Monday, February 10, 2020

Grandma and Grandpa

The Oscars! I hope you decide to watch Parasite--it's just a great movie. I saw it in the theater but I'll watch again because it's streaming on Amazon . 



Cripes I thought that was Lucas getting out of that bed, not Brando?? WTF? GEESH. He tells Carly he only saved her because he's a trained soldier.  Carly says Sonny knows everything about him. He's like: Um, why didn't he know my mom was lying when she said I was dead LOL!! ahahahaha. I SAID THE SAME THING! 
He KNOWS Dev can't be his. Doesn't say why--but he CAN'T BE. 

Trina is doing the whole catalog for the next show for the gallery. Joss is like "Um, since when did you get so invested in this"?? Trina says Ava is great-- Joss says "until she's not" . Trina doesn't want to hear it. She likes Ava adn besides "I don't have a billion dollar daddy to give me what I need"  MEOW. Cam's in some college town playing soccer and sends photos. Joss and Trina talk abou college, a year and 1/2 away. 

Kelly's Alexis and Neil. Neil's board hearing is coming up. ALexis has to testify under oath and they can't date for 2 years. BUT! They really like each other!! Sam comes in. Alexis leaves. THis is Sam's 3rd day at Kelly's lol 

Anna's.. Anna tries to find out what Sam said to Finn. He hedges. Robert comes over. He and Emma hug. awww. Finn goes to get Violet ready. Anna's mad at Robert, Emma can tell. They spar. Anna asks Robert why he can't let it go-- like he as before so many times. He says because Peter is a murdering "Son of a bitch".. Peter is listening outside the door. Anna flings it open to throw out Robert. Peter's glaring. 

Metro: Maxie and Peter. Spin sits down. ELLIE GOT THE JOB! They are moving to PC and Peter isn't happy lol TOO BAD!!  Spin grills him. Peter leaves. Maxie tells Spin to back off. 

Sonny's mad about the whole mobular situation. Cyrus has been all over and his enemies were found decapitated in Seattle. Call Ryan Chamberlain, Sonny!!  Jason says he wants to get into Port Charles because of the drug money, international waters and poor policing. Sonny's face was like: I"m gonna have to save Port Charles myself!! LOL

Finn calls Sam and is going to tell her about Peter
Something is up with Mike and Sonny has to get there
Carly spilled to Brando that he's not really Dev's father !! LOL without even telling Sonny LOL 


  1. I bet Brando can't have kids. That's how he knows for sure.

    I still think maybe he's a police informant....or...since they already have him being a rescuer, saving Carly, and working in a motorcycle shop...maybe they're grooming him to be the next Jason. lol

    1. "Di says, I bet Brando can't have kids. That's how he knows for sure."

      Ohhh I didn't even think about that one!!!! :)

      "I still think maybe he's a police informant....or...since they already have him being a rescuer, saving Carly, and working in a motorcycle shop...maybe they're grooming him to be the next Jason. lol"

      ROFL! When he talked about working at a motercycle shop, I was thinking, oh just like Jason! :)

  2. what is the point of another mob war ,if no one dies? peter please kill jaspam

  3. Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Emma: When they were hugging, I thought Emma was Molly at first! :) SO GOOD TO SEE YOU EMMA!!! :)

    Robert and Emma: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Robert and Anna: I so love when they bicker. :) Anna needs to listen to him, and they need to get back together! PRONTO!


    Neil and Alexis: 2 years?!!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?! Forget it. Have Alexis get back together with Julian!! Oh there is Sam again. She is dressed down. :)

    Neil and Sam: Sam are you going to end up having sex with Neil? I mean you did with Ric. RIC!!!! I MISS RIC!!!!! :(

    Ava's art gallery:

    Joss and Trina: Trina loves her job!!!! :) I love that!!! :) Joss don't be negative!!! This could be a great career for her!!! Oh Cam is busy! Cam and Joss should be a couple!!!! I want my Jam dammit!! Trina you need to be a therapist! You are so good!!! She thinks Dev is interested in Joss, he just won't go there cus of Sonny! Could be! But that is so dumb. Sonny is not Joss's father.

