Thursday, February 20, 2020


Things I forgot yesterday

Gia is Trina's Aunty!! That makes good sense since they look alike! Yeah!! Who is her mama tho? Tagg's first wife he divorced when he was younger (not the one Jordan knew?? ) hmmm...

Chad Duell rocked it ..yes I totally admit it. Actors often suprise me and he did. His cool rage that started to build was just chilling.


Jordan and Cyrus.. "CALL ME CYRUS LIKE YOU USED TO" ........squeeeeeeeeee!! He says Jordy was his "right hand man'. These scenes are GOLD!! WOW.. He says she was great at her job and how are the 4 people she worked with. She says '2 are dead'... "you overdosed them".. Cyrus: Not my drugs, I was holding them for a friend." OMG he tells her she won't die but if karama comes for her it will BURN DOWN EVERYTHING she holds dear!! 


Michael spits at Brad "you WILL PAY"!! Brad realizes he told Nelle where Wiley is!! Chase and Michael leave. 
Everyone yells at Brad.. He tells Lucas NO ONE else knew about the switch....letting Julian off the hook. I think to keep him around to blackmail later? They call the police!! Bobbie says "it's kidnapping" Um, Bobbie, you kinda did something similar with Lucas but... whatever. Sam bitches at him. Lucas says they are done.. he can't LOOK at hi. 

Nelle has Wiley, Wills is still knocked out. OMG nelle is counting clothes, looking at the passports, JUST GET OUT! Geesh!!  YEP she waited too damn long because Chase and Michael come to the door as she's leaving. Nelle tells Michael that BRAD basically switched the baby and she didn't know. She was delirious and couldn't walk. Woke up with a dead baby. Mihael doesn't buy it. He finally gets Wiley back (Wiley smiles so cute). No one is finding Willow yet LOL 

Jason tells Sonny the deed is done. They talk about Cyrus. They figure out he's in town for more than jus tmoving drugs, must be personal. 

At Kelly's Cameron meets Taggert "um yes, sir, no sir'.. Taggert warns him about messing with his daugher. Great scenes! Taggert sees Curtis looking at him through the window, he confront him. Curtis is like "you and my wife"! Jordan walks up. She and Curtis go to her office.  

NOTE: OMG Taggert knows Elizabeth and he TOTALLY KNEW ZANDER, Cam's daddy!! Oh I hope it comes out!! 

Curtis out and out asks her if SHE'S TRINA'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! WHA?! LOL . She's liek "YEAH, I have a kid with EVERY man I've even been undercover with"!! SHe's like NO Taggert and I never had a relationship, it's all work. Then Taggert walks in and says they should tell him the whole story. He needs to protect himself. 

LOOKS GOOD!!! Willow finds out and Nelle tries to gaslight Brad in jail saying he "stole her baby".. 


  1. lol Nelle is now saying she just found out about Wiley and yet she has a passport for him in her pocket, with a younger picture, and a different name. She's digging herself a hole. And judging by the look on Sonny's face she'd better hope they keep her locked up.

    Chad was great again today. This just proves he can rock it when they give him some decent material.

    I feel so bad for Lucas. He's such an honorable man. I'm hoping he becomes Wiley's godfather now and gets to spend lots of time with him. (And they need to bring Felix back to help him through this.) It's also a good thing that Wiley has spent a lot of time with Michael as this will make the transition easier.

    I also feel really bad for Willow. I wonder if she'll leave town now too.

  2. Taggert said your Aunt Gia... what if Curtis and Taggert’s wife had a thing.... that would be fun.

  3. Since Trina's last name isn't Taggert I'm gonna assume he's her stepdad. Likely the only father she's ever known. So Curtis cld still be her unknown bio-dad.

    1. Oh!!! Taggart could be her stepdad.. Hmmmmm.

  4. GAWD I just hate Snarly. I've never hit a woman and will never, but if I was in that room, I would slap that biotch!!! What a freaking hypocrite. She had the audacity to tell Brad how bad of a father he was and that what he did was "unforgiveable". Girl needs a huge dose of sitting in the mirror to remind herself of how horrible of a mother she was and in many ways still is. Of course, she would only see LW's version and not
    the SJB and TB versions who actually allowed Carly to embody vulnerable qualities. Snarly, the woman who abandoned Michael as a child and later allowed her association with Sonny to get Michael shot in the head, and yet she chooses to continue to put her family in danger.

