Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Edward's Niece

Have you ever thought to yourself,

“Self, if I could bring back any character on GH from the dead, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their death, who would it be? Even with ‘it’s only a soap’ scenarios.”

For me, I would go with Alexandria Quartermaine. Why?

Well, she was only onscreen for 10 months. Seriously, look it up. A lot of people look back at Alexandria and think she was on a lot longer. Tracy left the canvas at that point and they needed a devious female Quartermaine. My misconception has always been that A. (sorry, I am abbreviating, writing that out gets exhaustive) was Alan and Tracy’s sister. A true GH fan knows that A. was Edward’s niece. 

She had decades ahead of her to wreck havoc with the Quartermaines and her time was cut way too short without being explored.

She froze to death with her fiance Tony Cassadine.

But what if an “It’s only a soap” storyline happened in 2020? WIth the Cassadine infighting between Nik and Valentin, and Helena (supposedly) dead, someone forgot to pay the electric bill on Cassadine Island and the cryogenic chambers got turned off and A. got thawed. (Tony would be a puddle mess on the floor. Not everything goes as planned)

A. returns to PC, same age as when she was frozen and reclaims her stake in ELQ and goes toe-to-toe against Tracy and Ned. Not to mention Skye returns and teams up with cousin dearie to take down Tracy once and for all. I can so see A. and Skye becoming fast friends/buddies/partners-in-crime.

HOWEVER… Death Becomes Her.

As time slowly marches on, we see that being frozen for almost 40 years doesnt do well on the body and she starts deteriorating. She summons plastic surgeon extraordinaire Grant Andrews to come to town to help her with her body, much like Bruce Willis’ character did in the movie. Her brain also has bouts of dementia and sometimes she thinks she is a 6 yr old girl, sitting on the floor playing jacks and talking like a toddler, requesting a playdate with Charlotte. Other times she is a 107-yr-old woman sitting in a chair knitting booties with 6-7 cats laying around. (Imagine Monica coming home to a slew of cats running around the Quartermaine living room and jumping on the furniture and mantel). 

She starts out great but just overall deteriorates over time. She is told that her body has less than 24-48 hours left. Lulu shows up and presents her with her copy of the ice princess she was given in 2013 during the ice princess rehash storyline. Through flashbacks, Alexandria reminisces about getting engaged to Tony and there are tons of clips of scenes from the Ice Princess storyline in the 80s with the Spencers and the Cassadines. She holds the ice princess and says "Look Tony, we did it!" And then she drifts away...

What do you think of my pick? Who would you choose and why?

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  1. Ohhh....This must have been the Friday ep that kept getting pushed ahead. I'm glad it's only Tuesday. Be sure to watch people.

  2. Finally....I won't be able tomorrow's episode til 7pm on Hulu, damn. I can't wait!!

  3. Replies
    1. I agree it was, but I have to ask, the man killed today, that Jordan knew who was he? Cause I don't remember seeing him on screen. This sl seems pointless. Oh and Sonny telling Jason that it's ok or whatever with that bomb, about the PCPD sure...they'll just roll over😂🙄

    2. So,I guess Jordan and 3 other cops went deep undercover to bust Cyrus's drug ring. The guy that died at the beginning of this is one of them,this guy who they found today who was never on before except for today,dead. Jordan called him to tell him about what happened to the other guy and he wanted to come check things out. So,the only two left now alive is Jordan & Tag. So evidently Cyrus is eliminating them one by one by making it look like they all OD. Yup,so far so boring!! ����

  4. Good episode! Finally! I'm really sorry that Finn isn't going to stay at Anna's. I hope it doesn't mean he's taking back the ring though. I like them. I guess Sy isn't one of Sonny's best body guards. Nelle was able to stay on the grounds and spy through the window. I wonder if she'll high tail it over to Chase's to grab Jonah? Hmmm. But I am sooo happy it's finally happening!! 🤗

  5. I haven't finished watching yet, but Sam sashaying out of the MetroCourt with no purse and no coat . . . Can't they even TRY??

