Friday, September 23, 2022

You hooked?



Sonny and Sasha talk in Brando's garage. They are sad. Talk about Brando. Sonny mentions MORGAN. Then Diane comes in when Sasha is in the office. She has to talk to her about Brando's estate and Martin is still out of town. Sonny is still angry with her about how he questioned him on the stand. What a baby he is LOL 

Diane tells Sasha that they have to think about her guardianship. SASHA freaks out.. Diane is going to ask for a continuance. She goes into Brando's office to look for the papers. Sonny is going to take Sasha home. 

Diane and Alexis talk in the Metro Bar. Diane wonders how Kristina is and Alexis says fine. She tell her about about the argument they had over her job. Then Nikolas shows up and wants Alexis' help with wooing Ava back. 

Nina asks Ava where she will go after she gets out of the hospital. She offers her place. Ava kinda wants to go back to Wyndemere. UGH NO. Nina figures out Ava still loves Nikolas. Gross. Nina says no she doesn't. But..???? hmmm... 

Greg sees Finn looking at Reiko's photo. Finn says he's just thinking about the island they went to. "Why you thinking about your ex-wife" ...Finn doesn't answer and leaves to see a patient. 

Liz wonders who the lady is she drew. Finn finds her in the hallway. They go into his office and she sees his phone and ex-wife's photo!! She asks about her. He tells her about the island and Liz knows it's by Guam. I think Jeff was probably there when he was with Doctors without Borders. 

Anna and Val are still skulking on the Haunted Star. They end up pushing the goonie overboard. They go to rescue Lucy but she says she doesn't want to be rescued! She convinces them to let her stay and get information. Victor brings the guy that went overboard back. He thinks something is "off". 


Diane is in the office and hook person comes in! 


Robert is on

Diane lays in a pool of blood. 


  1. Well Dex is definitely not a very good bodyguard!!!

    So Liz and her sister were on that island together in the past. One of them must have pushed Reiko down the stairs because they saw her with their dad. Accident? or no.. Doesn't matter if she died. And how does Finn fit in, and Jeff. Very interesting... Now if only they'd have the storyline on daily so we didn't lose interest in it.

    And I certainly hope Diane isn't dead!!!!

    Hurricane Fiona is offshore and coming in fast here. Hope I have tv available tomorrow.

    1. Forgot, anyone else in Film's path stay safe.

    2. Thaks garry. I'm prepared. Even getting iced coffee ready to go in the fridge. lol More important than water in the morning. ( I have water too and ready to eat food, and LED lanterns)

    3. "Di says, Hurricane Fiona is offshore and coming in fast here. Hope I have tv available tomorrow."

      Oh oh! Be careful! Don't be a hero!!!!

      "ready to eat food, and LED lanterns"

      So you are going to eat LED lanterns? I wonder if they taste good. :)

    4. lol Read the whole sentece. There's a comma there.

    5. "Di says, lol Read the whole sentece. There's a comma there."

      ROFL! Yes!! Going to eat food, AND LED lanterns.. Yum! :)

    6. Stay safe Di! They better not kill of Diane - she is such a treasure!!

    7. Stay safe Di, I have family there so I'm watching Fiona closely!

    8. No Sonya!! I have water too and ready-to eat-food (COMMA) and LED lanterns.

      I'm in N.S., MatchboxGinny. Is your family here? orP.E.I.?

    9. "MatchboxGinny says, Stay safe Di, I have family there so I'm watching Fiona closely!"

      Oh oh! I hope your family is safe!

      "Di says, No Sonya!! I have water too and ready-to eat-food (COMMA) and LED lanterns."

      Hahaha I know. I'm teasing. :)

  2. new theory - the killer is someone who hates Dex and is setting him up.........too easy..
    IF Diane dies - I truly am done with GH.
    LOVE VANNA!!!!!! He looks at her and I swoon!!
    Reiko???? I thought her name was Rebecca-----very odd that his dad said 'your ex-wife'----if she is dead-
    ----funny we just assume the stairs were at GH ------ HOW OLD IS Finn?
    straight up - the writers are obviously drunk and like 8th graders, just making stuff up...
    ----I think Lucy will fall for Victor cause she does love diamonds and money.....
    -----is it the day AFTER Brando died???? cause legal the next day seems soon.

    1. "Mufasa says, Reiko???? I thought her name was Rebecca"

      Nah she was always Reiko.

      "very odd that his dad said 'your ex-wife'"

      Did he say ex wife? I didn't hear him say that.

      "the writers are obviously drunk and like 8th graders, just making stuff up..."


      "I think Lucy will fall for Victor cause she does love diamonds and money....."

      Lucy might just fall for his charm and be blinded by the things he is giving her. :)

    2. I really think this Liz/Reiko/Finn/Jeff storyline is ridiculous. I'm not intrigued. I'm exasperated.

  3. A lot of funny one liners today.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Diane and Alexis: Oh Alexis. Krissy will get over it and forgive you. Stop feeling guilty.

