Friday, February 21, 2020

I have Carpal Tunnel

OMG SO MUCH is happening!! My typing hands are going to need some motrin lol 


Jordan and Taggert tell Cyrus about their undercover ops. That 2 of their team are dead and they are in danger. Curtis tells them to call Anna. They say NO! HE thinks they are still hiding something-- Jordan says they are!! She gives Curtis Cyrus' folder. Said she visited him in Jail. Both Curtis and Taggert freak out. Taggert eventually leaves. 

Lucas takes Wiley in for a snack and he chokes up.. gah!!!!!!! Michael says it's not his fault. Also tells Carly to go in and be with Lucas now because he's going to need her. gah. Michael talks to Sonny about Wiley only knowing his Dads..Sonny says he'll know Micahel and Michael loves him because he's his father. Michael says "we aren't blood and you loved me". Michael is concerned taking Wiley away from Lucas right now if that's the only home he has known. OMG MICHAEL So mature !! Such a NON-CORINTHOS answer!! You are not a Corinthos for sure!  Sonny tells him he has to "claim" Michael now--yada yada. Michael finally agrees. The scenes where Lucas gives up Wiley are just.......:SOBBING: 

Brad and Nelle are in jail together. Nelle says to Brad "You are despicable" .. she's going to try to gaslight him!!! She says that HE took her baby out of her arms and left her there. This is for the benefit of the guard standing there. She keeps saying she was alone. Brad reminds her that Dr. O was in the woods too. She says she doesn't remember that. The guard is listening --she tells the guard that Brad is antagonizing her and to remove him. The guard believes Nelle and takes Brad out! !

WILLOW.......oy vey. WILLLLLLLOW. Here we go go. "Wiley isn't your son, he's Michael and Nelle's"..She screams and backs up.. cries, falls to the floor. Chase tells her the rest of the story. She says she remembers when Michael told her about giving up the dead baby. She thought she knew what it felt like giving up her baby--now she knows what it's like to grieve him. WOW Katelynn does a FABULOUS job with this dialog. She talks about her baby being alone and dying and Brad trading him in. OMG. Heartbreaking. Really good suff. 

Julian and Ava.. he explains it all to her. She realizes Brad is in huge danger from Sonny--and also figures out Julian knew the secret too. HE also tells her that he cut the breaks on the car. Ava looks horrified but then says they have to make Sure Brad keeps his mouth shut now. 


  1. Did the writer's forget that Bobbie kidnapped Lucas when he was little?

  2. Jail:

    Brad and Nelle: This is so comedic!!!! She is a lying liar that lies!! her nose is growing so long that a bird sits on it. The guard is watching them intently! This is what he is thinking.

    Guard: Damn I wish I had popcorn! It's too late to get it now! This is so juicy!

    Nelle wins the line of the day.

    Nelle: Guard guard! You have to do something. He is antagonizing me, and making me go insane.

    HAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! And the smile she had on her face when the guard took Brad away, was PRICELESS!!!!!!!

    Julian's office:

    Julian and Ava: Yeah Julian. When Sonny finds out you knew the truth,(and he will) he will kill you!!!! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Carson home: Poor Michael!!! He is struggling!!! No no Michael! Jonah is YOUR son!!! You should raise him!!! Michael made me cry!

    Carson kitchen:

    Bobbie, Carly, Lucas, and Jonah: Damn the trubbles are not there. They must be gone to the jail to tell Brad off!!! They were VERY angry. That baby was smiling alot!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Carson living room:


    "Karen says, The scenes where Lucas gives up Wiley are just.......:SOBBING:"


    The hospital:

    Chillow: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She made me cry!!!!!! My heart was breaking for her!!! :(

    Willow: There was no one there to love him!


    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis and Taggart: I'm glad they finally told Curtis! Now he is in danger too!!!

    Sidenote: Last night on station 19, the Britch was on it!!!! :) I don't normally watch the show, but they had another cross over event with Grey's.

    1. Sonya, I watch Station 19 only when there is a crossover, but they didn't say it was a crossover in the promo's, so I didn't tape it :( But, I thought I saw the Britch on the promo, SO GLAD you confirmed that it was her!!

  3. Today I was a little emotionally exhausted after watching. I guess I had a lot to get off my chest yesterday in regards to Carly and Sam after watching THAT episode! haha ;)

    So, I know Brad did a bad thing and he doesn't have a good track record, but I still sort of feel a little sorry for him. It's easy for everyone to stand around and judge him, but many in Port Charles have done worse. His BFF Britt is not around and he doesn't have any family to console him. I know he's part of the Wu family and was adopted, but they never show the family. I really wish TPTB would have made Olivia (St. John ) Jerome his adoptive mother since she was around during the Wu storyline in the 80's. I think her chemistry with him as mother and son would have been off the charts and would explain why he sometimes is the way he is. Missed opportunity I guess.

    Willow did a good job today conveying her emotions. :(

    During the Lucas/Bobbie scenes, all I could think about was that custody battle for Lucas between Tiffany and Bobbie when he was a child. During Michael's scenes, all I could think about was how Sonny and Carly treated his REAL father AJ horribly.

    Unless I missed something, it seems like there was an editing issue today with the Ava and Julian scenes. Julian letting it out that it was too bad that Lucas was in the car during the accident with Ava looking shocked. Next scene with them seemed to move past that and didn't address it. Did I miss a scene?

  4. Big fat bummer, moving tomorrow so our internet got transferred over to the other place already so I can't watch GH on Hulu 😭😭😭 I have to wait. It was looking so good too.

  5. Great show again! As much as the interaction with Nelle and Brad was good they would never have a man and woman in adjoining cells. The Willow actress was really heartbreaking. Too much Carly once again. Wiley’s smile are just adorable. And I still think the Jordan actress has only one expression although the new developments are interesting. She just can’t convey any emotion and with two good actors in Taggert and Curtis it really shows.

    1. Linda, ITA w/everything you said.

    2. I agree on the jail-- I've said it a million times but on soaps, it's where so much action takes place LOL .. Jordan.. ugh, we need Vinessa back but I'm willing to go with this because the story is so intriguing.

  6. I agree about the new Jordan; no emotion. And, Dev (and some others)

  7. So far the storyline with Jordan, Curtis, Taggert, and Cyrus seems well done SO FAR



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