    1. Then, when she got to Carson's, she had a coat, but no purse . . .

  6. And Sam’s outfit was really ugly. Nice to see. Only and TJ! Good show today.

  7. Speaking of Edward's niece, Alexandria, I posted this a few days back on DC. It was a fanfic I wrote a few years back that would focus on the back story of Tony and Alexandria - here it is (warning long post):

    I would have liked for one of Lucas's former gay or bisexual colleagues from medical school to show up in Port Charles to work at General Hospital and re-establish a "friendship" with him. He would eventually be built into the fabric of GH and insinuate himself into Lucas's personal life and family coming in-between Lucas and Brad. He would be doing so in order to get close to Carly to learn more about her. It would eventually be determined that he would be her real son that she gave up for adoption when she lived in Florida years earlier.

    His name would be James, but it would eventually be determined that he was really Jamie, Reese Marshall's (the real Carly Roberts) "son", the one who kidnappers "murdered" years earlier, according to the story she told back when she lived in Port Charles. Reese had passed him off as her own, but the truth would be that he is the son that Carly gave birth to as a result of her affair with Reese's father, Dan Roberts. Dan later would commit suicide over Reese's "death" (that Mrs. Roberts faked after Reese's accident after finding out her BFF Caroline and her father were sleeping together). Bitter over Dan's betrayal and subsequent suicide, Mrs. Roberts would eventually learn of Caroline's pregnancy with his child, making it a point to keep tabs on Caroline. When she learned Caroline was giving the child up for adoption, she would arrange to adopt him herself.

    To further complicate matters, it would be revealed that Reese's true parents who claimed to be Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, were actually Tony Cassadine and Alexandria Quartermaine, who had supposedly died back in the early 80's, but had faked their own deaths to flee Mikkos and the other Cassadines. They created new identities for themselves in Florida. Helena found this out years later after and threatened to kill Alexandria who institutionalized herself to remain safe. When Alexandria explained this to Reese (still going by Carly Roberts at the time), Alexandria forced her daughter to flee town with a new alias and raise Jamie as her own - this is the real reason she changed her name to Reese. Years later, Reese would actually believe that Jamie had been murdered which is why she never spoke the truth about Jamie to Carly, when in reality, he disappeared, was kidnapped by Victor Cassadine, and raised by him.

    Many years later and since Victor's death at the hands of Liesl at the Crichton-Clark Clinic, James has been MIA and living on his own, perhaps keeping an eye on his true mother's whereabouts in order to eventually exact revenge on her for giving him up at birth and setting into motion the events that would lead to his real father's and sister's deaths. His goal would also be to lay claim to the Cassadine fortune, as well as take over ELQ from his younger brother Michael (with the help of his adopted mother, Alexandria's claim to being Edward's still very much alive and institutionalized niece).This storyline would come full circle for Carly too as James would be exacting revenge she took on Bobbie for giving her up for adoption years earlier.

    In my fantasy storyline, I would have wanted someone like Marj Dusay to play a recast Alexandria since I thought she would be a good sparring partner for Tracy in the Quartermaine mansion.

    1. marj dusay was a legend. we recently lost her a few weeks ago. this was great fiction. thanks so much for contributing today.

    2. david says, marj dusay was a legend. we recently lost her a few weeks ago.

      Yeah we did. :( I was shocked!! :(

    3. Great fan fiction, I loved this! I had totally forgotten about Reese! :)

  8. Chillow home:

    Chase and Finchy: Finchy is making it seem like Anna and him are over!! I wish!!!! But no no he only means he isn't living with Anna anymore. Oh Willow gave him some advice about little V.


    Curtis and Taggert: Awww Curtis wants to get to know him. Will they be besties? They can bond over their bald head. :) Curtis confronts Taggert of the lie he told. BUSTED!!!

    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Jordan and TJ: TJ wants that engagement ring!!!! Oh he is worried about him mama and told her to be careful!!! Awwww sweet boy! :)

    Metrocourt Restaurant:

    Molly and Sam: Molly is helping a friend of hers with her wedding? HUH?! Is Molly a wedding planner? I'm confused. Oh hi TJ! Uh Sam shut up!!! She is acting strange. Telling TJ he is family and telling him unless there is big news you have!!! DON'T RUIN THIS FOR THEM YOU IDIOT! DON'T RUIN THE SURPRISE!!! GAH! GO AWAY!

