Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Tail End Of Yesterday


Just caught yesterday's ending!! 

I can't believe how much Finn man-splained to Ava when Liz was trying to talk to her. Also, check Ava's pillowcase; I think it's silk! LOL Did Trina bring that!!? 

Jordan and Stella--loved. 

Is Dex the hook-killer? I mean he showed up out of nowhere and helped "Save" Ava-- then he leaves Charlie's via he back door..Joss goes after him with his sunglasses and there is the hook person RIGHT THERE? Hmmm. 

Brando is a gonner. Guess hiring Dex and Drew did him in. What happens to a guardianship when the guardian is dead? 


  1. one thought - Curtis isn't much of a PI cause he didn't think it ODD that Stella NEVER said a word when Jordan confessed? If Jordan had done it, Stella woulda been yapping constantly.....

    don't think Dex cause he and Joss will get together and there will be sometime that Sonny finds out he is working for Michael but yes I think we are supposed to think he was waiting for Joss-----and Brando got in the way----left handed person with a limp which would be Esme/she is left handed...
    although if he WAS the attacker, it would be Michael's fault!
    freaky thought - ---- what if it is Rory?????????? LOL

  2. Karen be happy IF it is Dex - cause Dex and Brando the twins will be gone by Christmas!!!

    1. "Mufasa says, Dex and Brando the twins"

      ROFL! Yes the twin brothers! :D

    2. lol Similar coloring but they don't look anything alike. I'd never confuse them in a lineup. (Must be fraternal twins. lol)

  3. Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus, please let Brando be a goner and this not be a tease! ;-)

    1. The actor is not leaving for another job so I for one don't want him let go cause we don't like him.

    2. I really like Brando and feel invested in Brasha as a couple, I DO NOT want him to leave!

    3. Actors -- especially young actors -- know no job is permanent. Johnny Wactor will get a new gig.

    4. Sorry, Kev. He won't need one. lol

  4. I feel for Sasha and all her tears we will have to watch if Brando is a goner. (great actress but geez give this girl a break)

  5. no offense, but if I have been attacked, not sure young TJ would be my doctor of choice LOL - at least Portia is in there.......
    things we learned: attacker was short (Esme?) and maybe using the left hook on purpose cause she is angry at Ryan and is trying to frame him?
    -----still wondering if this Maggie ever shows up....
    -----just my weird editing------Jordan and Dante came through Charlie's and not the alley? and Kristina was great/her hair dried really fast....
    -----Carly is gonna find something in Jacksonsville bet related to Frank/Nelle....If I lost my phone I would have NO clue about people's numbers LOL

  6. Did I miss something? End of yesterday's show had Carly's plane shaking and her falling out of her seat. Today all's well in Jacksonville. Thought I watched the whole thing.
    The divorce paper thing is ridiculous. First Portia says it was probably an accident and 2 seconds later she says Jordan doesn't want a divorce cause she still loves Curtis. Stupid.
    The hook killer could be anyone. BTW...probably takes some serious strength to plunge that hook into someone. As we all guess who it could be my guess is that the writers don't know either. I'm sticking with my preposterous theory.

    1. exactly - we were led to believe she was stranded on an island! which is why Jacksonville makes me think she runs into Frank--
      I think the writers haven't 100% decided either until like November sweeps- I'm keeping today's episode to compare when they change it-LOL

    2. Yeah. The plane story was a definite let down. And we got to see her waste lots of time talking about nothing. I guess she'll meet someone from her past tomorrow.

      I just wanted everyone to shut up and ask Brando who did it. lol He kept trying to talk but between motor mouth and the screamer he couldn't get a word in edgewise. At least ask. Did you know who it was? male or female?

      Christina was a nice surprise.

      The divorce paper storyline is just sucking up time like an industrial hoover.
      And I'm sorry Sam but I'm beginning to hate you again. You don't invite your child out for a special treat to reward her for a job well done and then ignore her to go talk about someone else's love life. Send her to play her "game" and then wonder why she always has her face in the screen.

      Sorry hate to complain but I hate when people ignore kids like that. This was her time. Why not just put her in a cage like the puppy.

      And Nick is now in the clear.

    3. P.S. And I still don't think Brando dies.

    4. "Zazu says, The divorce paper thing is ridiculous. First Portia says it was probably an accident and 2 seconds later she says Jordan doesn't want a divorce cause she still loves Curtis. Stupid."

      Yeah she said that, but she didn't mean it. Curtis knows Portia better than that, and wanted her to be honest and she did.

    5. "Di says, motor mouth and the screamer"

      Okay I give up.. :) Who is the motor mouth and the screamer? Is the screamer Krissy?

    6. Brando's mom and Sasha. lol I just can't listen to Sasha scream any more.

    7. It is a shame that the writers have made Sasha the tortured/troubled soul since her arrival in PC. She's a good actress.

    8. Yes she is but they've dragged the storylines out too long. She won an emmy so they said let's torture her some more, and then more, and then more. I'd like to see her do more than wail and cry every week.

    9. "Di says, Brando's mom and Sasha. lol"

      Oh! ROFL!

      "I just can't listen to Sasha scream any more."

      Well, her husband just got hooked, so I can understand why she is, but yeah I know bad things just keep happening to her!

      "zazu says, It is a shame that the writers have made Sasha the tortured/troubled soul since her arrival in PC."