    Alexis and Gregory: I agree! The public should know what is going on! I would want to know!! Wouldn't you all?

    The hospital:

    Ava and Nina: Ava still in love with Nik? ACK! After what he did? No you should be with Victor! Although I do like Lucy with Victor.. I also do like Lucy with Marty. Yeah yeah I'm a mess. ROFL! The writers like to mess with my emotions!!!

    Nik and Ava: Oh Nik go find someone else to make a porn video with, and leave Ava alone.

    Gregory and Finchy:

    Gregory: Is that Reiko?

    OH! So the lady in the picture IS Reiko!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Liz and Finchy: Oh boy! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! This mystery is confusing and very curious.. I'm suspicious of Finchy.

    Liz's bedroom: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! This mystery is curiouser and curiouser!!!!!!!!!!! I'm VERY suspicious of Finchy..

    The haunted star: V.C. wins the line of the day.


    V.C.: No way! Come on! These things are Italian!


    Lucy and Victor: Will Victor spill to Lucy what he is planning? Will he trust her? Will the Tribbles help Lucy?

    Lucy, Victor, and Goomba: Awwww poor Goomba! I think he needs a hug!

    Vanna and Lucy: Lucy wants to help!!! SEE? That is what was supposed to happen! Not Anna bullying Lucy to help.. Lucy WANTING to help is so much better!!!! Yes Lucy you still got it! :D

    Lucy and Victor part 2:

    Lucy: You are making it very very difficult to stay true.

    Oooooo my tv is melting and so am I!! *Fans self*

    The pier:


    V.C.: You're glowing you know. You are really in your element aren't you?

    YES SHE IS! :) Oh Anna! Lucy at risk? You are concerned? You should have thought about that before!!! It's too late now.. Lucy is in HER element now. :)

    Brando's garage: Oh Sasha. :(

    Sonny and Sasha: Sonny is so sweet to her. Oh hi Dexxy! I'm glad he is taking her home.

    Sonny and Diane: Oh Sonny! She was just doing her job. Just forgive her. Kiss and make up. :)

    Sonny, Sasha, and Diane: I'm glad Diane is going to be Sasha's lawyer.

    Diane and Hook person: DIANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :'( Hey! That hook person isn't hiding the eyes.. Is that Vampira?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine* Faith kills her grandmother.. REMEMBER THIS?! :)

  4. They better not be killing off Diane......ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY

  5. Even though she is rarely on Diane is one of GH's best characters. If she dies I do believe a letter writing, email, campaign to GH via ABC would be a good thing.
    Anna and Val need a good caper. Rescuing Charlotte would be sweet.
    The Liz/Finn story is heading to their past.
    Carly's story is heading to her past.

  6. Replies
    1. I agree! Thinking it is Rory now. Can’t believe Val is letting Victor keep Charlotte away from him. Making him look like a weakling. Love Lucy! I really don’t like Liz with Finn - too old and controlling for her and Maxie looked ghastly this week. She could at least get those roots done. She is young and pretty and needs a decent wardrobe. White sneaks are ok with a cute dress as per Esme.

  7. It's funny how story seems to repeat itself. There is yet another Victor who is obsessed with Lucy and tries to woe her with jewerly.

    1. I adore CS as Victor but is it bad to hope that this Victor comes to the same end as the last Victor who wooed Lucy with jewelry? 😊

    2. "Gary says is it bad to hope that this Victor comes to the same end as the last Victor who wooed Lucy with jewelry? 😊"

      No no! I don't want Victor to die. :(

    3. Sonya says "No no! I don't want Victor to die. :("

      I don't really want him to die because CS makes him so darn charming. Just scare the poo out of him so he gives Valentin Charlotte back,

    4. CS is so charming and great with everyone. Loved him as Maaaaxwell too on the Nanny. Huge crush.

    5. I started my crush on him when he was Shane on Days of Our Lives.

    6. I never saw CS on Days of our Lives. I did watch DOL some a long time ago but I guess not when he was on there.

    7. His character worked in their version of the WSB. He was part of a super couple with Kimberly Brady. Shane was charming, heroic, and hot as all get out.

  8. A photo circulating on FB clearly shows Diane going through papers in the dark, of course, with the hookster entering the garage. Looks like a female. A small female of the Esme size. I wish it was Willow. Put some pizzazz in her character.

  9. The only thing is why would Esme go after Diane and Brando. I can see Joss.

    1. She was Trina's Lawyer. Brando maybe collateral damage. Probably not her anyway. With these writers who knows. The whole darn show could be Sonny's dream. lol

    2. I agree with zazu. If it is Esme I think she was after Joss and Brando got in the way,

  10. Esme is too obvious anyway. I hope


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