Thursday, September 15, 2022

Who's THAT Hookah!!? For Wed Comments!


SO, here we go!! We know who the hooker isn't!! 


Those were most of the people I saw yesterday while Brando was being hooked. It could have been DEX because he could have circled back. Other suspects: MASON --RORY-- ESME AND RYAN. 

I'm now going with Ryan -- that figure was way too big to be a woman imo. Ryan is mobile and targeted Ava and maybe Joss ... ergo.. if he knows Esme is "dead" or she's alive and healing, he'll go after whoever tried to kill her. Right? 

Oh boy. The person looks to be left handed... and Ryan's RIGHT hand was cut off. So-- RYAN is my new go to hooker. 


Sorry I'm out again today--Hair Day and tomorrow is my son's Bday and we are out to celebrate -- have to travel a bit to the falls. 


  1. For Thursday comments, maybe?

    And enjoy your birthday celebrations with your son.

    1. Hahaha. The days just blend in when a person is busy! :)

    2. I know. I actually have had to check the date a few mornings to see what day it was. And I checked when I read the title too. lol

    3. "Di says, I know. I actually have had to check the date a few mornings to see what day it was. And I checked when I read the title too. lol"


  2. Things are definitely moving along today. That woman who Carly was talking to is definitely a piece of work. (great acting in that scene)
    This is the"Me Too age, Carly. Sue her husband for abuse. lol That would wipe the smirk off her face. Not going to happen but I'd love to see her face if Carly threatened it. lol

    Ohhh Dex. Things are working out nicely for you. lol

    And I wonder how many false" He's dead" looks are we going to get from TJ before Brando gets out of surgery. That first time he came out with news no one would have guessed that it was good news. lol I thought he was in the morgue for sure.

    1. Yeah, I grew tired of TJ's somber looks. I don't like the constant teases.

  3. I see that Scout is out but what about Jake, Danny, Rocco, Leo and Georgie.

    1. Maybe because the actor's parents don't want them there right now. Why risk exposure so we can get a quick glimpse of them.

  4. I thought LW killed it today---no screaming - just raw emotion----LOVED Linda Purl----NOW the question is WHAT is all of this going to mean to Carly? Relates now to Willow or Drew?
    ---Dex's explanation of WHY/HOW he parked at the picnic was suspicious but I think it's a red herring.....
    ----I DID like when he told Michael he 'didn't hate the guy' meaning Sonny-----ALSO WHAT did he mean when he said, "make up for" -------I first thought he meant the reason he was discharged from military/abusive guy that he attacked BUT then I wondered IF it is about Sonny?
    ----we all know Brando's surgery is gonna drag for this week and next -----I still think he dies...
    -----again Jordan does NOT do it for me at all......
    -----MW was great with MC - I think she takes him back.....but crying out of one eye is amazing....

    1. Lots of great acting all around today. And I still think he doesn't die. lol

    2. Laura Wright and especially Linda Purl knocked it out of the park Thursday. I am actually looking forward to a Carly storyline, which hasn't happened in ages.

    3. Totally agree about LW and Linda Purl, they were fantastic!

  5. Some funny one liners today.

    Jacksonville Florida: Ooooo Linda Purl!!!! I just found out this morning that she would be on today! :) I remember her from happy days!

    Carly and Payton Honeycut: Carly is getting a new phone? Huh?! You could wait until you are able to get your phone back. Oh wow! So much to unpack!!! Okay. I'll start from the beginning.. Ruby's house was torn down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Payton is so judgemental! OH WAIT! PAYTON IS OG CAROLINE'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carly seduced her husband? NO! As Carly said, she was 16 and the man was in his 40's! So this guy was in the wrong. Carly did nothing wrong! Wow! Great scenes!!!! Payton was dragging Carly! Carly was calm cool and collected.

