Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Ava and Carly. Ava was seeing Avery. Carly asks when she's going to introduce her to her new husband. She also tells Ava she knows her marriage is a sham because Nik only loved Emily and Ava is nothing like Emily. 


Cam is getting ready for the dance. Nikolas comes over. He and Liz talk on the porch and he wants to give money to GH and wants her to help him figure out where. He wants her to be his friends actually. She says, don't buy me with charity money, find my sister. He leaves. Trina comes over and looks stunning. Cam's like Um..huh..hi...Liz takes pics. Trina wonders where her Dad is. 

Sonny and Jason talk about Nelle--the baby yada yada. Taggert comes to the office and says they have a mutual problem. He wants to work together.  He tells them he was on the DEA team that took own Cyrus. 

Julian still tries to put off Brook. She says Sonny will believe her. She wants Julian to threaten Linc, her producer so she gets out of her contract.  He says there could be another way.  Ava and Nik come in. Brook and Nik go talk at the bar. (they are old friends). Julian tells Ava that Brook knows about the whole situation with Brad. She says keep her happy; for now. 

Laura's hospital room. She's going home. She wants to know who starting a mob war.  Jordan tells her about Cyrus. 

After Taggert leaves Sonny, someone is following him. He thinks he's sneaking up on the thug but doubling back but the thug has a PARTNER AND IT'S 2 AGAINST ONE!! OH NO!! Later he's in GH..and he said he got jumped but got a shot off and they ran. They dropped a needle, they were going to OD him!!! 

Laura goes to Sonny and basically says she's going to be involve in all of this too to help Port Charles. YEAH!! Put her right in the middle. She seems strong and ready for a fight! It's not just Sonny and Jason!! She basically tells Sonny their war is in low income neighborhoods and people are scared. Not happening on her watch. She says he needs to take care of it and she'll do what she can.  Also tells Sonny she won't hesitate going after him if he messes up. 

Carly tells Joss she can't go to the dance because Of the mob threat. Joss leaves with Dev anyway. 

Carly trips over Dev's backpack and she finds a bullet in there!!! 

The UBER driver for Cam and Trina is a MOB GUY!!!!!! EEK!! 


  1. Carly should have known if she told Joss she couldn't go, she'd definitely go.

    And poor Cam...kidnapped yet again. I wonder if he'll have more community service for letting it happen. lol

    1. "Di says, And poor Cam...kidnapped yet again. I wonder if he'll have more community service for letting it happen. lol"


  2. P.S. Some news about yet another new character.

    1. I hope this is Trina's mom - very strange that she has been on so long and we have no idea where she lives and have seen no parent up until Taggert. Of course it was the same with Oscar for quite awhile until Kim appeared. Liking the Taggert/Sason alliance potential.

  3. Friz home:

    Liz and Nik: Damn! It really looks like Nik wants to kiss her!!!!

    Friz, Trina, and Cam: Cam is wonderful gentleman to Trina! Liz you raised a wonderful boy!!! :) BobTodd slammed the door on their faces! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I thought it was because he wanted to have sex with Liz! But no it's their anniversary! :) Awww a present!!! What is it?! Is it a baby tribble? :)

    Carson home: Oh good I'm glad Ava visited with Avery! :) Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly and Ava:

    Carly: Do you know how many people have met their untimely deaths out there?


    Carly and Joss: Joss!! NO DANCE FOR YOU!

    Joss and Turkey boy: Man his sweater looks like it's dirty! :) WHOA! Joss that dress is so sparkly and beautiful!!!!! What? The tribbles made that dress for you? They are talented! :)

    Carly and the bullet: RA RO! Tribbles did you give Turkey boy a gun?!!?!?!

    Metrocourt resturant:

    Nik and Brooky: DAMMMMMMN! When Brooky kissed Nik, I saw and felt a spark!!!! They need to have a fling. :)

    Nik, Brooky, and Ava: Awww both of the lady's last names has changed! ROFL!

    Julian and Brooky: Oh boy! She wins!!!! He will help her. Can he do it? Will he succeed?!?!

    Sonny's office: BADGER BOB YAY! :)

    Sason and Laura: Laura is serious guys!!!!!

    "Karen says YEAH!! Put her right in the middle. She seems strong and ready for a fight!"

    ROFL! That is sarcasm isn't it? :) Cus um she was hurtin when she was in the office!!!

    Sason and Taggart: OHHHHHH! Join together!!! :) Temporarily though just to get the bad guy Cyrus!!!! Badger Bob can help!! Are Badger Bob and the tribbles friends?

    Outside Sonny's fake resturant:

    Taggart and 2 thugs: OH NO! OH NO!!!!! My poor Taggart!!!!

    The hospital/Laura's room:

    Laura and Curtis: She is free and raring to go!!!! What?!!?!? Doc is out of town at a conference?!?!! NO NO NO! He should be with YOU Laura!!!

    Cam and Trina's car pickup. HOLY CRAP!!!! WHAT A TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn this new writer is good! :) I saw a promo online of Cam running. So this must be why!

  4. Forgot to mention a couple of things.

    Trina: Awwww poor thing is disappointed her daddy wasn't there for pictures!!! I love Trina!!! :)

    Jurtis and Taggart: Taggart is okay!!!! WHEW! YAY! :) Oh oh a needle! Yikes!!!! I really wanted Taggart to beat the thugs up!

    1. I think I'm going to pay BADGER BOB to eat the tribbles. lol

    2. "Di says, I think I'm going to pay BADGER BOB to eat the tribbles. lol"

      ROFL! NOOOOO! You meanie!!!!!!

  5. I guess that bowl of moss has gone from recurring to regular status. Does it have its own dressing room? Carly's closet must have run out of flattering dresses to wear.The show has definitely become more watchable lately.I would love to know what kind of mob activity Sonny is involved with. Even Laura seems to accept it.

    1. "Gambilly33 says, I would love to know what kind of mob activity Sonny is involved with."

      Selling fake teddy bears!!!!!!! ROFL!

    2. I think he's smuggling in tribbles and other illegal plants. Those ones hanging on the wall in one of the coffee places definitely look like they were smugggled in inside an overheated and overcrowded truck. lol


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