    Then there's whispering Sam the Slut (never forget), who has a longer rap sheet than most in Port Charles lecturing about bad parenting when every day she puts her children's lives in danger by choice.

    1. And, I thought about at least giving Sam a free pass since she had her son Danny switched at birth with Tea's stillborn son, but then I reminded myself of how she witnessed Jake get kidnapped, but didn't say anything and later hired actors to torment Liz and Jake in the park. What a whoreable person and mother.

    2. You go LiamAZ! Couldn't agree more about EVERYTHING you said!

  5. was sam and jason supposed to be in the same room?

  6. Good show today. I really thought Nelle might get away with Wiley. Glad I was wrong.
    David...I thought the same thing about Sam/Jason. Also wondered why Chase wasn't running around the apartment looking for Willow. Just little things.
    I like Jordan having ties with Cyrus. I always liked him. Excellent slimeball always. It was funny when Curtis asked her about Trina.

  7. Ya know, I can take Carly, that's her damn grandson but when Sam starts mouthing off stfu. LOL!! Last 2 days have been great! So glad it's out and Michael has his son, I'm gonna bawl like a baby for Willow when she finds out the baby she gave up is actually dead. 😓
    Love that Taggert is Trina's dad but wonder who her mom is? Looking forward to tomorrow. On vacation next wk so get to watch live in between unpacking boxes from my move.

  8. Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Jason: Shop talk!!! Will someone please call Sonny and tell him what is going on with Michael and his son!!!! Oh geez Sam why call Jason? You should have called Sonny!!! He IS the grandfather you idiot!


    Jordan and Cyrus: Oh my my my! They know each other!! :) Have they ever slept together? :) Oh nope. I love their scenes today. Very interesting.

    Cyrus: Those drugs weren't mine. I was holding them for a friend.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but then Nelle wins it.


    Cam, Taggart, and Trina: I so love the banter between Taggart and Trina!!! :) So fun!!! :) Love how protective he is for his daughter. Love how Cam was so nervous! Love how he kept calling him sir!!! Good boy! :) Love how Trina told him to stop calling him sir! ROFL! Faith Roscoe!!!! :) Will Taggart talk to Cam about Zander? Oh I hope so!!!! Oh oh Taggart sees Curtis!!! OOPS!

    Taggart, Curtis and Jordan: Oh boy! They really really need to talk!!!!

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Yeah good question Jordan! Is Trina your daughter?! Undercover babies?! ROFL!

    Taggart and Jurtis: YES!!!! Time to spill all to Curtis!!!!! And to us! :)

    Chillow's home:

    Jonah and Nelle: COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Hurry Nelle!!!!! Get going!!!! You are taking too long!!! GO GO GO GO GO!!

    Jonah, Nelle, Michael, and Chase: Oh dammit!!!! I guess no long adventure.. Crap!!! Nelle and her lying! Your nose is growing Nelle!! I'm glad Michael doesn't believe her. Oh Chase finds Willow! :) Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: Bye Willow.


    Carson's home: So glad Bobbie finally said something! Brad was arrested!!!!!

    Brad: If there is any part that understands that, JUST LOOK AT ME!

    Dammit after Brad said that, I cried!!! Brad your marriage is over!!!! :(

    1. Bye Willow! Lordy, you and I died at the same time! I was just howling when she said that!

  9. Great day! I was so glad they remembered what Carly did to Michael. She needs to shut up. Wiley was so adorable with Michael. I’ve read that Chad isn’t comfortable working with babies, but that little smile was everything. Lucas is such a good guy-wait until he eventually finds out about his dad being part of this. Poor Willow-I really like her character. I was wondering when they were going to look around for her. Cyrus is so smarmy! Loved the Taggert/Trina/Cam scenes.

  10. Just like everyone else...great show yesterday!

    Why oh why was Jordan not confiding in Curtis and Taggart had to come in to convince her to talk? That made her look more stupid than usual. Cyrus is wonderfully smarmy, I love that actor!

    I agree with Sonya, I would love a conversation with Taggart and Cam about Zander, and yes, we all need to reminisce about Faith. I was quite fond of that evil-doer!

    I'll probably get a little teary eyed when Willow finds out about Wiley, the previews looked a little devastating for her.

  11. yes DAVID Sam and Jason CAN'T BE in the same space!! LOL WHERE WAS DOLORES WHEN YOU NEED HER?? Man! I didn't even think Trina's last name isn't Taggert--or maybe her mom changed it after the divorce? You usually don't do that-but?? Maybe it was a hypen and she dropped the Taggert lol


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