Thursday, February 27, 2020


Cam and Trina are taking selfies in the SUV... the goonie guy says they'll take a short cut.. and they say whatever. He takes a pic of them without them knowing it.  He later stops the car, locks the doors. Trina cries. HE takes out his gun and takes their phones. 

Jason and Sonny try to figure out how to stop Cyrus. They think Taggert might be trustworthy right now and might take him up on it. 

Carly finds a bullet in Dev's backpack!! She looks for them but they left for the dance without telling her. Oh she gonna be MAD!! 
She freaks out.then the door opens. Brando is there with Dev and Joss. He saw them leaving. Carly is like WHY IS THIS BULLET IN YOUR BACKPACK DEV?? He says: NOT MINE. They figure out Cyrus is sending a message. They also decide that Dev can't go to boarding school because it's too dangerous. 

Taggert tells Jordan about the plan to work with Sonny. She's not happy. He grumbles and leaves. Curtis says he thinks he might be right and working with Sonny could be a good thing. 

Jordan goes to talk to Sonny and Jason. She asks about how Taggert got beat up. Sonny says he has no clue. She says things better not get ugly in town. Jason asks her if she worked for the DEA before coming to Port Charles. Oh, he's figuring out Taggs and she know each other! 

Molly is at The Metro waiting for her big date for TJ..Alexis sees her and is all excited but doesn't say why. 

Later, TJ goes to the Metro and Molly is freaking out because ANOTHER friend asks her to be in her wedding..she's like GREAT Number FOUR dress I won't use! then she goes on and on about how marriage is male-driven and women were traded for goats LOL!! hahhaaa. She also knocks the diamond industry and how the guy proposes!  TJ panics and goes to stop the hostess from putting the ring in the dessert. BUT.. they are bringing it to the table before he can stop it. The ring is on the top of the cake! Molly looks at it and her eyes get big. He makes a beautiful proposal but she says NO. !! OH NO!! MOLLY, damn it I want a wedding LOL. 


Liz and Franco's anniversary. he gives her little clues to find her gift..very cute scenes. Awwww he bought her an art set and canvas and tells her to paint again!! Oh how nice. They are going to go make some love. Taggert comes over because he was supposed to get photos. He and Liz talk. Franco is like "How do you two know each other'? Liz says she knew Gia his sister. Taggs says Gia is an immigration lawyer in Texas now. He gets a phone call. Goes in the kitchen and gets a photo of Trina and Cam telling him where to go and meet up. 

Ok I have to write this up how it happened because it was really fast: 

Cam managed to get a text off to Liz-- she calls Jason
Taggert calls Curtis to come and help him find Trina on Vineyard Drive-- and NOT To tell Jordan. Curtis goes and tells Jordan a client called. 
Next up we see Taggert going into a warehouse. He asks to see his daughter. They bring she and Cam in...
Curtis is outside with his gun out!! 

Today felt like a real crime show. WOW..pacing was great. My heart LOL. LOVED it. 


  1. Good show. Love Taggert/Curtis/maybe Jordan working together for a greater cause.
    When Carly found the bullet I figured Dev picked it up at the last shoot out. Bullet in his backpack seems odd.
    Oh Molly. Yes or no we probably won't see them again for weeks or more anyway. A wedding would be nice. Like she does a complete reverse and goes bridezilla. lol

  2. well now we Dev ISN'T going anywhere and i guess Brando will move in too....wonder where Gladys is?
    My problem with Molly and TJ is that they aren't on the show enough for me to care about them and unless Molly blames Alexis for her fear of marriage, girls that age DO dream of weddings and if they don't, it's because they are JEALOUS of their friends marrying!

    1. I disagree, Alexis has always been a nonconformist and freethinker, as the actress is in real life, so it would not be unusual for her daughters to be the same way. When I was a young woman of that age I did want to be married, but I never wanted a wedding, never dreamed of a wedding, I thought they were disgustingly materialistic and vestiges of male privilege. When I did get married, we had a nice catered affair in my sister's backyard with female rabbi. My parents planned the whole thing at my request, I had no interest in the planning at all, I just wanted all of my friends and family to come together to celebrate.

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  4. Brandon must be DEA - or FBI - that makes more sense - no coincidence that he is there/at the warehouse-----he must be undercover like Jordan was..........cause eventually IF he stays, he will get with Lulu or Maxie I think.

  5. Did Molly get on anyone else's nerves? Just mine....ok.
    Friz were so glad to have Franco back, this is the longest I've seen him in awhile-I likey.
    Today's show was great! Although Jordan was annoying and I'm usually on her side....maybe tomorrow?

