years old and doesn't want to get caught! UGH!

    Piffy: Your first duty is to your children!!

    YES PIFFY YES! YOU TELL THEM!!! Sam isn't going to listen to you though. All she cares about is her 18 year old boyfriend Jason!

    Jasam: Jason says Piffy is right!!!!! Sam doesn't care Jason! All she wants and thinks about is you!!!!

    Sam: Then I am going to have to find a way to silence her.

    YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN JASON?! All she cares about is you! She wants to silence Delorus!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Chillow home:

    Chillow: Chase comes home all hot from a hot room at work. Willow is wearing an ugly dress. The next time we see them, she is wearing something else, and so is Chase. Did they take a shower together or just sex? I'm confused. Yeah Willow you can't just work as a nanny for Jonah and then stop when it's best for him! This will end badly.

    Jax's office:

    Jax and Dusty: Jax wanting to know how Joss REALLY is, and Joss is listening in. :)

    Jax, Dusty, Joss, and V.C.: V.C. SHOOTS JAX! HE SHOOTS JAX!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh it's just a V.C. daydream whew! I was wondering if it was a daydream!!! V.C. only tells them he isn't a Cassadine.

    V.C. hotel room: V.C. in so much pain over not being a Cassadine. :( Breaks my heart for him. :( He is all emotionally when he is talking to Charlie. He is looking at his tattoo and is holding a box. I was thinking is he going to get rid of his tattoo by himself? Oh in the box is his Cassadine ring. He is drinking! He sees someone!!!! Helena?!!?! :)

    1. Oh that dress!! I almost spit out my tea! 😳🤣 How could anyone find that atrocious dress attractive? Good gravy!

    2. When Willow appeared in that 'dress' I wondered why she was wrapped in a garbage bag. Didn't last long anyway.

    3. Well, I guess I'm in a minority, I liked the dress, I think I need to give it another look . . . Can anyone tell me, I guess I forgot, who was Valentin's mother supposed to be before we learned it is Helena?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Heavens yes Sonya, Willow's dress was hideous! Lol!
    Mumbles looked 12 as she was chewing on her fingernail after getting caught by Pif. Would someone please (come on Delores!) get her off our screens!!

    I loved Ava and Neener (who might, just might be growing on me) they were great! I wish Laura would join them.

    Anna now deserves everything she gets. I'm done with her until she comes to her senses.

    Can NOT wait to see Helena, I just adore her. And yes, a murder mystery about Nellie would be fabulous especially if Robert figured it out like the old time Victorian mysteries, flashbacks included!

  14. More great scenes with Anna and Finn - terrific acting! The two morons deserve whatever they get for being so stupid (JaSam). The info they got from Finn really wasn't all that condemning - they really need more dirt. Despite the ugly dress Willow and Chase are just plain adorable.

  15. I guess I have a different perspective. I see a murder mystery, but not where Nelle is dead. I see that person being Willow. I could totally see GH doing a Diana Taylor redux, but with Willow, Michael , and Nelle instead of Diana, Jeff, and Heather. Michael figures out he's the father and Willow distraught over finding out the death of her child latches onto Michael and Wiley in an unhealthy way and ends up murdered. Naturally, everyone thinks it's Nelle who murdered her, but it will turn out to be someone else.


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