    Molly and TJ: Ummmmmm. Well okay. Molly doesn't want TJ to make a reservation to a restaurant for only one night, because it's expensive. And that a marriage is an over commercialized event!!! YIKES!!! Then she talks about how marriages end in divorce!!!! Oh boy! It TJ going to change his mind about proposing to her?!?!!?! I wouldn't blame him if he does!!!!

    Sam and Nelle: Get her Nelle! Get her!!!!

    Sam and Hiney: Hiney, Sam doesn't want to be interviewed!!!!! Go away!

    Anna and Finchy: They act like they are broken up, but they are not.

    Anna and Hiney: Come on Anna! I can't believe you!!! Where is your instincts??!?!?! I miss the old Anna!!!!

    Anna: I want you to be truthful with me.

    Oh have YOU been truthful to him? About you not being his mother? No!!! So hush.

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Jason and Sonny: They are talking about Cyrus, and this property that was never for sale.. Nothing really exciting. They didn't even kiss!


    Jordan and Taggert: They were a 4 person team!!!! Another one of their team has died!!!!! His name was Mark Simon! First Bob, now Simon!!! Who is next??!?!?! Jordan or Taggert?!?! I hope Taggert doesn't die!!! :(

    Carson home: Brad wins the line of the day. He tells Carly,

    Brad: Can I have a moment with my, friend?


    Nelle and Brad: Oh boy! She is not going to give up Brad!!! She wants to say "goodbye" to Jonah!

    Lucas's family: LUCAS REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE REMEMBERS WHAT BRAD TOLD HIM IN THE CAR!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! :)



    When Willow and Nelle were fighting, I thought Willow was Sam! :) GO WILLOW!!! :)

  10. Another great promo!!! BRAVO!! :)


    1. this promo was exceptionally done

    2. "Delcodave says this promo was exceptionally done"

      Yes it is!!!! :)

  11. sonya, thanks for the recap today. we can use another tomorrow (weds)! Karen is enjoying her vacation. Thanks!

    1. "delcodave says, sonya, thanks for the recap today."

      You're welcome!!!! :)

      "we can use another tomorrow (weds)!"

      Okay!!!! :)

      "Karen is enjoying her vacation."

      I sure hope so!!!! :)

  12. Great episode yesterday! Karen is going to be SOOOOOOO mad if the Wiley reveal is today, lol!

    Sam's outfit was butt-ugly. Maroon and red together, with that 1980's belt? My eyes were bleeding. I just shook my head when she walked into the party and handed her coat to Michael who then handed it off to Sasha, who just stood there holding it the rest of the scene. What, she's the maid now?

    I'm kind of liking the intrigue of another dead Fed due to an overdose. I wouldn't mind Jordan kicking the bucket, (it would be a great story line for Curtis and TJ) but not Taggert!

    Anna is still an idiot. I would have changed my lunch date with old Parking Lot Pete and eaten with Finn. I would think by now Finola would be sick of crying or tearing up EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and say something to the writers or the show runner. They have ruined her character.

    After seeing the previews for today, I really hope Willow lays Nellie out flat!

    1. Yes, Sasha standing there holding Sam's flimsy coat, ridiculous! And, Sam wasn't wearing or even holding a coat when the left the MC! And, PLEASE, let all of the women carry purses! At minimum, we all need our cell phones, car keys and wallets!

    2. "AuntJoan says, PLEASE, let all of the women carry purses! At minimum, we all need our cell phones, car keys and wallets!"

      AND pepper spray!!!!! :)

    3. Absolutely agree about the purse AntJoan! And pepper spray? HAHAHAHAHAH!

    4. "Julie H says, And pepper spray? HAHAHAHAHAH!"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sure!!! The characters have to protect themselves somehow!! ROFL!


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