Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Keep Drinkin'!


Oh, people....between the Queen interruptions, my job and my stupid TV, it was just a BAD, BAD WEEK.  Ergo...not much is going into this surgery! 

--why aren't we shipping THESE TWO? Roger has the chops to play opposite Kelly when it comes to her Huntington's and Brittt could be getting major symptoms now. Then,, go off to seek treatment in a teary goodbye. See? Fixed it. 

  I DID IT.. it was me... Yep. 

SPEAKING OF THE CEMETERY: BLOOP! NELLE pops up!! After terrorizing Willow she manages to corner Nina and make her feel like crap too. Quite a great day for one of my fave villains! 

Sasha freaks out over Lucy's firing her. Lucy was hoping a public place would tame her but nope. 

SPENCER MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Ok, he had a few, especially with the whole Trina letter thing but he was on point telling Rory where to go! 

SMILEY BUGS OF THE WEEK: Sam and Dante are awfully giggly about moving into a tiny cramped Penthouse with no yard but hey ...

AM I THE DADDY OF THE WEEK: So happy JJY and KW are getting airtime. Cody? I guess I'll have to live with it! 

PERFECTION OF THE WEEK:  That's it. That's the post. Yes, I'm a VAnna fan but I love OG Anna and Robert as friends. 

FINALLY, WUBS DREAM OF THE WEEK: Yes, I wished it was true. Michael, Carly DOA from Nelle's knife and WILEY GONE? WHAT?!!! Of course it was just a nightmare. Dang it. 


Willow had a Nelle-Nightmare

Carly told Nina what a terrible person she is 

Trina had her party, Cam sang

Dex and Joss went into the dumpster 

Sonny and Victor had lunch

Sasha freaked out and killed a phone

Spencer burned his letter to Trina then went to the pokey 

Trina learns the truth but doesn't catch Spencer in time 

Mac thinks Cody could be his but is hesitant to find out 

I feel like this--- caught in a trap!! LOL (I just watched ELVIS! on HBO and loved it). Sorry I'm busy and just not with GH as much as I should be!! Hopefully I'll get my app fixed for YouTube and be around more. Spoilers say someone dies around Sept 20th, Emma Samms will be back as Holly this month and the Elizabeth story heats up even more. 


  1. This won't happen, but it would be juicy if Liz does have an alternate and the alternate stabbed Ava. Not sure why that would happen, but it's less obvious that Nik or something else stupid. Sounds like someone else is going to be a victim of violence maybe????

    1. Spoilers say that "Port Charles mourns one of their own" on Sept 20th so?? And Ava's stabbing kind of turned into a nothing burger--but it's probably Austin's cousin or something stupid. I didn't even bother putting those two in because it's literally on every 2-3 weeks an I DON'T CARE! lol

    2. Ya, "one of their own" could mean anyone really. lol

      I really like seeing the vets on more. We at least got Robert, Lucy, Mac and Felicia this week. My heart still breaks for Kristina Wagner. Is she back or is that old footage do you know?

  2. Which Elvis did you watch? The one with the Colonel with Tom Hanks playing him? That side of things reminded me of like how Marilyn Monroe and some of the stars are taken advantage of so badly. Freddie Mercury got out from behind his being taken advantage of, but many don't. It's an eye opener for sure. Elvis was still kind of a weirdo from Priscilla's take of things, but he was being manipulated for sure career wise.

    Thanks Karen for all your time and effort you put in for us. This blog is a pleasure for so many of us no matter what is happening on GH

  3. Charles Shaughnessy is another one that has chemistry with just about anyone IMO.

  4. Great SS, and I agree with all of your comments. Laughed at the graffiti tombstone caption, lol! I say we all did it! It was great to see Nell, and I can't believe I said that. Hah! I'm really curious to see who dies. And it was great to see so many of the vet!

  5. Short or long, it's always great to have our SS! Thank you.
    It was a decent week. At least not so boring.
    Anyone could die. We do know that at least one actor is leaving. Maybe two.
    Kristina Wagner was terrific. It's about time we have some stories for the GH vets.
    It has been quite a week. For me some personal losses, and then the Queen and of course today...9/11.

  6. I still think the writers don't know what to do with Ava's stabbing......there must be a twist----ain't Mason - so Esme or Ryan but I AM intrigued if it's related to Holly...
    the rumor about Brando dying I read on Flutterby - who is very reliable......just makes no sense after all this Brando dies unless it's gonna be related to Dex screwing up????
    WHY does Cody want Mrs. Wu's help? THAT was outta the blue and even though I hate the red shirt - I DO think it is supposed to directly related to 'no money'.....'no clothes'!
    Phyllis is where I wonder? I think nu-Lulu will be back in the fall.......which is good cause I ain't feeling Sam/Dante-----------but something about the house being for sell----I dunno..
    And waiting on Laura to return...
    GREAT week as far as vets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wish we could get new old Lulu JMB back. I loved her. Maybe Lulu is now with Holly. lol

    Something or someone will be related to Holly. Must be Victor who has Holly. I think VAnna's digging into where Charlotte is will bring one of them to find Holly.

    1. Or did we already know Victor has Holly? Been SO SO long ago



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