Monday, August 10, 2020

Monday in Port Charles

 Ava tries to find out why Julian and Nelle got married. Julian finally tells her Nelle is blackmailing him. Nelle is sitting there too. Nelle gets up to go to the bar. Ava asks Julian why he just hasn't killed her yet. 

Jason's in the OR. Sam thinks that Brando tampered with his bike. He says no. Sonny says it COULD have been an accident. Sam thinks Brando did it on purpose. She yells at him. He says NO ! I DID NOT! 

Jason has come out of surgery. Stable but not awake. 

Franco comes into GH to talk to Liz. Not about a lot tho. Just the boys. Oh because Jake is Jason's son!! LOL 

Jordan tells Curtis she saw Cyrus. He's mad..thinks she should tell Mac. She says no. Flashback to her calling "a secret someone on the phone" (we know it's Taggert). She hasn't told Curtis he's alive apparently. Anyway, Jordan is going to go to the press to talk up Cyrus :eyeroll: 

Ned and Lulu talk about the whole hospital take over. Cyrus walks up ..snarl. He says he's taking over..blah blah. 

Valentin and Nikolas spar a bit ...not sure what that was about. 


Harmony shows up to the Q house. WHY?? WHY?? She's mad she wasn't invited to the wedding. She warns Willow about Cyrus and tells her to listen to Jason..then they find out Jason was in an accident. 


So Sam is so upset about Jason she calls Valentin to set up the Proxy stuff... maybe Val ran him off the road. Sam wants to take the deal about getting a new parole officer so she can be with Jason in ICU. 

Franco sees Nik holding Liz' hand. :Eyeroll: 

The court has ruled about Wiley. 

Jordan tells the press Cyrus is a great guy. 

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  1. I didn't recognize Jules at first. Guess their hair stylist isn't on set yet. But they all look very cool. Not so put together.
    This Jordan/Cyrus thing must not go on forever. It is bottom feeder ridiculous. But if it brings back Taggart...soon please.
    Sole custody goes to...maybe neither of the contenders.

    1. Yes, the Judge says: Yeah, I can see each wedding was a sham, so NO BABY!

  2. See I SAID that Jason was runned over so that Sam would have to make the deal with Valentin, I WAS RIGHT!!

  3. I feel that Taggart is just around the corner!!!!!!!!!!WOOHOO!!!!!!!

    this is not about politics at all-------for me, the post office hasn't lived up to standards for YEARS.....I have lost mail/mail has been lost------this has been talked about every year when postal rates go up...…..I have even snail-mailed people on GH and not sure they ever received it......I only use UPS and FED-EX...I think the USPS is an example of how bad the government is when it is in charge!
    Now back to soaps ------- PLEASE have Michael get custody!

    1. "Mufasa says, I think the USPS is an example of how bad the government is when it is in charge!"

      Yup I so agree with you!!!!

    2. ok. since someone brought up the post office, here is my suggestion on fixing it. how many people really NEED mail 6 days a week? a lot of people pay bills online, receive bills online, send bday cards online, etc. what if...

      all addresses should have to choose between 1 day, 3 day or 5 day delivery. I would do 1 day. Thats all i need. I used to have a PO box and it took me forever to go there. SOmeone people will want a 3-day a week (M-W-F) delivery schedule. Others will still do 5 days

      this doesnt count for businesses. they will be mon-fri, 5 days. Also, packages and certified/signatures will be delivered on the day it is scheudled

      then at the end of the year... you will receive a bonus/refund check based on your schedule.

      1 day - 250
      3 day - 150
      5 day - 50

      or something like that. I just dont know anyone who "needs" mail 6 days a week. we should be able to opt out and then get savings for doing that.

    3. Exactly - I only mail birthday and sympathy cards.....

  4. Julian looks so much younger with the shorter hair. Ava looks like she hasn't worked with the stylist either. Are they foreshadowing Nelle's murder? So like Liz and Franco together and it looks like the writer's are going to make their relationship problematic. Interesting text from Nic to Spencer???

  5. GAH!!! Too much closeness and touching!!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jules, Ava, and Nelle: Jules's carona hair!!! :) Awwww what a nice close family. :) And that includes Nelle now!! :)

    Ava and Jules: GAH! Ava!!! You and Jules are way too close!!!! Please GH give us a video of the behind the scenes, so I know you have camera tricks or something!!!!

    V.C. and Nik: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: I don't know. School yard humor is really more your speed.


    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Oh my oh my!! Jordan! Curtis doesn't know that Taggart is alive does he?!?!! YOU GOT TO TELL HIM!!!!

    Jordan: As much as it hurts you, it's tearing me up.