    1. "Did Molly get on anyone else's nerves? Just mine....ok."

      No no not just you. I wanted to tell her to SHUT UP!!!!

    2. Well, I guess I was in the minority here. On another note, LOVED Franco eating the fries, thought of you, Karen . . .

  6. Uber car:

    Trina, Cam, and Mr. Baddie: Man I thought Jason killed Mr. Baddie!!!! What happened Jason? Oh no! Mr. Baddie made Trina cry! GRRRRRRRR!! Mr. Baddie grabbed their phones and threw it out the window!!! OH NO!!! :(

    Friz home:

    Friz: Oh this scavenger hunt is adorable!!!! :) I love the anniversary gift!!! Awwwww. :) On the way to have all the sex, oh hi Taggart! :) Oh talking about Gia!

    Liz: How is she by the way?

    Taggart: Oh! Well she finally figured out what she wanted to do with her life. She got her law degree awhile back. Now she is an immigration lawyer in Lorado Texas.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!!? SHE IS!??!!?!??!!? That's a great update about her!!!! THANK YOU NEW WRITER!!!!! Oh bye Taggart! Time for the sex now. Oh after the afterglow she comes down and sees Cam's text!!! YAY!!! Did you notice the blooper? She dropped the phone hahaha.

    Liz and Jason: Oh of course! Saint Jasus gonna get his superhero cape and fly to save Cam!

    Sonny's office:

    Sason and Jordan: Now who is in love with Cyrus? Jason? Sonny? Jordan? :) Maybe all three? :)

    The hospital: TJ having eye sex with the ring.

    Neil and TJ: What is wrong with Neil's voice? Cold? Sore throat?

    Neil and Alexis: Yes yes you two. 2 years.. How many times are you going to have that conversation? ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Molly and TJ: Wow. Molly and her hate rant about weddings and marriage. Next she will rant and rave about men and how sucky they are. Molly wins the line of the day.

    Molly: Here's a goat, take my daughter please!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHHAHAHAHA! I'm dead! I'm surprised TJ had the guts to ask Molly to marry him after all that. I wasn't surprised that she said no. If she had said yes, I would have been shocked. I mean really, did you really expect her to say yes after all that hate rant she did? So now that she said no, are they going to break up? I mean this IS a deal breaker. He wants to get married and she doesn't.

    Carson's home:

    Carly, Turkey boy, Joss, and Brando: Noooo Carly! The bullet belongs to The tribbles!!!! They own a gun!!! TALK TO THE TRIBBLES!!!! Oh hi Sonny!

    1. Sonya, LOVED your line of the day, hysterical, and, unfortunately, true in so many societies . . . As I said earlier, I am against big, expensive weddings, but not against marriage. Molly, listen to me: You don't need a big wedding, marriage can be a wonderful partnership of equals, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE HIS NAME!!

    2. Totally agree AntJoan! About marriage and the the line of the day. :)
      I could sympathize with Molly, when I was her age I was in 3 weddings in 3 months, and had 3 dresses I never wore again, lol! I was not amused!

    3. I agree AntJoan - Molly is a free spirit like her mom and sister. In fact, Nancy LG is getting married for the first time this year! Of course we haven't heard her response clarified yet. I have been married more than once and never had a wedding - just not something I ever wanted.

    4. "AntJoan says, Sonya, LOVED your line of the day, hysterical,"

      Yes very hahahaha.

      "As I said earlier, I am against big, expensive weddings, but not against marriage."

      Yeah someday when/if I get married, I don't want a big wedding!! I don't want that music of da da da da and I don't want people to stand up while I walk down the isle. I am a HUGE fan of eloping!!!! :)

      "Molly, listen to me: You don't need a big wedding, marriage can be a wonderful partnership of equals, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE HIS NAME!!"

      Yeah she doesn't HAVE to take his name, but she should want to. But to me, I'm old fashioned on that aspect. :)

  7. Oh Karen!!! On soap central website, someone wants to know where the badger came from!!

  8. Great show! My only complaint was Liz calling Jason instead of the PCPD, puhLEASE!
    I was also very confused by the bullet at first not realizing it was supposed to be a "message". I also felt very bad for TJ, I sincerely hope there is follow-up scenes with them today!

  9. I thought Friz were adorable yesterday, mostly because Beck H. is so good and really underrated. Trina and Cam were acting like real kids especially when she started crying. Liz should have called Jordan. I still think she is such a wooden actress. And the big disappointment for me was Dev staying.


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