    Dev, Joss, and Trina: Dev listen to the girls!!!! Stay away from your "papa"

    The hospital:

    Carly and Brando: Hmmmm chem testing? :) They are cute together.. I'm calling them Crando! Brando and Lucas look like brothers! Oh look! Dev and Brando meet!!!

    "Karen says, Carly spilled to Brando that he's not really Dev's father !! LOL without even telling Sonny LOL"

    Yeah and she didn't even ask permission! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sonny's office:

    Jason and Sonny: Sonny is all angry and whiny, and then he turns into a mob boss all cool, calm, collected, and scary! I like that better than angry and whiney, and I also like it when he throws barware! :) He didn't today.. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Spinny, Maxie, and Hiney: Maxie stop gushing over Hiney!!! And what is with your eyes? It looks like you are closing them most of the time. Spinny is right to be suspicious!!!! Spinny wins the line of the day.

    Spinny: I'm fascinated by timelines.

    ROFL! Oh oh SpinElle are moving back to Port Chuckles?! Will we see her? Oh no oh no!!!! If they move back and we see them together, then there is a huge chance that they will break up!!!! :( I don't want that!! It was fine when Spinny visited and talked about Elle!!! Now it will change!

    1. Oh my gosh Sonya, I thought the same thing about Sam when she was all smiley and chatting up Neil. Made me SICK!!!! Lol! I do miss Ric though!

      I think Sonny's new thing is sweeping everything off of his desk in a fit of rage, throwing barware is so last decade. HAHAHAH!

  4. so WHO will Brando fall in love with? And where is Kristina???????

    1. Michelle, have you seen Nurse Mary Pat in the Liberty Mutual commercial? I couldn't figure out where I knew her from. And then when you said it was her on Mom I figured it out. ���� Lol! Hope you've been feeling better and things are good.

    2. Awww thanks! Yes, my foot is healing just fine. Still have to clean and apply vaseline and cover but it's closing up nicely. I move to my new place in 2 wks so I'm hoping it's completely healed by then and it's vacay time so yay! Thank you for asking. ❤ How are you doing?
      I've seen the Liberty Mutual commercial's but can't recall if I've seen the actress who played Nurse Mary Pat. Definitely will keep an eye out. If you follow Brandon Barash on Insta, one of his dad buddies is in one of those LM commercials. I forget his name.

    3. Speaking of commercials, I think the actress who played Alexis' trainer/attempted killer, is on an eczema commercial.

    4. It's Mary Pat in the one where the lady is standing at an easel painting a picture. Took me forever to figure out where I knew her from....

    5. Yes that's the one! I couldn't pull it up until Michelle mentioned it was her on an epi of Mom and I was like 'that's who she is on that commercial!"Lol!

    6. Michelle,I'll pray you heal quicker! Moving is such a pain in the butt as it is without an injured foot! I'm hanging in there. I haven't been able to have surgery yet. Last schedule date was 1/24 and I got the flu and it turned into pneumonia so...! I had to wait at least 2 wks and make sure I was clear so now they'll see where they can get me on the schedule. They said I'm on the edge between stage one & two but it's not a fast spreading cancer so I should be ok. But keep the prayers coming if you don't mind. Thank you for asking!

    7. Gracegirl, so sorry you got sick, I will keep you in my prayers!

    8. Thank you Antjoan! Pray I'll stay healthy long enough to have surgery.

  5. I thought they had replaced RC!! I was like "I didn't hear anything about this "! Lol! Especially because I've missed so many episodes and I've never seen Brando. But,then I figured it out and was relieved that RC is still Lucas! Anyway, I'm catching up and pretty much enjoying the show with the exception of how they've been writing Anna. In some ways I get it, being his mother and even if she's not he would still be her nephew but still!! All in all I think that even though there is alot of stories on the canvas they seem to be moving and intertwining together kinda nicely.

    1. Yes, if only they would let Michael have his son . . . And misleading poor Willow having her think her son is alive is cruel. . .

    2. Yes,I totally agree Antjoan on both Antjoan!

  6. Brando reminds me of a cross between Brandon Barash and RYan Carnes. Dev is still such a dud - I hate to see him onscreen. Love that spunky Trina! And of course I love Robert, Anna and Emma scenes! Same old problem with Sam - she doesn't work and has nothing to do but hang around Kelly's.


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