Friday, September 30, 2022

Time Is Flying!!


Yesterday's show:  Liked Mac scenes. Great Scorpio stuff. EVEN with Cody in them. I want Robert around though!! 

Is Austin harvesting organs? or is he the hooker?  It looked like harvesting  --which would be great and I might like Austin LOL I'm so mean. 

Dex on a hook.. LOL the water in the face was great.  I guess Josslyn saved him. 

Portia and Jordan. Didn't do it for me. Kinda weird and I wish it was Stella that found out about Curtis. 

I like Dante in detective mode. BUT Dog tags wouldn't jingle.. Why wouldn't anyone figure out that the hooker wore a covering? Plus, blood splatter is at a minimum. Anyway..

WHAT about DIANE? Nary a mention of her!! LOL 


Sonny and Nina at the Metro (did he let Dex go and I missed it?).  Nina still wants to have Ava come to her place to stay.  Selina WU walks up and says she's sorry about Brando. She wonders if Sonny will come see Chase tonight at the Savoy. She also tells him about the high-stakes poker game. 

Ava and Liz at the hospital. Ava wants to "clear the air". Elizabeth thinks Nikolas really does love Ava. Ava asks Liz if she's ok. Liz hedges and flashes back to the stairs. 

Greg and Alexis still waiting on Diane. We haven't seen Diane in the hospital bed. OMG Greg says they are STILL OPERATING lol geesh!! 

Nikolas is big mad at Finn for telling Ava the truth.  They come to blows. Greg and Alexis break them up. Finn and Greg are going to see Chase tonight. Nikolas tells Alexis he likes her paper. 

Brook sees Chase in a towel at his place and smooshes some coffee in her hand. Chase is singing tonight. They talk about taking Linc down THEN THEY KISS! wow. Then go to the bedroom but no, Brook stops him. Damn it. She clears out his kitchen to help his vocal cords. Then they go to breakast. 

Victor visits Spencer in jail and Spencer looks HORRIBLE. He says he's not getting beat up but he's getting bullied in other ways. He asks about Ava but won't talk about Nikolas. He's angry no one has come to visit yet. (besides Victor) Victor leaves. 

VAnna afterglow. Charlotte texts a photo --Val is sad. Anna says they will take on Victor together. They decide Nina could help them.   

Spencer is assaulted in the library of Pentonville

Liz asks Greg for help ...she wants to know about Reiko

Ava decides to stay with Nina for a bit 

MONDAY: Robert is on!! 


  1. Longest surgery in history---
    ---I think Cyrus saves Spence (just a theory)
    ----well we all saw Soap Opera Digest and Esme IS back next week as the audience will see her-------------she better not be working with Selina Wu.....something today about Selina questioning Sonny made me think SHE wants his territory and this 'targeting your people" = PLEASE don't let Esme work for her!!
    -----If Esme shows up, won't she be arrested? (I mean she can't just walk around free, right?) Will she be pregnant?
    -----I WILL be watching Valentin saying 'dahling' many times --------------whoa.......
    -----Hope Dex turns on Michael now....
    -----also Holly better not be helping Mason/his boss---------she is supposed to be across the ocean and Robert needs to find her!

  2. kd, Dex is still tied up and being guarded so I'm hoping there's another attack while he's under guard.

    And Cody will definitely have cause for concern if Sonny enters the game he's in tonight. Although Selina did ask if he could play so that someone else won too, and I do think she's got a thing for Sonny. lol If Sonny loses and suspects Cody of cheating he may be keeping Dex company tomorrow.

    Spence looks like he had a Given Victors gasp at seeing him I expected lots worse than in need of a haircut and ill fitting clothes. But I guess that passes for horror for the woke and the idle rich. lol

  3. There are some funny one liners today.

    Chase's home: Mmmm Chase in just his underwear! :D

    *Brooky squeezes her coffee*

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I don't blame you. ;)

    Brooky: I really needed that caffeine.

    Chase: I'll go make us some coffee.

    What the hell are you two talking about? She didn't squeeze THAT much coffee out!!! She still had a LOT left. Oy! *Facepalm*

    Chase: I'm not in peak form?

    ROFL! You ARE Chase.. You ARE! ;) Oooooo they are gonna have zex!!! :D Oh Brooky what the hell are you doing?!?!! COME ON WRITERS!!! That is NOT believable!

    Chase: HUH?

    Yeah exactly!!!! HUH?!!!? Oh Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: Well, they are in the dairy section.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Eggs are not dairy Brooky!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Victor and Spencer: SPENCER!!!!! :) Man he looks awful. Geez. Cam, Trina, and Joss haven't visited him! WHAT THE HELL?!



    Chandler mansion bedroom:

    Vanna: Oooo they are still in bed. I have been wondering if they were! :)

    V.C.: I'm the pool man.

    ROFL! Ooooo V.C. going down on Anna! ;) ;) ;) Awwwww love that Charlie texted her papa!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sona ninny nanny goat: Oh I love Nina's dress! The color looks great on her!!!

    Sonny and Ms. Wu: Is Nina skeered of Ms. Wu? Is that why she is leaving? ROFL! Mmmmm high stakes poker game!! :D

    Nina and Vanna:

    Nina: Get your hands off my man!


    Vanna: Oh oh. V.C. how is Nina going to help?!!!

    Sonny and Chase: Little nosy Sonny!!! Hmmm a mystery eh Chase? :) And I love Ms. Wu smiling while the elevator door closes hahaha. Delicious. :)

    The hospital:

    Liz and Ava:

    Liz: I've only seen him in love one other time before he met you.

    Gia? Liz? Emily? Meh probably Emily.

    Finchy and Nik: Hahahaha. Nik acting all big bad Nik! ROFL!

    Victor and Nik: Yeah Nik! Go visit your son you idiot!

    Alexis and Gregory: Bedraggled? Thank you Gregory for teaching me a word I never heard of! :) Oh my!!!! HIPPA FINCHY HIPPA! ROFL!

    Nina and Ava: Ava if you don't want to live with Nik, then live with Nina!!! :D

    Nina, Ava, and Nik: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nina and Ava roomies!!!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    Liz and Gregory: Ooooo. Liz going behind Finchy's back now.. Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. :)

    Alexis and Nik: Nik is just taking your advice Alexis! ROFL!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 19th 1999* Lucky "dies" in a fire. That scream Bobbie does gives me chills!!!

  4. I have to say that VAnna are the hottest and best couple in a LONG time. YAWZA. I also like Brooklyn and Chase.

  5. I see stuff online that Esme is back next week. Is this true?

  6. Looks like sports is on next Friday and GH isn't on again.


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