Monday, September 12, 2022

A WU Day!


N'Neka alerts Curtis of the WU situation!! 

Cody meets Wu at The Savoy. He has a proposition for her.  He wants to be staked 10K and he'll make her 15K at the table. He wants to leave town. N'neka calls Curtis on the phone to get there. 
Selina says that she'll do it if he works for her to fix games. He's not sure. She says don't take too long. He leaves. Curtis comes in and Wu says she's going to upgrade his audio board but wants a local artist to play. 

Sonny asks Ava who hurt her, was it Nikolas? She says no. He doesn't believe her. They talk about Esme and OMG just WATCH THE TWO of them together. WOW...magic. SO much chem. 

Violet, Greg, Chase (shirtless), Finn and Curtis at the pool. They talk and Greg meets Curtis. Violet wants to go to the wedding.  Then Greg and Finn sit down together to talk about Elizabeth's problems. FOR THE WHOLE SHOW geesh. 

Stella goes to tell Jordan she took the divorce papers...or does she?? She tells Jordan she made a mistake and she's sorry.  Let's Jordan know she took the papers and they were never filed.  Jordan freaks out. Then Curtis walks in!! 

Dante wants to see who was brought into the hospital the same time that Ava was. No one was admitted with wounds. Nikolas gets off the elevator and sees them. Dante leaves. Elizabeth says she has to talk to Nikolas alone.  She asks him why he gave her an alibi or did he do it himself? Why are you acting so weird she asks him. Nikolas says he's NOT acting suspicious. Liz says her life is out of control and Nik hugs her. FINN WALKS IN!! WOOT 

Ned and Brook talk about her managing Chase and how hard that will be. They ate really yummy looking sandwiches. Ned keeps telling Brook that it's probably not a good idea to manage Chase if they are in a relationship.  Then Chase comes in and Brook is gone. Ned tells Chase to get good to his daughter yada yada. Also says it might be a bad idea for her to manage him. 

Dante and Cody meet at the park. Cody wonders why Mac is on his ass. He thinks they are looking at him for Ava's stabbing (not the Daddy Situation). He eludes to something that happened in the past and Dante was there too. 


Cody takes the job from WU! He's staying in PC 

Curtis found out there's no record of their divorce. 

Sonny tells Ava if he finds out that Nikolas stabbed her, Nik is going to have hell to pay

Liz thinks she might need to tell the police she doesn't remember where she was when Ava was hooked. 


  1. Am I the only one who thinks Finn had no business discussing Liz's health problems with Greg?

    Glad the Stella mess has finally come out and they'll refile the papers.
    I don't blame Stella for being mad but he has to realize she doesn't live in a glass house and she may need some forgiveness herself soon. lol

    Not sure if I like Cody working for Ms Wu but at least he said he doesn't cheat.

    1. Oops not Stella...I don't blame JORDAN." My brain was obviously taking a mid-day break there.

    2. This has irked me too Di! They are purposely trying to make Finn annoying. Its working.

    3. I actually find Curtis annoying because he is very judgmental and self righteous.

  2. Another day of the red shirt. I can smell it from here.
    A doctor and a nurse repeatedly discussing nurses probable mental issues instead of seeking psychiatric help. Same two who proclaimed Hiney dead on the stairs.
    Divorce papers are a mere technicality. Auntie was always a meddler. Love her anyway she wants to be.

    1. zazu maybe he has a whole drawer full of red shirts. He must think red looks good on him or else he would wear a different color.

    2. "Another day of the red shirt. I can smell it from here." LOL Cody always looks like he needs a bath and a comb.

  3. Q breakfast nook :

    Ned and Brooky: WOW! Nedly is actually eating!!!!! :D Yes the sandwiches look yummy! Ned knows all about mixing business with pleasure. Brooky he is just sharing you his experiences!

    Ned and Chase:

    Chase: Mr. Quartermaine.

    Ned! Chase has great manners! Tell him to call you Ned!!! :D

    Ned: I will hurt you very badly if you hurt her.

    Awwwwwwwww. :) What a good daddy. :)

    Brase: I'm so happy they are a couple now!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    The REAL park:

    Cowboy Cody and Dante: Awww Cowboy Cody are you running skeered? Maybe you should ride Mr. Ed and relax.

    The Savoy:

    N'eKeta and Ms. Wu: Ooooo N'eKeta looks so nervous around Ms. Wu! :)

    N'eKeta and Curtis: She is so nervous she had to call Curtis hahahahahaha!

    Ms. Wu and Cowboy Cody: Ooooo interesting proposition Ms. Wu has for him! :D

    Ms. Wu and Curtis: HA! She knew that N'eKeta called Curtis! Ms. Wu knows all!!! #HouseofWu!

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Stella: Oh look! Stella's arm is hiding half of Jordan's name plate! Dan Ashford. Hahahahahaha! Oh I'm glad Stella told Dan the truth. I forgive you Stella.. :) Go talk to Cam! He knows what happened!!

    Dan, Stella, and Curtis: Come on Stella! Tell Curtis the truth! You already told Dan, now tell Curtis!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Gregory, Finchy, Chase and little V: Awwww little V swimming! :) Shirtless Chase yummy! Little V has a crush awwwwww. :) I think The Tribbles and Badger Bob would love swimming at the Metrocourt pool!

    The hospital:

    Nik and Liz: Liz looks furious with Niik! Oh oh! RUNNNNNNNNNNNN! Beth is around! I wonder if Liz will remember this conversation and about them in the private room.

    Ava and Sonny: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Stupid just like a man.

    ROFL! She is trying to give you a hint Sonny! Come on Sonny tell him Nik cheated on you with Vampira, and that she accidentally fell off the parapet. :)

  4. I still think the stabbing of Ava is gonna circle back to either Sonny/Cyrus or Mrs. Wu -----and have nothing to do with Nik--------Everyone commenting is right - NO big deal with no divorce papers----------------except I think Jordan is gonna blackmail Portia to tell Curtis the truth.....

    1. "Mufasa says, NO big deal with no divorce papers----------------except I think Jordan is gonna blackmail Portia to tell Curtis the truth....."

      Ooooo soapy goodness. :)

  5. It is bothering me that no one is guarding Ava's door. Someone tried to kill her! Wouldn't she be protected by police?

  6. Sonny's bodyguard is on Ava's door

  7. OK, I could totally be wrong, but -- I think Nikolas is going to be stabbed and killed. Hear me out.

    They have set it up so several people are mad at Nik: Sonny, Ava and Finn. Plus, didn't a preview mention a "heartbreaking time in Port Charles?" Anyhow, if I am right, I think this proves Esme is the attacker.

    1. Nice theory Kevin! Hope it's false, because I still like Nik even though they've tried to ruin him! LOL! And yes, if true, it's so Esme!

    2. Logical choice but I hope you're wrong. That would be better than having it be Laura. That would break my heart. And there are two older Cassadines who could vie for head of household. (Spence doesn't have what it takes yet)

  8. Can we get the bartender at the Savoy on contract? Just to look at those guns alone. #Jelly



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