Friday, September 9, 2022


Well, here I am!! Poor GH so interrupted!! We had some Newcastle Brown Ale and shortbread last night. 

Victor and Sonny at The PC Grille ...Sonny basically asks why Victor "let" Ava get attacked and why Spencer is going to jail if he did the bribing of the guards. 

Sam and Dante. Dante moved into the PH. His neighbor saw him moving and their son wants to buy the house for over market price. He's sad because it's he and Lulu's. 

Trina and Ava. Trina is so happy she's ok

Rory and Spencer. Spencer gives up his personal items. Rory tell him that he can get him a job in the library at Pentonville. Spencer says thanks but no thanks. 

Maxie, Felicia and Mac.. they are trying to convince him to tell Cody and get a DNA test. He's like "it could destroy our family'! 

Britt and Cody.. OMG he has the same damn shirt on. They talk about the night Ava was stabbed and they were together. 

I am so sorry. My YouTube TV service has ANOTHER PLAYBACK ERROR today --it just turned off. This is happening more and more. We pay a lot for it too just to watch network TV. GRRRRRRRRR I'll have to catch GH on HULU 


  1. Does anyone know where Monica is? She was soooo missed at the Quartermaine party, no one has even mentioned her for a while.

    1. It is sad and ridiculous that she is not even mentioned!

    2. Usually they say she is at a conference or something. I also really enjoyed Yuri's crush on her, and am sad that he has moved on to someone else.

    3. I am guessing Leslie Charleson must be in poor health, but they could've at least given an excuse about why Monica was nowhere to be found.

  2. That's awful. I'd be asking for a refund if it's not working. That might get them to check out the problem.

    I laughed when Felicia said Maxie would be sneaking around getting that test done anyway. lol That's exactly what I said. hahaha I hope you get to see the end soon.

    And Mr. Tough Guy, Spencer, is probably going to change his mind about that library job soon.

  3. Maxie, Felicia, and Mac: Yup Mac is skeered!!! I understand Mac. This is a difficult situation. Poor Mac. :(

    Mac and Felicia: I don't know what their couple name is.. I'll just call them MacLecia. I love Felicia's outfit.. Felicia wins the line of the day.

    Felicia: I can't stop Maxie from collecting DNA samples from you and Cody and running them off to the lab.

    ROFL! Yes that is something she would do!!

    The hospital:

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Oh come on Britch! Are you really going to miss him? *Facepalm*

    Cowboy Cody, Britch, and Maxie: Maxie don't like him anymore hahahahahaha!

    Maxie and Britch: Listen to Maxie, Britch! Cowboy Cody is no good for you!!! :)

    Ava's room:

    Bodyguard Frank and Nik: Nik is not on the visiting list to visit Ava! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Trina and Ava: Oooooo! Ava told Trina all of the Spencer truth!!!! :D WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! Hey remember the left handed boy from the Luke and Laura era? Maybe he is the one who hooked Ava! Hahahahaha!

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Corinthos vs Cassadine: Mmmmmm... Love it! :)

    Sante home:

    Sante and the Tribbles: Oh come on! Don't be making out and about to make the wuv with the Tribbles watching!!!!

    Police department:

    Jordan and Rory: Jordan says keep your distance? You mean social distancing Jordan? ROFL! Awwww Rory wants to get on Taggart's good side.. :) TAGGART IS A BILLS FAN?!!?!? Thank you Jordan! :D Or did we know this and I forgot? Well, GO BILLS! :)

    Rory and Spencer: Spencer is tough as nails!!!

    Spencer, Victor, and Nik: Oh great scene! Love the in fighting! :)

    Spencer's time to go: Yes time to go. Spencer looks sad. It looks like he is disappointed that Trina isn't there!

    Trina and Rory: AHHHHHHHHHHH! Trina runs to talk to Spencer, but it is too late! Ava telling Trina about how Spencer feels, and Spencer not there and she JUST missed him, THAT is soapy! :) Trina reading Spencer's letter is not. So, I'm glad she didn't read the letter.

    Spencer's jail cell: Awww poor Spencer.. He looks sad.. Do you miss Trina? :(

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to a wedding* Scotty and Katherine's wedding. 2 parts to it. Now on the 2nd part. Does Katherine's explanation sound familiar to you? That's exactly what Cowboy Cody has said! Verbatum! Now when you watch it, tell me what you think! Cus I think the writers went back and watched that scene and had Cowboy Cody say the exact same thing!