    Port Chuckles:

    The pier:

    Dexxy Helly and Michael: Mikey wants a progress report. Everytime Dex says the Wu's it made me laugh. I don't know why. Maybe it's just the way he said it I don't know. Mikey wants Dex to stay away from Joss. Oh oh that means Dex won't.. :)

    Metrocourt Pool:

    Jam: Awww they are at the pool.. :) Cam has his feet and legs in the pool. Is Cam wearing white socks? Oh it's just the lighting.. ROFL!

    Cabrina: Uh Trina, just because Rory never went to college, you can still talk about how college is for you! Don't be silly! :) Ooooo Spencer talk. Glad she told him what she found out!

    Trina and Jam:

    Joss: I don't want to leave the pool yet.

    Uh Joss you are not IN the pool, your legs or feet are not in the pool! OO

    Trina and Joss: Talking about Spencer.

    Joss: The truth always matters.

    Ain't that the truth.

    Trina: I don't have feelings for Spencer. There gone. So is he. I am getting on with my life.

    CouchcoughDENIALcoughcough Oh now Joss tells her Dex was with her at the dumpster! Oh Joss come on.. You ARE lying when you don't tell anybody that you had Dex with you at the dumpster! Lying of omission!!!! Didn't you just say that the truth always matters?!?!!

    The hospital:

    Nava and Sonny: Sonny told them that the hook person tried to kill Brando!


    Nik: Don't you feel better now that you know that I didn't try to kill you?

    Ava: I guess so.


    TJ, Nina, Gladys, and Krissy: The hook shattered one of Brando's ribs! That piece of rib punctured his right lung!!!! :( His heart wasn't affected! I don't want him to die!!!! :(

    Jordan, Krissy, and Sonny: Oh Jordan!!! Stop it! Leave Krissy alone! Go get the notes from the other cop who asked her questions. You don't need to ask her any questions..

    Sonny and Dexy Helly: They talk about Joss. He said when they were together it was innocent. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: If you tried anything I'll kill ya.


    Metrocourt pool part 2:

    Trina, Jam, Rory, and another cop: Rory don't know if the Hook person was after Joss. Oh yes that person was!!! Oh Joss still has Dex's sunglasses. How convenient. ;)

    Q breakfast nook:

    Drew and Willow: Willow is tired and her equilibrium is off. Blaming the baby of course.

    Drew and Mildew: Michael tells them about Brando. Drew is trying to call Carly. Sorry Drew, but Carly don't have her phone. It's on a plane haha.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumped into my time machine to go see more of Scotty and Katherine.. The beginning of when she conned him. There are 20 parts to it.. Enjoy!

    1. Ooooo someone on soap central website said that Carly could have hit her head on the plane and is in dream mode dreaming of her past. Love that! I hope that's what it is! :)

    2. OMG, the lighting in the pool was killing me, everyone had white socks on!
      Loved Trina calling Joss out on her lie of omission.
      Not enough likes in the world for Linda Purl and LW. Loved them!

    3. "Julie H says, OMG, the lighting in the pool was killing me,"


      "everyone had white socks on!"

      Oh? I only saw Cam! Well, I'm glad you noticed too! Hahahaha!

      "Loved Trina calling Joss out on her lie of omission."

      YEAH!!!!!! :D I can't believe Joss when she shook her head to Trina to keep quiet when Cam came back with the drinks! Oy!

      "Not enough likes in the world for Linda Purl and LW. Loved them!"

      They were great!!!!

  6. I rewatched the attack scene. There is no way that the curved and downward angle of that hook would have made a lower body wound like that. LOL

    1. When they showed Ava's attack it was obvious that she'd been hit in the abdomen because the blade was brought down and swung to the side. You can't be stabbed with a hook so the sideways attack would gurantee penetration.

    2. That's true--the attack on Ava was a sideways motion so that wound makes sense. The attack on Brando was downward from an overhead position. Any wound would have been on the shoulder or upper back--not lower abdomen.

  7. I want a storyline with Ms Wu and Carly, I think it would be amazing. Ms Wu could find out about the test results and blackmail Carly. Also, when the truth comes out, I hope Joss, Michael etc show as much indignation with her as they did with Nina.



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