    Really? Where? All I see in your face is constipation! Oh goodie look! She goes on tv and gushes over Cyrus! So basically,

    Jordan: Cyrus is a fantastic, amazing, innocent, wonderful man!! And any woman would be lucky to be with him!

    Cyrus's home: Ohhhhh! Cyrus Sitting there watching Jordan doing the news conference! Verrrrrry creepy! Great scene though.

    Cyrus: That's my girl! There's that potential.

    Is Jordan your daughter? :)

    The hospital:

    Lulu, Ned, and Cyrus: Meh. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Q home:

    Willow and Michael: 90 year old Willow and 90 year old Michael are walking down the stairs very slooooooooooooooowly.

    Willow and Promise me you will listen to Jason Morgan, and you will do whatever he tells you to do. He understands the situation, and he will protect you.

    HUH?!?!?!! Protect her from what?!?!!?!? Hmmmm. From Evil sister Nelle?

    The hospital:

    Friz: Oops! Liz can't go to the opening!!! Rats she has to stay with Jason!! Poor Saint Jason! While flying, saw some Kryptonite, and it made him fall to the ground and he got hurt.

    Liz and Nik: NO STOP TOUCHING HER HAND! No don't hold it! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jelly BobTodd watching and I'm sure cringing inside just like me! Nik! Liz doesn't need to put aside her feelings for now and be friends and tell you what is on her mind! Forget you!!

    Nik on his phone: Awwww texting his son. :)

    NuSam, Brando, and Sonny: So basically,

    NuSam: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Brando! All your fault that Jason got hurt!!!

    Brando: I didn't try to kill him!

    NuSam: LIAR! LIAR!

    Brando: No I'm not.


    Sonny grabs NuSam: Stay away from him.

    Why? Because of the virus?

    Oh oh NuSam almost slipped to Sonny about Molly and Brando had sex. Well sure why not just tell him? Everyone in the small town will find out eventually with your big mouth.

    Sonny and Brando: We're not done yet.

    Oh? Is love blossoming? New Bromance?

    Jason's room: Poor poor Jason. NuSam is just all beside herself. She is holding his hand! STOP IT! Oh oh she is so desperate that she has to call V.C. and took his deal! YIPES!

    1. Gee Sonya. Jason had brain surgery and there's no huge tampon on his head. Thay actually shaved it!! So much more realistic.

    2. "Di says,Gee Sonya. Jason had brain surgery and there's no huge tampon on his head. Thay actually shaved it!! So much more realistic."

      ROFL! Yes no huge tampon on the side of his head! :) These new writers are awesome! They know what they are doing! :)

    3. HAHAHAH! I did notice the stitches on Jason's shaved noggin, it looked good!

      Sonya, I didn't mind the hand holding. I'm sure they sanitized when the director yelled "CUT"! :)

      I thought Sam was a vicious little harpy. It's just not the temp, it's the character in general. Blech.

    4. "Julie H says, HAHAHAH! I did notice the stitches on Jason's shaved noggin, it looked good!"

      I didn't at first. I kept wondering what that thing was.. :) Yes it did look good. :)

      "Sonya, I didn't mind the hand holding. I'm sure they sanitized when the director yelled "CUT"! :)"

      Yeah I'm sure they did. :)

  6. My quick takes:
    Ava makes a good sister-in-law to Nelle...I'm mean to the audience. GRAB THE POPCORN!Also, this:
    Ava:"Julian, what were you thinking? And why haven't you KILLED her yet?

    Michael and Willow: Imagine extremely bland vanilla ice cream. With no sugar, and its' artificially artificial flavored. That's there relationship. EGH...

    Sorry, but TempSam doesn't do anything for me. She's not icy and dramatic enough to be Sam. No verdict on Temp Brooklyn, but she seems to be a better temp.

    I actually WANT for GH to be bought by Valentin & Cyrus, just to turn everything upside down. Monica gets fired. Liesel is made new CoS again (and starts a romance with Cyrus). Ned gets Michael forced out at ELQ. Liz contemplates quitting the hospital. And Nik plots to take GH back to redeem himself.

    Misc. Wishes:
    -Lucky returns and announces his Liz's sister, Sarah

    -Lucas is silently griefing over Brad & Wiley and becomes an addict like his Dad.

    -Anna sister returns and reveals that Peter is HER son, and that she brainwashed Anna, to cover up ALEX'S affair with Faison, whom, he thought was Anna. Alex also knew Liesel would kill her over the affair.

    -Dev is really Brenda's son, Alec. He has been hiding at Sonny's, as some ex-cohorts of the late Balkan see revenge over Brenda and her son. Alec/Dev & Joss have a night out...and Joss becomes pregnant.

    1. ooooh, Mathew I like your ideas, especially the hospital thing! But bite your tongue about Joss being pregnant. Maxie is more than enough, thank you! Lol!


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