      I know!!!! Enough torturing her writers!!!

    10. Di, I highly approve of "industrial hoover", hahahahah! And very true!
      100% agree about Sam, but I really liked her dress.
      I was so confused when Christina appeared, I thought it was Joss. Lord help me!

    11. Yes that caught us all my surprise. But I guess they figured Kristina was a better screamer and wouldn't go into attack mode. lol Joss would. hahaha

      And you've got to love those industrial hoovers. lol

  7. There were a lot of funny one liners today.

    Police station:

    Dante and Jordan: Jordan on the phone when Dante comes in. They talk about the person who tried to kill Ava!!! The person with a hook!!!

    Alleyway of Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Krissy, the hooker stabber, and Brando: A LOT OF RAIN! Krissy shows up and sees what is happening and screams! When she screamed I got chills!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sonny shows up and Krissy calls 911!!!! The person with the hook is SHORT!!!!!!! Vampira is short!!!!!! The person with the hook left! Where are you going?!?!?!! You going to see the Tribbles? Badger Bob? STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Krissy, Sonny, Gladys, Sasha, Brando, and the 2 paramedics: The lady paramedic said we are losing him.. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't want Brando to die!!!!!! Oh the rain stopped.

    Krissy, Sonny, and cop: Cop asking questions to Krissy, and Krissy's hair became dry very quickly. Man Brando lost a lot of blood.

    Krissy, Sonny, Dante and Jordan: Sonny told Jordan that Krissy already gave answers to that cop. Krissy said if you want me to go to the police station then she will tomorrow!

    Jacksonville Florida airport: Wait what?! No plane crash? People didn't die? Carly not the only one survived? That's not soapy. What's the point of this?

    Carly and the little old lady: Hmmm I like the little old lady and her pet. :) Too bad they didn't show it. This lady is very wise. Carly forgot her phone on the plane! ROFL! Little old lady wins the line of the day.

    Little old lady: You young people and your phones.

    BAHAHAHAHAAHHA! Carly isn't a millennial! :) Oh oh plane to go to Aruba has been cancelled because of the rain storm. Well she can go to a hotel couldn't she? :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Drew, Sam, and Scout: I love Sam's outfits! These dresses look great on her. She hasn't worn black in a long time. Awww Drew is going to take Scout to school tomorrow awwww! :)

    Scout: Why are you two hugging?

    ROFL! Drew and Sam and the Carly talk. Drew has been trying to get ahold of Carly, but since Carly left her phone on the plane, she can't talk to him.

    The hospital:

    Brasha and Gladys: Gladys and her rosary. Poor Sasha! She has been through a lot of devastating things. Enough already! This reminds me of Beverly Hills 90210 when Kelly went through the ringer with so many devastating things.

    Nik and Ava: Ava looks like she wants Nik to kiss her!

    Nik, Ava and Sonny: Sonny knows now that Nik isn't the hooker stabber. Yes tell Ava what happened to Brando!

    Purtis: No no no.. Jordan isn't the one who ruined the divorce papers! IT'S STELLA!!!!! But she is too coward to say anything.

    TJ and Curtis: Curtis has to ask questions that will make TJ be suspicious.

    1. I LOVED Sam's dress. So pretty.
      The last thing Carly would have EVER left on a plane is her phone. That was a stupid plot point by the writers.
      It was great to see Krissie, but I swore it was Joss, then I went "wait, what???" That came out of the blue.
      I thought Nik and Ava were great, and there is a lot of chem there! I was so glad he was with Ava with Brando got hooked so Sonny will back of an inch. Nik is a "cad", etc. but Sonny in his face is getting old. Seriously, pot meet kettle!

    2. "Julie H says, I LOVED Sam's dress. So pretty."

      Yeah I loved her dress too! She has been wearing a lot of those types of dresses now!

      "The last thing Carly would have EVER left on a plane is her phone"

      ROFL! I know!!! She would leave her panties.. Well the young Carly would. Hahahahha!

      "It was great to see Krissie, but I swore it was Joss, then I went "wait, what???"

      Hahahahaha. She would have changed her clothes really quickly for some reason hahahahaha.

      "I was so glad he was with Ava with Brando got hooked so Sonny will back of an inch. Nik is a "cad", etc. but Sonny in his face is getting old. Seriously, pot meet kettle!"

      I like that Sonny is protecting Avery and Ava. :) But yeah I'm glad Sonny knows now that Nik didn't do it.

  8. I still think the "hooker" person must be related to Sonny. IDK. Would be weird coincidence otherwise.

  9. I am not sure that Esme is the "hooker". But I think she is alive and Nik is hiding her. That's why Nik is acting weird.

  10. So Brando - who is supposed to be strong, efficient, capable of taking care of himself, etc,
    - gets hooked by a smaller person that he KNEW was there because he saw the person before from a relatively good distance away.....not likely.....

    1. AND....the "hooker" just walked away when Kristina came up? The person didn't take off running OR try to attack Kristina? (Side note - glad to see her on the show!!)

    2. The hooker left because Kristina started screaming like a banshee and they knew the bar people would come running out. caught in the

    3. "Di says, The hooker left because Kristina started screaming like a banshee"

      Hahahahahaha. I'm glad she did! She is the perfect person to scream!!! :)


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