    1. Kristina Wagner seems to get the best wardrobe of them all IMO

    2. "lindie says, Kristina Wagner seems to get the best wardrobe of them all IMO"

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    3. Oops there is a part 3 to the Katherine and Scotty wedding.

  4. Rumor hath it that not only does Brando get beaten, but he dies.....a pic was leaked of his service.....not sure where that storyline will go - course haven't seen Gladys in a while........
    but I am wondering if he is mistaken for someone else? Seems outta the blue storyline, doesn't it?

    1. WHAT?! I haven't heard that he gets beaten up and dies!!! :O Why does he get beaten? A pic was leaked of what service?

    2. Yesit does. Someone saw a leaked pic and made a guess as to who it was, I guess. Just like people jumped to the conclusion that Nelle cam back from the dead and went on a killing spree. Funny there haven't been any rumors about the death of the people who are really leaving the show soon to pursue prime time gigs.

    3. "Di says, Someone saw a leaked pic and made a guess as to who it was, I guess."


      "Just like people jumped to the conclusion that Nelle cam back from the dead and went on a killing spree."

      ROFL! Yeah sorry people she didn't! :)

    4. Who else is leaving besides Britt?

    5. The actor that plays Rory will be on Chicago PD.

    6. I can only hope Brando is murdered.

    7. Ohhh That's harsh.

      Can you give us a link to that source, mufasa, or a copy of the post. That way we can check it. (We can see who's at the service. etc. and maybe figure it out.)

    8. Lots of 'spoilers' on FB that are just lies. Probably on other social media sites too.

    9. zazu, I find lots of the GH "spoiler" sites are just sites which take what few words that are put in the previews and then they speculate as to what they think is going to happen. Lots of us do that here but we don't go online and post our views as "spoilers" which means something that IS GOING TO HAPPEN that is being leaked to the public. If the title has a ? after it I don't even bother reading it. And I also quote a source when I post something...that I've usually double checked.

    10. Di...just this minute saw one on FB. Says that Brando goes to Liam in the great beyond with a photo of Brando in hospital bed with tubes in him. A photo of Sasha screaming is photo shopped in. We shall see. I have said that 'Sasha' has suffered since her start on GH. Over and over.

    11. And I just read this on Cdlaundry which is notorious for its speculation.
      (Take note of the words I put quotation marks around.)

      General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor)"may" face a shocking death, "so he could" ultimately join Mike Corbin (Max Gail) and Baby Liam Corbin in the great beyond.

      I left the link iif you want to read the whole article.

      And alink to that pic would be good, zazu.

    12. Just found a video on youtube. Looks like it was posted in May. Even the guy talking seems fake:

    13. Yeah. That pic is from months ago when Brando first came and was shot at Sonny's warehouse. They've photoshopped a pic beside it of Sasha having one of her meltdowns. And the announcer says that Brando will be killed in a gang war. lol (which didn't happen)This is why we should always include a link when we "hear" spoilers.

    14. Lot of weird fake stuff out there about General hospital.

  5. They better not kill off Britt. I grew to really like her this go round.

  6. I enjoyed Friday's show. For starters, Maxie seemed to get some of her old spunk back. The talks between Mac and Felicia, Sonny and Victor, and Trina and Ava were great.

    My prediction is Spencer will get beaten up in prison and Trina, realizing how much he has sacrificed for her, will go running into his arms.

    1. I was thinking something will happen to Spence in prison. Hope it's not fatal though.

      Totally agree about the other comments. Loved those parts too.

    2. The SPOILER of PC "mourning someone" is legit, came out in the press release. The "Photo" posted on twitter shows a blocking camera with a fuzzy pic of Sonny and someone else and what LOOKS like Brando on a screen (like at a memorial?) - It does seem out of the blue for sure. The person that posted the photo is usually right on and must know someone that works on set. I can't imagine WHY Brando gets beaten to death. Mistaken for Cody? LOL Sasha's drug dealers? the HOOK-Killer?? No idea

    3. I did just read somewhere reputable that "Brando" is leaving GH. So Sasha will continue to be the GH sufferer all by herself, except maybe more Gladys. That would be good.

  7. Just watched this episode. Trina and Ava's relationship is so special and different.
    OMG...Cody and his darn red t-shirt. Talk about looking stinky.



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