Wednesday, August 12, 2020


As stated yesterday, I am not watching the show. I guess that makes me the last person to be writing this blog while Karen is gone, right? I have been reading the blog every day and I have also read the comments. To a degree, I am keeping up with it. I think I have been like this for years. The show just doesnt have the spark for me like it used to, but I keep trudging along and keep hoping it will be must-see-TV. Wait, That's NBC. I got that one wrong. Anyway, when Karen tells me that I should definitely watch, I do watch the show. Its just been pretty sparse lately.

I do have 4 questions for all of you. Feel free to answer one or all four or none. And be creative. Please, think outside the box. I am wondering how these 4 topics might shake up the show.

1. When Jason comes out of the coma, will he be the same? Different personality? Different person? There has to be some reason for the writers to bring up the living will / directive thing and to have this happen literally a day later, If you ask me, it is lazy writing to go through all of this just for a proxy. Could he be Jason Quartermaine? Drew Cain?

2. Speaking of Drew Cain, there is a far fetched scenario out there that Drew and Holly Sutton are both alive and are off camera together somewhere courtesy of Peter. I always thought of her as a cougar, so this could be interesting. Is there any scenario where Billy Miller would return to the show?

3. Dante's doctor at the WSB Headquarters. Any chance he could be Jeff Weber?

4. If Brenda returns... and it looks like she does... there has long been speculation that Dev is her son. And that seems like it would be a worst kept secret ever at this point. But a better secret is that Brenda said her son's father was Alexander to keep him safe from Anthony Zaccara and in reality, Sonny is really Dev's father. I just want to see the look on Carly's face when she finds out. Thoughts?

So, there you have it. Happy Wednesday.


  1. I am the major Sonny/Brenda fan, and always am thrilled to see VM, hope she comes back! I can't imagine, though, that they would have yet ANOTHER child for Sonny, I think that would be crazy!

    As for BM coming back, I think there is not any/much work for anyone in Hollywood for now, so I would think that EVERYONE would want to come back. I don't think anyone is filming much, except for soaps. And, I KEEP SEE THEM TOUCHING EACH OTHER. I hope and pray they all stay safe, just wonder how they are doing this.

  2. Oh, and Wednesday--is that the actress that played Wednesday Addams?

  3. I was going to Google "actresses named Thursday" but I want to be surprised tomorrow. :)

    I would love for Jason to be Jason Quartermaine. Stone Cold has been played out, same with "Jason & Sam". They are just dreadful together. I definitely don't want him to be Drew Cain. That entire Franco/Drew/Jason storyline couldn't have ended soon enough for me. Especially with Kim involved.

    I also have to agree with AntJoan, do not make Dev Sonny's kid. Good grief, the man has more than enough spawn. I always liked Brenda, and I hope she is returning with a decent story.

    Thanks for filling in David!

    1. "Julie H says, I was going to Google "actresses named Thursday" but I want to be surprised tomorrow. :)"

      ROFL! Yeah I want to be surprised too. :)

      "I would love for Jason to be Jason Quartermaine. Stone Cold has been played out,"

      Yes! I want Jason Q back!!! I agree that Stone Cold has been played out!

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  5. Wednesday Addams from the Addams family!!! :)

    Courthouse results: Nelle kicks Carly out of the courtroom hahahahahahaha. AHEM.....

    Judge: The court grants soul custody of Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos to..........

    MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Normally most mothers get custody. I really wanted Nelle to have custody, cus I wanted Willow and Michael to get divorced. Now they won't! UGH!

    Carly and Diane: Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Carly congratulations! Not 1 outburst. You're improving!


    Carly and Nelle: Carly spilled truths to Nelle! Carly said Nelle doesn't know how to be a mother because nobody taught her. Nelle only had Frank! He was no help. GREAT SCENE!!!!! :)

    Jules and Nelle: Jules wants a divorce. Will Nelle give it to him? Hmmmmm?
    Q home:

    Brooky, Ned, Olivia, Lucy, and V.C.: Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy sides with V.C. Forget the hospital! The hospital is not getting squat! Also V.C. is the new CEO of ELQ!!

    Brooky and Ned: Oh my oh my! He is so upset with her for giving away ELQ shares that he kicks her out of the house!!!!! Reminds me of Edward kicking Tracy out of the house many times! Awwww Ned looks out the window when Brooky left. He is hurting!!! :( They will make up! Don't worry. :) Edward NEVER looked out the window when he kicked Tracy out. You never saw hurt in Edward's eyes.


    Nax: Nina is feeling all the guilt feels for Nelle. Now on to looking for her daughter, and searching for the other half of the heart necklace! Jax knows a jeweler!!!! :) I love Nina's dress! So pretty!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jeweler lady and Nax: Uh I guess this jeweler lady is going to help. She just walked away from them and I'm confused. ROFL!

    Lucy and V.C.: Lucy not really happy with V.C. Hmmm damn they have chemistry. Can they have a fling? V.C. is distracted by Nina! Oy!

    Lucy, V.C. and Nax: V.C. is bragging about the CEO position at ELQ.

    Nina: I hope you finally found what you wanted.

    Uh Nina? V.C. wants YOU! You dummy! :)

    The hospital:

    Mike's room:

    Sonny and Mike: Mike wants to go home!!! Felix figured out what Mike meant. Mike means at Turning Woods. Hmmm maybe Mike wants to die at Turning Woods. :(

    Willow, Michael, Sonny, and Mike: Michael tells Sonny he got custody of Wiley! Michael shows Mike a picture of Wiley.

    Jason's room:

    Jasam: Jason is awake!!!! And he remembers Sam. UGH! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring scene.

    Addams family:

    hey're creepy and they're kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They're altogether ooky,
    The Addams Family.

    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see 'em
    They really are a scream
    The Addams Family.


  6. Suck it Nellie!! Witch thought she'd actually win?! NOW go get WILEY!! Bitch got gps!! Oh happy day!!


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